Private Practice Review: "The Hard Part"

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After becoming such a solid show over the past year and a half following its shaky start, Private Practice took a bit of a step back last night. Sam and Addison? Really?

Both primary story lines Thursday night were a bit hard to believe, as well as difficult to watch - in terms of the medicine practiced and the character developments.

If you missed it, we're jealous here's a recap of "The Hard Part." Now, a look at the major developments that took place and why we felt they worked (or didn't) ...

Rising to the occasion: Charlotte, Coop and Violet team up to help a newlywed who went overboard with his Viagra so he could be a rock star on his wedding night.

His erection won't go down. It has to be drained with needles. First off, they did this on Grey's Anatomy. Second, the kid is a virgin. Why would he need ... forget it.

The Hard Part Scene

Complicating matters is the kid's new wife, who made a virginity pact with him, but who is pregnant. She wanted to get the first time out of the way, she says.

With someone else. With no protection. Sigh. Even more dubious? How Charlotte convinces the kid not to leave her, revealing how her first marriage ... failed.

Um, what? Someone in the writers room needs to brew another pot of coffee, because that segue made very little sense. And sadly, it paled in comparison to ...

The "What if" game: Hiking "hours from anywhere," Sam and Addie ponder what would've happened if they hooked up, rather than marrying Nae and Der.

With the obvious foreshadowing out of the way for now, they discover an injured guy in the middle of the canyon. His pregnant wife is trapped in a nearby car.

Addison climbs in the car to check on expectant mom Kara, but just then, there's an avalanche, the car sails down the hill, crashes and both are trapped in it!

Oh, and her due date is today. Right, because that makes perfect sense, driving around in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service, while 40 weeks pregnant.

Bruised, Battered, Helpful

In a nauseating display for viewers, Sam improves a way to keep her husband's collapsed lung functioning while he runs for help. On foot. Addison delivers the baby.

The husband makes it but the wife doesn't, sadly. This sets off an introspective, passionate moment for Addison and Sam when he returns. They totally kiss! FAIL.

Talk about an overdramatic, nonsensical development. We've come to expect that Private Practice, even when it's off it's game, is nuanced, with appropriate pacing.

Sam and Addison, though? They talked about how great things might have been if they were together, then after all this, decided to give it a shot ... just kidding! Yeesh.

Whether they are or not, the romantic subplot was not necessary and took away from what was otherwise great acting from Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs in the episode.

On a less dramatic note last night, Pete and Sheldon hitting the bars and flirting with the women - and maybe, kinda sorta becoming friends - was pretty priceless.

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I like Charlotte and Cooper and Violet and Pete. I was a little worried that Cooper would overhear Charlotte's confession and be mad.
I'm glad we got to know her a little more. I like when we get background info on them. I want Shonda to elaborate more on what is going on in Violet's head. I love her character and love Pete with her. And we know that Pete is crazy in love with Violet, but we haven't heard much from Violet. And those two getting back together is way over due. Where was Naomi?


I second that. (Kara and Molly) Well, third that? I get the trauma, but come on....I miss the happier times with Violet and Pete! I'm ready for them to reunite. And I hope she bonds with that baby soon. Charlotte's back story. That was interesting, I would not have pegged her as being married before. I wonder if her ex will ever show up?


Hell yes to Molly! I'm sick of waiting now too! Bring us some Pete and Violet! Need my fix! Was Naomi not in that episode?? Oh my...she wasn't was she? Why not??


What's the name of the actress who played Dawn - the girl in the bar scene? She looks really familiar and I can't place her.
Anybody know?


Ok, totally agree with J here - what is it with these reviews? How about just a real "recap"? Anyway, thought this was a good episode - did miss Naomi, but that was OK considering it made sense. Kate Walsh is fantastic. Looking forward to seeing Addie's dad next week!! And no, Addie and Sam are not going to be anything more than friends- HENCE the laughter!


I liked the episode, but I always like all the episodes. ha ha. But I wait and hope EVERY week, week after week, that Violet and Pete make up! I'm tired of waiting now, I want my couple back! haha And loved the Charlotte back story, and I always like scenes with her and Violet, you never know what direction it will go in. Sam and Addison? What was that? That kiss... The woman trapped in the car did a fantastic job, I was sad to see her die. And I'm glad Pete did not go home with a random woman from the bar!


A.. the song is The Big Middle by Juliette Commagére


I agree with the review. This episode was ridiculous. Yes, acting was great but storylines didn't make any sense. Pregnant woman in the middle of a desert one day before she was supposed to go into labor and the whole virgin/pregnant "fake" virgin storyline. It was so stupid, especially that the guy decided to forgive his lying wife so easily. I enjoyed Pete and Sheldon in the bar, it was funny, light comedic relief, but thought provoking as well. The moment with Pete and baby Lucas was sweet, but too short. Overall, if not the great actors this show would not be worth watching at all. It's sad they are wasting talent of such great actors as Tim Daly, Amy Brenneman and Audra McDonald (BTW where was she the last night?)


The episode got better as it went on. But, I do think this season is kinda lacking. I hope it gets better. Btw does anyone know the name of the song that played at the end? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks in advance


LOL. Did you not watch? The ending with Addison and Sam was not them giving it a shot. They laughed at it in the end. Nothing is happening there. Just Friends. It was pretty obvious by the laughter after the kiss.

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