The Flash Season 5 Trailer Offers First Look at Chris Klein as Cicada

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Changes are afoot for Team Flash. 

When the series returns in October, Nora West-Allen will be hiding a massive secret from her parents, and it sounds like the type of secret that could tear a family apart. 

To be honest, the addition of the future daughter was always going to be a complicated one for Barry and Iris after everything that transpired with DeVoe. 

Nora The Flash

Much of the new trailer unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con was focused on how the West-Allen family reacted to this person they had no idea existed coming back from the future. 

While Nora intends to return to her timeline, there's something about this storyline that makes us think she'll be sticking around in the past. 

Given that Nora's storyline takes a rather comical turn in the trailer, it was only a matter of time before things changed somewhat. 

That's all thanks to Cicada, the new villain for The Flash Season 5. 

Chris Klein image

In the comic books, Cicada was a cruel individual who set out to murder everyone the scarlet speedster ever saved. 

Yes, that means that Barry is going to have to keep his wits about him as he tries to figure out the villain's next attack. 

As for Cicada, he will be played by Chris Klein, and he plays a big part in the final moments of the trailer. 

Have a look at the full video below. 

Hit the comments right after and let us know what you thought of it!

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