Most Shocking Death: Cisco Ramon

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Most Shocking Death: Eddie's death certainly fills that bill, right? But we're saving him for something else. Most shocking death goes to Cisco having his heart ripped out by Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne on The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, "Out of Time." That time all of our tickers stopped when it appeared, even for a second, we might lose him. Anything can happen these days. Thank God for time travel!
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The Flash Quotes

Eobard: Unfortunately, Miss Danvers, we need you awake for this procedure.
Kara: My, my cousin... he'll find you.
Eobard: Your cousin. Really? Fun tidbit. I fought your cousin once. In the future. He is fast. I'm faster.

Barry: Do you hear the drums? They are coming! It is I, Wells the Gray.
Nash: Oh, Wells the Gray.
Chester: There's a wizard Wells?
Allegra: Ugh, this is all my fault.
Chester: Oh my god, do you know Gandalf?