39 Greatest Television Families

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7. The Jennings - The Americans

The Jennings - The Americans
This is Matthew Rhys' first family on the list. The Jennings are hardly normal, as they're Soviet spies who live as American while sending secrets back to their homeland. Their struggle is not to succumb to American ways too completely.

8. The Drummonds - Diff'rent Strokes

The Drummonds - Diff'rent Strokes
The series aired on two different networks from 1978 through 1986. When their mother dies, brothers Arnold and Wills (what chu talkin' bout Willis?!) is taken in by their mom's employer, Mr. Drummand and his daughter, Kimberly. Their housekeeper Mrs. Garrett later spun off to headline The Facts of Life.

9. The Addamses - The Addams Family

The Addamses - The Addams Family
Snap snap! The Addams Family only aired from 1964-1966 but never left our minds, later spawning movies in their honor. The extended family is supernatural in origin and has macabre interests.

10. The Kennishes and The Vasquezes - Switched at Birth

The Kennishes and The Vasquezes - Switched at Birth
These two families would never have met if their daughters hadn't been switched at birth. Now they're one big happy family airing, appropriately on ABC Family.

11. The Bluths - Arrested Development

The Bluths - Arrested Development
This formerly wealthery and habitually dysfunctional family refuses to die. Cancelled on Fox, it later resurfaced on Netflix where it will likely continue.

12. The Huxtables - The Cosby Show

The Huxtables - The Cosby Show
You'd think the family would be the Cosbys, right? Not so! Doctor Cliff Huxtable and his wife, an attorney, Clair had five children and lived in Brooklyn. The series ran from 1984-1992 and was comedic but dealt with dramatic issues, as well.

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