Somewhere Between Sneak Peek: What Happened the Night of Susanna's Murder?!

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Are you ready for more of the mystery to be exposed?

Good. Because when you watch the clip of Somewhere Between Season 1 Episode 6 below, you'll discover a bit more about what's been happening.


Poor Nico digs back into his past to tell Laura more about the night Susanna was murdered.

On that night, not only was Susanna murdered, but her house was burned to the ground.

For some reason, Nico blamed himself. 

He can see the connection between that murder and what's happening today with Serena (other than their names both begin with an S), but he's lost as to what that connection might be.

That camera, though, didn't have a close up in his recollection for nothing. What's on that camera?!

Laura remind him Marjorie says everything is connected...


And it's hard not to get the feeling she's reminding him of that merely because she wants to get as close to Nico as she possibly can.

Was that smoke from the fire crackling behind them, or was it heat coming off of their bodies because of their smokin' chemistry?

Yes, I know Nico is still grieving, and Laura is still married to a man she clearly cannot love anymore. But, those are reasons enough in my book to feel an attraction to each other.

They will at least kiss before this series plays out, amiright??

You do not both die and come back to life without sharing something far beyond the normal "hey, let's catch the bad guys" feeling. Mark my words, people!!

What do you want to see from Nico and Laura as their personal feelings swirl around while solving this case?

Should Laura be having feelings when her daughter's life is still on the line?

If Nico was sitting there in the body of Devon Sawa, would you find it difficult to concentrate? What if Laura was embodying all that is Paula Patton?

Let us hear from you!!

I'll be watching with you tonight, guys. 

Somewhere Between airs on ABC at 10/9c. 

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