Shut Eye's David Zayas and Emmanuelle Chriqui Talk Left of Center Characters Unlike Them

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Shut Eye drops Wednesday, December 7 on Hulu.

It's going against Hulu's traditional weekly model, and the whole series will be available for you to binge at your leisure.

We had the opportunity to chat with some of the stars and the creator this fall at New York City Comic Con.

Emmanuelle C

Here, David Zayas, best known as Lt. Angel Batista on Dexter and more recently as Sal Maroni on Gotham, joined Emmanuelle Chriqui, known for her roles as Sloan on Entourage and Raffi on Murder In the First to talk about their parts on Shut Eye.

Zayas will be Eduardo Magana, a wealthy and trusted client of Jeffrey Donovan's character, Charlie.

As Charlie goes from a con man to an actual psychic, Eduardo will be not only be along for the journey, but imperative in making it happen.

Gina will play a fellow con and one who wants in on what the Romani fortune tellers have going with their network in Los Angeles.

Seeing Charlie as an easy mark, she hopes to use him as her in to the business. She just doesn't take into account Charlie's wife, Linda (KaDee Strickland).

D. Zayas

During the interview, Zayas shared that he researched actual fortune tellers in the hopes he could understand whether or not he'd be able to buy into the concept, and Chriqui admitted she learned a bit about being a hypnotist.

Find out what else they had to say, such as what interested them in the roles, by watching the whole interview below.

We'll also have interviews with series creator and executive producer Les Bohem with Isabella Rosellinni, and stars Jeffrey Donovan and KaDee Strickland, so keep an eye out!

Enjoy the interviews and be sure to check out Hulu tomorrow for the series.

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