The Magicians: 19 Times Margo Hanson Proved She's The High King of One-Liners

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There is no denying that Margo Hanson is a gifted and talented magician. When she was first introduced on The Magicians Season 1, she was the yin to Eliot Waugh's yang, and over the years has grown into a spectacular woman and High Queen of Fillory. 

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Margo has been through a lot throughout the first four seasons of The Magicians, but through it all, she's approached situations with her trademark sarcasm. Even when things get very serious, she never loses her ability to deliver a zinger.

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We've collected 19 of Margo's best one-liners to honor this Queen. And if you want to see more, be sure to watch The Magicians online

1. Looking at a Drawing of Her Boobs

Looking at a Drawing of Her Boobs
At the start of The Magicians Season 4, she was briefly a fashion editor named Janet. Despite the spell, she could still tell it like it is. Her reaction fo the graphic novel her new identity was based on was just one of many comebacks Janet served up.

2. When She Needed a Hot Bath

When She Needed a Hot Bath
If you didn't know that Margo wasn't to be messed with her stress when it came to dealing with her best friend's second wedding in Season 2 was a pretty good reminder. Having to deal with a moping Quentin she was very clear about her need for a break.

3. Referencing Game of Thrones

Referencing Game of Thrones
The Magicians is no stranger to pop culture references. Game of Thrones shows up regularly, but throwing Ned Stark in with Margo's bravado feels like a match made in heaven.

4. When She Was Cool About Regicide

When She Was Cool About Regicide
Remember that time they found out the Fillory thrones were cursed and everyone tried to kill each other? Margo was the most calculated of the bunch, and she was also absolutely comfortable throwing out the term regicide.

5. When She Really Needed Eliot to Man Up

When She Really Needed Eliot to Man Up
In timeline twenty-three, Margo and Eliot were on a mission that got them killed, but even that Margo served up her trademark sass in the face of danger. The only thing more on-brand is the line that came after, "I'd say pussy, but let's be honest, which one's weaker."

6. Calling Out the Patriarchy

Calling Out the Patriarchy
No one tells Margo what to do, and the deeper she gets into Fillorian culture, the more she's over the misogynistic traditions that belong in the Dark Ages. We can't say we blame her.

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