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How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Window"

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This week's episode of How I Met Your Mother finally went back to the roots of the show... Ted trying to find the mother.  This week, Ted saw a window of opportunity open up on a college crush, Maggie (Joanna Garcia), and got the help of the whole gang.

While helping Ted, Marshall was going through some old crap his mother sent him when he found a homework assignment and we were treated to a rat tail-filled flashback of teenage Marshall.  Barney, meanwhile, set out to prove he could get laid in Marshall's old overalls, with Robin content mocking him for the half hour.

Teenage Marshall

Really, it was an episode straight of the first few seasons of HIMYM: Ted persuing a woman with the rest of the gang doing crazy things.  Luckily, the episode worked with the B and C stories of Marshall and Barney providing enough laughs.

However, we were fairly disappointed with the A story.  Maybe we're biased because we're in love with Joanna Garcia from Privileged, but we felt she could have gone for a little more acting than her just sitting there and looking cute.  Maybe given her a few good lines to show her why this is the perfect girl? 

We know the concept of the girl who's always in relationships and the concept of the "The Window" exists in the real world, but why is Maggie the one for Ted.  Owell, such is the flaw with a half hour sitcom with three story lines.  Now for some of our observations from the episode.

  • Barney wearing overalls over a suit: They're not called over-shirts!
  • Marshall with a rattail, wearing overalls jamming out to Informer by Snow?  Amazing job, Vanilla Thunder.
  • Don't worry Robin, we love a dirty girl who will go to second base for a friend.
  • Really, Barney are you losing your game?  Was there nothing in the playbook for a farmer bit?
  • Future Marshall sending back the chicken wings was a great after the credits bit.

Our favorite How I Met Your Mother quotes after the jump and as usual, the Round Table will be up shortly.

Ted: You know how everyone has that guy or girl that no matter what happens, you know will be perfect for you.
Marshall: Lily.
Robin: Mike Shacks.
Barney: That girl over there. | permalink
Ted: I sent a cab with a female driver so she would have no other male interaction until she came to me.
Barney: Where she will still have no interaction with a man. What up? I feel good tonight. Tonight's gonna be good. | permalink
Barney [about Marshall's overalls]: No one, I mean no one could get laid wearing these. Challenge accepted. I, Barney Stinson, of sound mind and amazing body will wear these overalls until have sex with a woman. | permalink
Barney [to random girl]: Hey.
Robin: Oh, he's not saying hello, he's just telling you what he feeds his horses. Oh man, I could sit here and make "you look like a farmer" jokes all night. Challenge accepted. | permalink

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