Shadowhunters: 17 Favorite Hugs For Newcomers

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Being a newcomer to the Shadowhunters world means knowing minimal information on the show and the characters.

But that doesn't mean you don't know about how strong and persistent the fandom is.

It is because of the passion that the Shadowhunters fandom showed that this slideshow was born, allowing a newcomer to examine a collection of hugs from the show through a different lens.

Having only seen the first season, that knowledge will assist me in trying to piece together the context for other hugs from Shadowhunters, and how much can be experienced without much information. 

17 Most Awkward TV Hugs

What hugs from the three seasons of Shadowhunters were your favorite so far?

What kind of hugs are you hoping to see in the second half of Shadowhunters Season 3? Watch Shadowhunters online to see all of those below in their natural surroundings.

1. Magnus and Alec

Magnus and Alec
This one is obvious, even without having seen the whole series. The love between Magnus and Alec is quite epic, so it makes sense that their hugs reflect that as well.

2. Jace and Clary

Jace and Clary
Jace and Clary sound like they had their up and downs, maybe they still have them. But they also seem to be really good at comforting each other which has to be appreciated.

3. Izzy and Clary

Izzy and Clary
The best kind of friendship is filled with support and hugs. Izzy and Clary should definitely date based off this hug but if not, then they are at least really great friends, right?

4. Alec and Izzy

Alec and Izzy
This sibling duo doesn't always look happy, and yet they are here with each other. It is really sweet, even without much context on their relationship as a whole.

5. Clary and Alec

Clary and Alec
This is a really great hug because of that epic height difference, someone tall hugging someone small tends to leave that lasting impression.

6. Magnus and Alec (again)

Magnus and Alec (again)
These two can't seem to keep their hands off each other in times of comfort, and would we even want them to?

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