90210 Review: "Clark Raving Mad"

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Despite the much-hyped lesbian kiss between Gia and Adrianna, we have to say, this week's episode of 90210 definitely belonged to Naomi and Liam.

Naomi and the Girls

During "Clark Raving Mad," Liam discovered his step father was cheating on his mother, and after sucker punching the guy, he ended up moving in with Naomi.  Naomi, meanwhile, had her own intense storyline as she decided to stand up to the new Blaze faculty advisor, Mr. Cannon, for no apparent reason.

After tearing him a new one, Mr. Cannon rightfully kicked her off the Blaze, only to have Naomi try and lead a hilarious revolt with one of the most incoherent rallying speeches to her troops.  Anna Lynne really has turned Naomi into one of the funniest, most likable and relatable characters on the show.

We definitely like how they managed to bring the couples' story lines together at the end (plus their hot make out scene in the beginning!), with the tying theme of their mothers being walked over.  Can't wait to see where the sexual harassment war takes them.

In other couple news, Teddy definitely seemed to have fun messing with Silver after her little jealousy issues of last week.  As irritating as his actions with, including tells Silver he got drunk with an ex and woke up with a wicked hang over on a chaise, the ending scene between them was kind of sweet? 

We're honestly still not sure how we feel about Teddy.  At least we got some insight into him from the mention of his father, and according to our interview with Trevor Donovan, we're going to learn even more.

Okay, we know we have to at least discuss the Gia / Adrianna hookup.  The storyline might be a ratings ploy, but at least the show is trying to handle the scenario with some maturity, actually delving into some deep concepts of sexuality. Ah, who are we kidding, it's all about getting two girls to kiss.

Beyond the mere hotness of two attractive girls kissing (though, we're still on the fence on Rumer), we're very curious to see where this relationship goes and how Navid and Adrianna's fellow bandmate are going to react to everything.  Hopefully this storyline develops beyond the hype.

While we definitely enjoyed the birth mom storyline when it was first introduced, it really has dragged on with no developments.  Unlike Dixon, we were not sad to see Dana go.  We're really curious what the impacts of her visit will have, particularly on Debbie, who ended up kissing Kai!  Will she tell Harry?

Speaking of dragging on, the episode had to feature a little creepy Jasper lurking in the shadows.  The supposed cliffhanger was Jasper calling Annie to tell her he's going to kill himself without her in his life.  Is it really a cliffhanger if we're not going to miss him?

Now for our favorite 90210 quotes, including Naomi's hilarious insults at Mr. Cannon:

Mr. Cannon: I'm warning you, I have very high standards.
Naomi: They couldn't be too high or you'd be working in news and not bossing a bunch of wanna be kids around for what, twenty grand a year? | permalink
Naomi: Next time, just ask, "Am I in or out because I'm not popping the pill every day just to get rids of zits and PMS." | permalink
Debbie: I think this is a family matter.
Dana: Family matters always trickle down to the kids, and one of your kids I gave birth to. | permalink
Dixon: Maybe we can Skype and watch a game together.
Dana: Okay, I'm not sure what that means, but sounds like fun. | permalink


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I think its awful that Naomi was raped, that was totally unnecessary and just so creepy. Thats not good drama, its just sick and gross! I wont watch the show after this season.


does jasper kill himself


emily, that's because he IS older than ryan!! he grosses me out! he's 30!! they totally ruined silver!! get rid od tedy asap!! ps: I hate annie that annie's calling liam, she could have just imd him! it's her friends boyfriend for pete's sake! she should have learned not to mess with naomi!!


Ugh..No to Annie and Liam! She's like always getting Naomi's leftovers..plus NAomi and Liam are hot together..Annie is juz plain irritating! Im sorry but Shenae Grimes from degrassi and 90210 is just too damn boring and irritating..


also, can they bring back the OLD silver, the one who'd never fall for grandpa Ken?
Her liking Teddy is so uncharacteristic, their relationship is just annoying. and WHY DID ANNIE GET OVER THE THING WITH NAOMI SO QUICKLY?
Naomi made her life miserable time and time again and all it took was a seeming 'intervention' that she orchestrated to get Annie to know what Jasper was to get Annie to forgive her. I can't believe that Annie gave her credit for it since I think all credit goes to Navid and Adrianna for the Jasper bit, Naomi did nothing except 'act' all concerned. Honestly, I want Annie to punch Naomi.


I'm sorry but the fact that people 'enjoyed' naomi in this episode is just outrageous.
a) AnnyLynne overacted to the maximum, especially in her pep talk to the Blaze members. The girl REALLY needs to tone it down, she's not amusing, just downright annoying.
b) She was deliberately rude towards the new teacher, who in my opinion did NOTHING to offend her, yet she just HAD to pick on him simply because she could.
c) she accused him of sexually harassing her, thereby potentially ruining his career and life. Over something as stupid as being kicked out of a high school magazine team.
While I do agree that his assumption that she was offering to sleep with him was a bit off the mark, even if she kept on saying 'i'll do anything', it did not warrant such an accusation. Just goes to show what a horrible b**** she really is and how far she's willing to go to get her way.


Wow this site must have watched a different episode than I did. Annalynne showed signs of struggling with the material she was giving. The revolt was contrived and poorly written, and the delivery was crap. Dial it down! She has been turned into a cheesy character. They have killed silver's character- she used to be independant and strong, now she follows teddy around like a puppy. I get that most people esp. this site hates annie but it is the only storyline that has interest, even if it is being dragged out. And when is teddy going to be gone? He looks so older than ryan.


It was an okay episode and I thought mostly that for once Liam and Naomi (though I love them even when they're all over each other) were supporting each other emotionally. That scene where Liam comes to her house and just pulls her in his arms is adorable! I thought even though Naomi lied, there was something seriously off about Mr. Cannon. I mean he kinda just jumped onto the "sleep with me?!" thing on his own out of the blue. Annie-Liam was seriously so forced. But I suppose if friends is all they're gonna be, that will be alright with me. Though at the end when Annie left that message in a sort of ~flustered~ manner, I was a little irked. Please, writers, Ethan II is not what we're looking for.


OK.. these are "spoilers" (prediction I shd say) from my mind
-Naomi's lie is gonna cause lots of trouble to the new teacher. She'll confess it was just a lie; and everyone will be very upset will her.. This will also cause Liam to break up with her! :(
He'll have a relationship with Annie afterwards.. The pissed teacher will do something very bad to Naomi -- maybe rape her X( -- He'll know that no one will believe her because she lied... I think this is the really bad thing that's happening to Naomi..
I really don't know for how long the love between Gia and Adrianna will continue to blossom.
Teddy-Silver will have great moments until Daddy Teddy comes and ruins everything.
Dixon will be in great trouble for betting online; Ivy will still support him
Navid & Lila - the production needs to put more scenes with them to actually convince me that this relationship is gonna rock
Now Jasper-- He will definitely NOT commit suiciede infact he will KILL someone; im guessing Mr. Wilson - I think somehow Mr. Wilson will see the autosaved document Annie accidently left on her computer and he'll try to help her.. This will somehow lead into Jasper killing Mr. Wilson.. I don't want that yoga teacher to take his place at all; that'll be just messed up!
They need to show Mr. Matthews more often though..
This was very long! lol.... but I had to share it with someone and see what you guys think ;)


Alexis, I also felt that the writers want Liam and Annie to get closer, at least as friends. Annie's mother just kissed another man. Liam's stepdad also cheated. Maybe they want Annie and Liam to have something in common and to bond over it. I'm starting to think that Naomi isn't the one for Liam. Their relationship seems contrived (is that a word?). But I don't want Annie to be accused of stealing Naomi's boyfriend. Not again. It has already been done.

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90210 Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Mr. Cannon: I'm warning you, I have very high standards.
Naomi: They couldn't be too high or you'd be working in news and not bossing a bunch of wanna be kids around for what, twenty grand a year?

Jasper: You have to understand, I'd do anything for you.
Annie: You really want to do something for me? Just leave me alone.

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