Younger Season 5: Everything We Know So Far

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It's been half a year since Josh married Claire in an impromptu wedding in Ireland after professing his love to Liza and also since Liza got a missed call from Charles who was probably ready to also profess his love for her. Drama, right?

Well, the wait to find out what happens is finally over when Younger Season 5 premieres on June 5th! 

Here's what we know so far about the upcoming season featuring your favorite publishing squad from the Big Apple. 



1. Charles Michael Davis Will be a Series Regular

Charles Michael Davis Will be a Series Regular
In-Zane at Empirical! Kelsey's hook-up turned work rival Zane Anders (The Originals' Charles Michael Davis) has been upgraded to series regular. This isn't much of a surprise since he accepted a senior editor position at Empirical in the Younger Season 4 finale so he'll likely have a lot more to do. Good for us (and our eyes), bad for Kelsey who will be dangerously mixing business with pleasure.

2. He's in a Relationship with Kelsey

He's in a Relationship with Kelsey
Like I said above, Kelsey and Zane are involved but plot-twist, she's also seeing someone else. Kelsey has two "boos" which doesn't sit well with Liza. Though Kels makes a good point in the Younger Season 5 trailer, she's not one to judge: "You’ve been gaslighting an entire company since I first met you. Can I have one secret?"

3. All The Cliffhangers Will Be Answered

All The Cliffhangers Will Be Answered
Why did Charles call Liza in the final moments of season 4? Why did Josh profess his love for Liza and then marry Claire? Why did Liza stand by idly and watch it all happen? It will be addressed!. The premiere will kick off with Liza and Josh's reunion in New York after he returns from Ireland. Keyword being "HE" returns.

4. Claire is Stuck in Ireland

Claire is Stuck in Ireland
For those who aren't #TeamClaire, this might be music to your ears. Claire doesn't arrive in NYC with Josh, but the writers confirm she will appear a few episodes into the season. They have to make this marriage look authentic after all!

5. Liza Doesn't Know What Sliding Into the DM's Means...

Liza Doesn't Know What Sliding Into the DM's Means...
Oh, millennial lingo. We can't blame Liza for not keeping up -- she's not twenty-six! But we can blame Josh for doing the sliding since he is married to Claire. What did he want from Liza? Was he just thanking her for coming to the wedding? Or not telling Claire he almost had a change of heart a few hours before?

6. We're No Longer Keeping Up with Liza's Lies

We're No Longer Keeping Up with Liza's Lies
"If there is one over-arching idea about this season, it's that things get real," Younger boss Darren Star said. "I don't think this season is as much about, 'Can [Liza] sustain her lie?' It's more about, 'Can she sustain her relationships with characters that she loves?'" Does this mean Charles is going to find out the whole truth and nothing but the truth? So help her God...

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