The Flash Season 3 Promo: "Gary" Kidnaps Caitlin, Keeps Team Together!

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How much fun is it to see "Gary" Allen stumbling through his meeting with a very composed and confident Iris, who doesn't even remember his name in this new timeline he created?

Iris F3

It must be true, wherever they find themselves, they will always find their way to each other. 

No matter what happens in any world, though, Barry has a winning personality. He's an affable guy. People follow his lead, even when they don't necessarily want to.

Somehow, Barry proves to Iris he's genuinely The Flash...or at least a Flash.

But that doesn't mean the entire new team is going to want to let him take the reins of a team straight away.

Kid Flash says he doesn't follow anyone's lead, but Iris points out, he should, because he's The Flash.

Follow Lead

I really wonder how they're going to talk Mr. Moneybags Cisco into allowing them to use STAR Labs. Since he pretty much has everything he wants, what will be the enticement for this guy?

He's not the sweet and funny Cisco we've come to know, but instead looks like kind of a jerk, even walking into the office with girls draped off of his arms. Ewww.

The banter between Barry and Wally looks like it will be a lot of fun and that Kid Flash isn't going by any name BUT The Flash when Barry arrives on the scene. 

Barry appears to give him the title "Kid" much to Wally's chagrin. 

Caitlin comes to the gang by way of kidnapping, a term at which Barry takes offense. After all. They NEED her on the team.


In another bit of news, did you see the title of The Flash Season 3 Episode 7? "Killer Frost." Kevin Smith is directing, and while all we can do is speculate, that's one character I'm totally on board in hoping our own Caitlin (in a restored timeline) takes up for the season.

She'd no doubt be different than the one we met from Earth-2, but since she met her, maybe she'd name a meta-counterpart the same out of appreciation (hey, I'm spitballing here).

In the trailer, though, we DO get a look at The Rival. He's kind of cool looking. Did you know he was one of the original Reverse Flashes?


That's pretty handy since the guy we know as the Reverse Flash is also in the promo giving Barry the news about his original timeline disappearing if he doesn't make a decision about what he really wants out of life.

We know Flashpoint has an end (and it might come sooner rather than later). Can we just please put an end to the "my mommy died" part of the story? I'd really like to see Barry grow up and be the superhero from the point he decides what his future will be on out.

No more wanting to right his own woes, but those of others, instead. 

I've been waiting for a preview like this one, showing the lighter side of the consequences from Barry's travels. The Flash is always at its best when it combines drama and comedy. 

If you haven't caught up yet, you can watch The Flash online before the premiere on Oct 4. Be ready to discuss!!

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Barry: Joe. Hey!
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