Criminal Minds Sneak Peek: Is Barnes Cleaning House??

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If you watched Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, you know to be concerned when Agent Barnes shows up.

She's a house cleaner. She shut down the team.

Spencer Worried

Now, when the team should be concerned about their unsettling case on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 14, they're instead worried about the future of the BAU.

Rightly so.

The BAU is called to The Big Easy when the New Orleans P.D. discovers a mass grave inside a vandalized above-ground crypt in a local cemetery. It looks bad, you guys. It's the kind of case our team is meant to solve.

But under the current situation, it's concerning. Will they be their best?

Of course they will. As Spencer says in the exclusive clip below, they are the best.

Standard Protocol - Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 14

Still, it's hard to not to wonder if something in particular prompted Emily's administrative leave for for the investigation into the team's activities surrounding the time of Spencer's arrest and incarceration in Mexico.

That's especially true after Barnes asks of JJ whether she ever wondered why she was passed over for Hotch's position, which instead went to Prentiss.

What does she know that we don't? 

If you watch Criminal Minds online, you think it's weird, right? 

Especially because the rest of us have always been asking why the job didn't go to Rossi!! 

Well, take a look at the clip below and prepare for another exciting episode of Criminal Minds tonight at 9/8c on CBS. 

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Criminal Minds Quotes

Hotch: A sniper can wait up to 72 hours without sleeping.
Mays: Seriously?
Rossi: That's part of their training. They can stay awake for 72 hours and remain completely focused on their target.
Mays: How?
Hotch: By using a mental exercise called "fantasy integration". A sniper creates a scenarios involving a target that keeps that person at the forefront of their mind.
Morgan: Often they'll imagine a place where they're with the target, doing something together that takes time. For example, building a car.
JJ: For some, the fantasy begins the minute they're assigned a target. Then nothing will distract them.

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