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The show was ok. I don't like Mark and teddy together. I want him back with Lexie. Lov them together.

I want more Merder, love them as well. Don't like Derrik as chief.

Overall it was so so.


@Mia I stopped liking Lexie the moment she told Meredith to "give me my dad back" and stole Meredith's file to see if she was a match for the liver transplant, that was so wrong IMO After she broke up with Mark she been acting like spoil child.


ugh Lexie annoyed me in this episode. Now she's sad after she slept with Alex many times that Marks moving on...

can't stand her, she's very much a hypocrite.

Cristina was freaking Hilarious! Love that girl :) and Arizona she's just so adorable and funny all wrapped in one. Callie is amazing!

I kind of like the idea of Mark and Teddy


I’m still disappointed. I miss the old GA. I miss George, the five interns. They friendship and conflicts. I like they are grown up, at least some of them. But I miss the interaction. The dynamic the show had before.

But most of all I miss Meredith and Derek. A little chat in the nurse station, a coffee, a lunch. Something.
I really can’t understand why they can’t have a scene together. Doesn’t make sense. Don’t need to focus on them. But just a scene? I can’t. I’m upset and frustrated.


Sorry, but I from my point of view Lexie and Sloan were a miss! I am sorry to say, but I don't stand her character. Never did. She was bearable somewhere in the time, when she moved in with George.

I just can't stand her character. Sloan is so over her.
Sloan and Callie would be hot and a great match


Ive got high hopes for this episode. I was rooting for Owen trying to keep up with the doctors of Seattle Grace by being a bit more competetive.But mostly this episode made me think about him keeping up with Cristina. I think it was a sweet gesture that subconsciously Owen was trying to prove that professionally he can be competetive. He is portraying this amazing humble doctor, I get that, but this episode showed more of his side. To be honest, Cristina pushed him well enough to see his potentials. I love the idea of this healthy competetive interaction among these doctors, old and new. I understand that a lot of GA fanbase are not at all please but I think the writters are trying to provide alternatives for us audience to think about the potentials of all the GA characters. I know it lack MerDer scenes but the writters wants us to focus on other GA characters lives as well. I started watching GA because of Owen and Cristina and to be honest I wont be interested anymore as I am right now if they separated the two. So I understand the MerDer fans if they get furious for lacking more MerDer scenes. I know that GA first 3 seasons was all about the lives of the 5 interns. But like in the real life some characters have to move on. Life is not constant it is ever changing. The characters of GA will eventually move on. A lot of loyal fans out there will beg to disagree but thats life even in this fictional series. I love MExie, they are my 2nd most fave couple. But when I saw Mark hooking up with Teddy, I was kind of please and relieved that finally Teddy will take her mind of Owen and it's about time. Owen understandably is kind of jealous but Im so much happier that Mer was there to remind him of Cristina just in case he forgets. Mer and Cristina allies for life. The most touching scene for me was when Lexie broke down in tears realizing that Mark has moved on and Mer standing there clueless of what to do with her grieving sister. It was for me really heartbreaking, there were tears in my eyes. Watching Bailey and the gasman was abit awkward for me I must admit. Im glad that Jackson Avery would stick around longer. I really like him. While I still got hope for MExie getting back together, I think Jackson should hook up with Lexie. The best line ever was Cristina's bitchy lines "this message was brought to you by Harper Avery foundation......" and Webbers " you just did it Ginger" referring to Owen LOL! That's my two cents worth or probably more!


The first episode this season (which is one of my favorites so far) that just wasn't interesting at all! Couldn't care for the Owen-Richard SL and Bailey and Sloan may have been funny, but were totally out of character.

The only thing I liked was the groundwork for the Callie-Arizona "bump on the roads" SL. I love them (seperately as well as together), but I need some drama around them. Some depth, some tears - so I can cry along. If that means a short break-up, than I'm okay with that. Cause I have faith. I know they're Shonda's second fav couple... so they'll be fine!

But first some tears please, it's been too long... ;)

ps. I agree with Ela, the actors don't look that good these days. They all look tired, pale, chubby (or too skinny)... well, not good! The result of 16-hour work days?!


I can understand why the cast of GA has expanded to give a wider scope for storylines. Avery is making more appearances than most of the additional cast members do. I think the structure of the episodes makes one character more central to each episode. Ep 18 will be Hunt centric. Karev will be central when his brother turns up.

But I don't like the way MerDer are now being background characters who can get through a whole episode without even having on camera conversation with each other. Having them in the same room on camera isn't good enough. In ep17 Der left and Mer stayed at the hospital. We don't even get a goodbye now, let alone a kiss. I'm glad to see how strong their marriage is, but give Kirsta and Shonda need a reality check. You have to indulge your fan base in order to keep people watching.

I read that Kirsta is saying EP is working a bit less. I'm really happy EP chose not to take her maternity leave entitlement but carried on working. But use any on screen time EP has wisely, and give us some MerDer time .Please


(Second time saying this ;D)
I agree with you. On EVERYTHING. It's gone waaaaaaaay downhill for me and I kind of ponder if I will or will not watch the 7th season. Some of the episodes in the 6th season are a little interesting, interesting enough for me to watch them. Though, I think Grey's Anatomy has hit rock bottom for me. I'm probably not going to watch it anymore if it doesn't get better (PLEASE GET BETTER). My brother thinks it stupid that I'm watching it. :P I am this close (puts up a hand and makes about a centimeter with two fingers) to agreeing with him. Sorry, Grey's Anatomy. You have hit you're low for me. :(


Shonda is shutting her mouth about, obviously, she wants more people to watch this horrible excuse of "medical" drama, or should I say "highschool-pretend-you're-a-doctor-and lets-make-out-drama". And of course who is she going to use? It would be the only person who won an Emmy from her show, and of course the "ungrateful-beyotch-who-just-can't-keep-her-mouth-closed". It's always a ploy to put some controvery on the show esp with the series' decling ratings. She's using KH , but of course, she's the only one now that's doing movies and is successful. All those haters out there, it's kinda true. yes! Now, KH definetly needs to go too, I mean, it's about time, the show never appreciated her, give her the most over the top storyline, but no matter how stupid it is, we kept on rooting ofr her still because she is defintely a talented actress. Now can we also kill that stupid character of Lexie who's before the stupid"I-want-my-sister-to-love-me intern" to "I-strip-in-front-of-a-oversexed-doctor", to "I'll-change-my-hair-color-bad-ass-ness", God, just a stupid character, ! GA, you used to be better than this, now I'll go watch seasons1 and 2 and think that the day after the PROM, a nuclear bomb was planted at the hospital and the hospital went ka-boom and all were dead.! SO BETTER! I'm gonna watch reruns of ER now............Shonda-epic-failure all over !

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