Flight of the Conchords Season Two Quotes

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The second season of Flight of the Conchords continued directly after the first with Murray representing the Crazy Dogggz and them riding high on their success. 

From there the season was full of adventures including the guys falling in love with the same woman, meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand, and ending with the guys being deported.

Along the way the guys definitely delivered some classic Flight of the Conchords quotes and here's just some of our favorites from season two:

Murray: Bret, could you get a pencil out of my stationary cabinet, please?
Bret: Where's that?
Murray: Just the glove box. | permalink
Bret: Jemaine, I don't think we're going to get sex and get paid.
Jemaine: Why not?
Bret: 'Cause we never get sex or get paid. | permalink
Jemaine: Bret. Have you seen Keitha?
Bret: She robbed us! Her and her friends jumped me, and taped me to the door.
Jemaine: Did she mention me at all?
Bret: No. Sorry man.
Jemaine: I'm not sure about her and me | permalink
Bret Gets Duct Taped
Dave: You guys seem a lot cooler today. Usually you guys wear clothes from the 70's.
Jermaine: They're not from the 70's, they're from New Zealand.
Dave: Isn't that the same thing?
Jermaine: Similar I suppose. | permalink
Bret: She works down at the cheap zoo
Jermaine: The pet store? | permalink
Landlord: I'm going to give you a month to pay me
Bret: Can we pick which month?
Landlord: No | permalink

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