Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 9 Review: The Octopus

Ray Donovan Review: The Octopus

It's Bunchy's wedding day on Ray Donovan Season 3 Episode 9, but things aren't going to go smoothly. Did Mickey ultimately tarnish Bunch's big day?
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Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 11 Review: 74 Epiphanies

Rookie Blue Review: 74 Epiphanies

Sam and Andy's wedding day arrives on Rookie Blue Season 6 Episode 11 but when an unexpected guest arrives, will Sam and Andy both make it to the church on time?
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Dominion Season 2 Episode 9 Review: The Seed of Evil

Dominion Review: The Seed of Evil

There were a couple of big reunions on Dominion Season 2 Episode 9. Gabriel got his bad guy mojo back, which means trouble for Vega. Did Julian die? Find out in our review.
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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Goodbye Girl

Mistresses Review: Goodbye Girl

Joss is set free on Mistresses Season 3 Episode 13, but she begins to have doubts about Calista being a killer. Will she find out who the real killer is before it's too late?
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Extant Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Zugzwang

Extant Review: Zugzwang

On Extant Season 2 Episode 11, Molly and JD track down Calderon and get answers from him on who is behind the Humanichs uprising. Read on to find out who the real villain is!
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Tyrant Season 2 Episode 12 Review: Pax Abuddin

Tyrant Review: Pax Abuddin

On Tyrant Season 2 Episode 12, Barry's return and Leila's betrayal put Jamal in an impossibile situation. Will he accept the inevitable? Read on for finale surprises!
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Zoo Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Emotional Contagion

Zoo Review: Emotional Contagion

On Zoo Season 1 Episode 10, the Zoo Crew gets an electroporator, but will it come at a price that's more than they can handle? Read on and find out!
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Scream Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Revelations

Scream Review: Revelations

Scream Season 1 Episode 10 finally unmasked the killer, but did you guess it right all along? You'll only find out when you read the full review!
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