Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Grandfather"

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Welcome to the Gossip Girl Insider Round Table!

As fans gather in our The Grandfather" include memorable quotes, Lily's past, poor Vanessa, Chuck's quandary, and what's up next for Nair and Chair ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?

DANdy: When Carter referred to Chuck as the "Bass cop." The pun itself was atrocious, but gotta admire the guy for trying.

Gossip Guy: I think I have to give this one for Dan when he asks Vanessa, "do you think the Humphreys have a crest that Jenny could sew onto one of my cardigans?"

Mister Meester: I enjoyed Vanessa's lamenting to Dan and Jenny about Nate: "We broke up. Well, we didn't actually break up, we just ... it is what it is." A perfect summation, as none of us know how to describe their relationship either. I also loved this exchange: Serena: "Chuck, she's embarrassed, so we've gotta give her time to lick her wounds." Chuck: "Maybe I could lick them for her." I don't even know what that's supposed to mean from a sexual standpoint, but you knew he was gonna go there.

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2. Will the past continue to be an issue for Lily and Rufus?

DANdy: Maybe. I just don't feel like I know enough about Lily's past to form an opinion yet. If only there were some upcoming TV show that would shed more light on it...

Mister Meester: I don't know, but if this was a Lost spoilers-style flash forward of sorts, setting us up for some of Lily's past trysts as shown on the Gossip Girl spinoff, kudos to Josh Schwartz & Co. I cannot wait to see an impressionable young L (Brittany Snow) getting trashed backstage at Nine Inch Nails and Guns n' Roses concerts.

Gossip Guy: I'm not sure which part of their past I'm shocked about, the rock star Rufus' numbers being so low or Lily van der Woodsen always being alluded to as such a slut yet only have two pages of names. I was expecting a novel. But to answer your question, no way. Rufus is too calm and collected.

3. Do you feel bad for Vanessa?

Mister Meester: A little. We were just starting to get to see a little of Nate's relationship with V and it wasn't all bad. Then her own goodness in pushing him to reconcile with his family ended up being her undoing. That's just cold, fate. Cold.

DANdy: Yes. All that bashing, courtesy of Gossip Guy, every week on the Round Table can't be good for her self-esteem.

Gossip Guy: Seriously? Next question.

4. Should Chuck have done as requested when Blair said "take me now," or did he handle the situation correctly?

Gossip Guy: Chuck, I admire that you were trying to do the right thing but you are a better man than I. Idiot.

DANdy: He handled the situation properly... for any normal, self-respecting human being. But that's not what we want from Chuck Bass! Dude should have chucked his reservations and tapped that Bass (that's how it's done, Carter!).

Mister Meester: Bless his heart, Chuck has now passed up multiple opportunities to close the deal with Blair because it wasn't perfect. This man is a softie at heart, despite his earlier claims that he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body (least of all that one). He had better sleep around with his chiropractors in the meantime, though, lest this revelation be leaked in a Gossip Girl blast and sully his reputation.

Chuck in The Grandfather

Did Chuck Bass blow his big chance at Blair Waldorf?

5. What's next for Blair and Nate?

Gossip Guy: OMG. I knew this was coming from all the Gossip Girl spoilers, but it still kills me to watch a man other than Chuck in there.

DANdy: Breakfast, served by Dorota.

Mister Meester: I'm looking forward to the love quadrangle in next week's episode, with Chuck and Vanessa teaming up to get back and Blair and Nate! That should be good, as Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick are definitely comfortable smooching (see Miami pics). Unfortch, my guess is Nair is in and Chair out for the forseeable future.


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I agree with that Vanessa and Dan thing. Let Brooklyn people stay in Brooklyn, well, except for Rufus who's great with Lily. Serena and Chuck were great as "siblings," they really helped each other out in a non-mushy way to help their friend.
I don't know about Nate and Blair, but they have a deep history, maybe Nate can bring Blair back.
I really don't like this Vanessa character, she "hates" the rich people even if they've done her no wrong, but she constantly pushes herself into their circle. Find a character, girl.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from the episode?
A: Vanessa "Why do rich people insist on having small food?"
Dan "That's why they're rich" or something like that. Everything Dan said was pretty funny, and hopefully the of Dan Humphrey is returning to my favourite show! 2. Will the past continue to be an issue for Lily and Rufus?
A: No, but they will talk about the past, which will probaly lead off to the spin off. 3. Do you feel bad for Vanessa?
A: Yes, of course, she is still a person even if she is a boring fictional person. But what was wrong with Nate interning at the mayor's office. He was expected to follow his family's legacy and he wanted to try and see what it would be like! His family didn't have any problems with Vanessa so if she really loved him that shouldn't matter that he cancelled their backpacking trip! 4. Should Chuck have done as requested when Blair said "take me now," or did he handle the situation correctly?
A: He handled the sitiuation perfectly! It's so sweet. And I don't think he is rebonding with Blair. Was anyone watching when he said, "I'm loosing her" or found Nate's jacket at Blair's? He looked devistated! When Elle dumped him he just looked shocked. 5. What's next for Blair and Nate?
A: A few cute episodes until they break up because they finally realize they have no chemistry and they were meant to be just friends. And on a final note...
I couldn't believe when Nate gave Blair his jacket! It was as soon as he walked out and Blair didn't even look cold. Very cliche.
Wasn't Elle signed on for 3 episodes. Wasn't she only on 2? Was she just so bad that they decided they had to get rid of her or did I just miscount?
Nate should have actually broken up with Vanessa before going off with Blair. Is it just me or have the Gossip Guys been jerks lately?

Andre pattinson

I actually agree with fashionista93, because I thought the same thing when Tripp came and say hi to Vanessa in the bar... He was a little touchy touchy with Vanessa and the look that he gave her... I don't know maybe V got some weird feromons that only the Vanderbilts are capable of smell and catch..


sorry some clarification... even though his grandfather put him on the spot, nate did publicly confirming the internship at the mayors office was i think his way of telling vanessa he was backing out of their trip. he owed more to her than letting her walk away and have her try to figure out what happened on her own.


Last night's conversation btw Nate and Blair was cute but they are better suited as friends. Same with Vanessa and Dan. I agree with the other comments regarding Nate's treatment of Vanessa. It is not nice. She was willing to forgive him when she discovered he was a male gigolo, helped him see turning his father in to the authorities was the right thing to do, dated him when he was nearly penniless and convinced him to give his grandfather another chance. And what does Nate do? Publicly announce he is backing out of vtheir summer trip and takes Blair home instead of going to Vanessa to talk about the situation. I have always liked Nate and Vanessa together but I am beginning to realize she is too good for him and he should be alone to discover what he wants. Perhaps the time alone would help him see he should be with Vanessa and be the person he is with her and not the product of his grandfathers wishes.


I'm def not high. I personally think that if you watch the past two episodes, Chuck is CRAZY for Elle and didn't even mention Blair. The night Elle dumped him, he went to Blair's. That's rebounding, even if he did love her in the past. On the other hand, Nate wasn't trying to seduce Blair. She opened up to him, and he showed tenderness. She was also the one to come on to him. He was not rebounding, as he was not pursuing Blair. I agree that Chuck and Blair have chemistry, but it was just not believable in this episode. The pacing is all wrong.


are all of you idiots or somthing have you forgotten about the omg promo where at the end chuck is in the bed with some girl (who was probably blair)
does anyone have any guesses on why they were together
if you guys are chair fans why the hell are you fo cusing on nair?????????????


Actually fashionista93...you got a point. In the OMG promo there was a couple on the bed that Blair & Nate walk in on. Maybe Tripp likes to screw around with other women..meaning that woman underneath him (if that is Tripp) was not his fiance & not Vanessa. Just a random chick.


lol yh Mari. Anyway, loved the episode - glad chuck finally came 2 his senses after that pointless elle storyline and i thought that they bigged up carter but then he was gone within the first 10mins.
This love quadrangle will be interesting, even though i love CB and NV as couples :)


even though i know this whole Nate and Blair's thing is coming,but it is heart breaking to actually watch it. i REALLY want Chair!!!

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