Suits Photos from "Moot Point"

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Enjoy these photos from Suits Season 3 Episode 13

Flip through the pics of Harvey Specter, Mike Ross, Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson and be back here for the full review of "Moot Point" on Thursday, March 20.

1. Lawyers on the Go

Lawyers on the Go
Harvey and Mike are on the go in this photo from "Moot Point." Handsome devils, aren't they?

2. Hello Harvey My Old Rival

Hello Harvey My Old Rival
Harvey and Mike stumble upon Harvey's old rival from Law School, Eliot Stemple (Patrick Fischler), while on their power walk in "Moot Point."

3. An Unlikely Pair

An Unlikely Pair
Scottie and Louis are lunching together in this photo from "Moot Point."

4. A Tense Lunch

A Tense Lunch
Scottie looks tense as she sits opposite Louis. Is this the beginning of the battle that erupts between them in "Moot Point"?

5. Talking it Out

Talking it Out
Mike talks it out with Rachel in this photo from the upcoming episode of Suits titled "Moot Point."

6. Harvey's Deep Thoughts

Harvey's Deep Thoughts
Harvey's deep in thought in this photo from "Moot Point."

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