Private Practice Round Table: "The Hard Part"

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The most recent installment of Private Practice drew mixed reviews from our staff - as our review of "The Hard Part" made quite clear. Now it's time to explore deeper.

Below, our staff breaks down some of the burning questions from last night's episode our Private Practice Round Table discussion. Here's how our panel saw it ...

1. What was your favorite Private Practice quote from the episode?

The Barnacle: Ooh, tough one. Anything with Pete and Sheldon, but specifically when they passive-aggressively bash the type of medicine the other practices.

Dr. Shepherd: The Addison-Sam exchange of "You're not Naomi" and "You're not Derek." So cheesy, so Shonda. Not sold on them as a couple but love 'em both.

M.L. House: No single line stands out but I thought the woman who played Kara was terrific. I couldn't believe she didn't make it after all of that. So Sad.


2. Addison and Sam: Up or down?

M.L. House: Down. I don't see the chemistry. Please let them stay just friends.

Dr. Shepherd: I felt like the Addison-Sam angle was sort of wasted on this episode, which was so good otherwise. It was sort of forced at the end in my opinion, after Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs had been so terrific throughout. A little bit strange.

The Barnacle: Up! Okay, so it's a blatant Girl Code violation for Addy to mess with Nae's man, even after they're divorced, but I'm starting to think she left the practice for a reason. Anyone else get the feeling we haven't seen the end of Saddy (Addam) ?

3. Does Charlotte give better medical or personal advice?

The Barnacle: Personal. Charlotte is becoming my favorite character on PP, and not only because of that tennis outfit. Okay, that helps a lot. But still, great Charlotte back story this week and I loved the tie-in with that poor, newly-married kid's marriage.

M.L. House: Medical. Her love life may be a little bit of a mess, but this is a kick-ass sexologist. Only she could make that line of work - and last night's plot - worth watching.

Dr. Shepherd: I was a little confused by this story line throughout. Was her story about her marriage (which ended) help the patient stick to his wife? She's happier now?

4. Should Pete and Sheldon be friends?

Dr. Shepherd: This was a highlight of the episode for me. I loved the reluctant but still somewhat genuine banter between them. To share what they did with Violet makes things really, really awkward, but they handled it well!

M.L. House: I was actually on Team Sheldon last year during the Violet drama, so it was nice to see the guy back in the game a little. I hope he stays on the show, at least recurring.

The Barnacle: I almost died when they both had eyes for the same girl. It was like "here we go again." But the way Pete stepped aside was so sweet ... he's still Pete, so he'd never admit he did it for Sheldon, but that doesn't make it less cute.

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This episode was a little depressing. Everyone seemed so gloomy at the end. And I'm ready for a Pete and Vi reunion too! And I agree, there are only two person teams, I thought we would see more of them hanging out together, outside the office. But all we see hanging out are Sam and Addison. And Pete and Sheldon, which was just ridiculous. I don't even like Sheldon. And Naomi seems totally detached from everyone. They didn't even show her Thursday! I would like to see Naomi, Violet, and Addison go out for drinks or something. And for Violet to bond with Lucas!


Addison rocked this episode. Kate Walsh is amazing.


Is it just me or is PP turning into several single storyline that are not connected with each other. Was that the idea of PP to mix the storyline and patients, to get the doctors work together as a team, well I only see two people teams nowadays :( That's quite sad love when they worked together and discussed cases and stuff. Not so fond of the falling apart thing at the moment.


I LOVED THIS EPISODE. Best yet. Kate Walsh did an amazing job.
And clearly they aren't going there with Addie and Sam - the dialogue was there for a reason people !


Oh god no! No to Addison and Pete....over that LONG ago. When they put Pete with Violet I was like, Addison who?? ha ha. Don't get me wrong, I like Addison/Kate Walsh, just not with PEte. And not as much as I like Violet. I am so tired of waiting for Vi/Pete to get back together! And what happened to Naomi?? Why did not they not show her? Was Audra doing something else when they filmed it? I missed seeing her Thursday! Saw the preview for next week, looks good, as they usually are.


I disagree, I do not think Addison and Pete have chemistry at all. No way! Keep him with Violet, they have chemistry. Addison and's better than Pete.


I so agree with you Alice. Even Tim Daly wants Addison and Pete together. They have amazing chemistry. I hope they end up together eventually.


There is so much hot chemistry between Addison and Pete and they are wasting it to have Addison and Sam awful kissing? What's wrong with Shonda? Does she really need to destroy all friendships on her shows because of some stupid romance (even if it's just a kiss)? And really, enough of Sheldon already. He is boring and annoying. Could they focus more on the main characters? Pete was barely in this episode and Naomi wasn't there at all. Please Shonda, give both of them some real storyline. Tim Daly and Audra McDonald are great actors, stop wasting their talent.


That kiss was first I thought maybe they would be okay. But after that, I was like, no way. Pete and Sheldon at the bar was interesting...I'm glad Pete sent that girl to Sheldon. Pete still loves Violet...thank goodness for that! I hope P/V reunite soon! Maybe for Christmas?? If not sooner!


I agree with Celia. The kiss was gross, even if they just wanted to see if it could work. It was just disgusting. Also there is zero chemistry between Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs. Friends yes, but nothing more. J. How can you say that anything is crystal clear in Shondaland? People were saying exactly the same thing about Addison and married guy, that she will never do that and see how it ended. She almost had sex with him. She didn't do it only because they were stopped by their pagers, so it's hard to give Addison any credit for that.

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