How I Met Your Mother Review: "Hooked"

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After a rather long break, How I Met Your Mother is back!

Carrie Underwood guest stared as Tiffany - a girl that has Ted on the hook. We have been in love with Carrie all the way back to her Idol days, but we didn't really think she did that great of a job last night. Her role seemed rather rigid and non comedic. Even her sultry glances at Ted seemed artificial to us.

Beautiful Guest Star

Henrietta on the other hand, played the hookee quite well. How awesome was it that she made Ted an ice sculpture?

"Hooked" really showed a part of the dating world that gets overlooked. As much as it pains us to admit it, being the hookee has happened to the best of us. The hard part is actually admitting that you are indeed on a hook.

Off topic, where do you get a tea cup pig? And do they really stay that small forever? Yes, this is the ultimate bait and any single guys out there might do some investigation on finding where you get one because I am not sure how any girl would turn down seeing that! He was super cute!

Probably the best part of last night's episode was having Barney go over the history of hot girl professions. And one must agree with his time line - back in the day, a stewardess was the hottest job a woman could have (have you not scene Catch Me if You Can?) and today a pharmaceutical sales rep is arguably the best career path for any (smart) hot lady (I say that as a lady and having a couple friends that are in the business). Don't get me wrong, it is not always the case, but it was most fun to watch Barney play out the stereotypical jobs for good looking women. 

Watching everyone else tell their stories about being a hookee and hooker was fun, but not really that funny. We thought Scooter was more creepy than cute and what is the deal with Marshall always reverting back in time?

We didn't get any closer to finding out about the mythical mother and we feel it will be this way for a while. Overall, we thought the episode held more truth than comedic one liners, but after the jump we leave you with a few How I Met Your Mother quotes that did have us laughing:

Marshall: Hang in there Scoots I'm not gonna live forever. | permalink
Robin: What I am not keeping Mike on the hook!
Ted: You are Captain Hook. | permalink
Robin: I've been the hookee and the hooker. | permalink
Barney: Hang on to this girl Ted - hang on and never let go. | permalink


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Who gives a S about Carrie!!! Barney's was the only good part of the story. Others sucked. Not gonna watch this a second time.


I actually really liked Carrie in the show..


Delia: you sound like a jealous hater. Carrie was really good! She was funny AND seemed natural. She did not over-act, and she was warm. All the critics have given her great reviews!


Carrie Was GREAT! She was not stiff! She was funny and loveable, despite playing the role of a not so nice girl. Her acting was really good! You haters are just hoping she fails, but she will laugh her way to future movie and tv roles. She did MUCH better then Taylor Swift did in Valentines Day. Now THAT was poor acting. Great job Carrie!


really delia? the nytimes, latimes, others mags totally disagree and thought she was great. get a clue. its not like the show has a lot of great and deep acting anyone. its pretty terrible.


She SUCKED! I have nothing with her but she can't act. It was worse when she said some lines and then josh would repeat,he seemed really good after her,really really good, she really sucked.


Totally disagree. I think Carrie did a fantastic job, ESPECIALLY considering it was her very first acting role EVER. She's a natural!

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I don't want to loose you, big brown eyes.


Yes you can borrow my tea cup pig.