30 Rock Review: "Verna"

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Jan Hooks guest starred as the title character last night on 30 Rock, as "Verna" featured the arrival of Jenna's mom, which tied into Jack's own mom issues.

As a Saturday Night Live fan introduced to the show in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was great to see Jan back, and appropriately on a Tina Fey show.

She was terrific as Jenna's mom, although any episode featuring Jenna leaves something to be desired. As did Liz's story, which basically recycled past ones.

Really, seeing people from TGS crash at her place is hilarious, but even that gets old the second or third time. Especially having set the bar high with Tracy.

Applause on 30 Rock

Jenna and Verna (guest star Jan Hooks) rock out on 30 Rock.

Of course, even a mediocre episode of 30 Rock still contains a dozen classic one-liners, some coming at you at a pace faster than you can even process.

Some classics resulted when Jenna, reeling from Verna's arrival, found someone empathize with her about having a bad mother - Jack Donaghy, natch.

Meanwhile, Kenneth had all sorts of crazy ideas and observations, and Frank clogged the toilet and sink, and Pete did what he could to feel ... anything.

Follow the jump for some classic 30 Rock quotes from last night ...

Jenna: Could a bad mom have raised a daughter who was engaged to a Congressman when she was 16? | permalink
Pete: While you were talking, I put a thumb tack in my neck. Makes me feel something. | permalink
Jack: Mothers. You can't kill them... | permalink
Jenna: To her I'm just a gorgeous, naturally blonde ATM. | permalink
Frank: Wow, an old white lady yelling at me while wearing microwaveable socks. This is so different than living with my mom. | permalink
Frank: Oh, I'd like to pre-apologize for clogging your tub, sink, and toilet. | permalink
Verna: [to Jack] Wear something nice. Like a pair of white jeans and a Dan Marino jersey. | permalink
Jenna: Hi, I was told I'd get paid if I came here and danced while the Atlanta Hawks ate dinner. | permalink
Jack: She's done a complete 180.
Jenna: Even better, Jack. She made a full 360! | permalink
Lutz: Were any of the firemen strong? Were any of them the ones from the calendar? | permalink
Jenna: I didn't see her. Security called. She was trying to use an Oxycontin bottle as I.D. | permalink
Kenneth: You just enjoy your coffee, sir, while I tell you a funny story about my neighbor's cat. His name is Mr. Wiggles, and his cat's name is Benson. | permalink
Jenna: It was perfect. Like a John Mayer song. | permalink
Liz: It's stuff like this that makes me eat stuff like this. | permalink
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30 Rock Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

You just enjoy your coffee, sir, while I tell you a funny story about my neighbor's cat. His name is Mr. Wiggles, and his cat's name is Benson.


It was perfect. Like a John Mayer song.