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Before I get into the crux of this review - for an episode, "Another Another Chance," which I mostly enjoyed - allow me to get the worst part over with first:

The longer this Annie/Jasper angle continues for, the more I consider dubbing it The Worst Storyline in Television History. As I detailed last week, and as most readers agreed, it's been handled poorly from the start, as it took far too long for the hit-and-run to play a role in Annie's relationship with Jasper.

Now, 90210 wants us to believe that Annie was incredibly traumatized simply because she drove past the spot where the accident occurred?!? First, she was on the way home from Naomi's that evening. It would stand to reason that the area of the crash is relatively nearby and she'd have come across it before.

More importantly, she dated the nephew of the victim for months. She was reminded of the incident daily. It defies reason that she'd suddenly have nightmares about it, especially following last episode's mature, impressive speech on Annie's part. The show REALLY needs to end this storyline.

Okay. Deep breath. With that rant out of my system, it's important to note what I did enjoy about "Another Another Chance." There was a lot to like.

Adrianna and Laurel

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For the most part, this episode dealt with relationships. Which would end? Which would grow stronger? Which would be rekindled? An analysis follows...

Dixon and Ivy: I like these two together almost as much as I hate anything having to do with Annie and Jasper. They're cute, they're funny and Tristan Wilds and Gillian Zinser have definite chemistry together. I complained a week ago that things were moving too quickly in their fake relationship, but it looks like we'll be treated to a slow, real courtship now. I dig it!

Teddy and Silver: I know, this relationship wasn't touched on at all. But that was a big plus in my book. They are happy and healthy. No reason to contrive issues for the pair every week. It's perfectly fine to have them fade into the background, content with one another, for a bit.

Laurel and Ryan: I love these two. Just when you think Laurel has the wrong priorities and is all focused on the music scene, she gives Adrianna an inspiring pep talk, and also manages to loosen up Ryan. But does anyone else fear his old drug habit returning? It might be hard to teach if you wake... and then bake.

Adrianna and Navid: I'd prefer a bit more tension and more obstacles for these two before they got back together. Right now, the path back to each other has been too easy and smooth. Sure, each has dated someone els - but they've remained close, and does any viewer really doubt they'll be a couple again before the season is through? The show needs to make a reunion seem almost impossible, and then spring it upon us unexpectedly, to really be exciting and effective.

More simpler put: Adrianna and Navid are sweet, but boring.

Liam and Naomi: These two are anything but boring, that's for certain. Still, does anyone else think Liam overreacted? Of course Naomi was in the wrong, but he claims to know her and to love her, doesn't he? Naomi may be well-meaning overall, but let's face it: she is selfish and manipulative. Ivy was right about that. Viewers have grown to care about her because we see her softer sides, too.

But Liam has to love Naomi for who she is. Often times, that individual is a misguided liar. Forgive and move on, dude... and hold this over Naomi for major sexual favors!

A couple other topics before we turn this over to the readers:

  • No development between Deb and her Yoga teacher?!? It makes some sense why Rob Estes is leaving the show. There's really no attention paid to the adults on it.
  • It's inexcusable that the show would gloss over Liam's reaction to Naomi's lie and their subsequent fight over it. All we saw was him walk to the parking lot... and then return from surfing to talk with Ivy. I legitimately thought my DVR broke and fast forwarded by accident. How could viewers not have actually bear witness to the actual confrontation between Liam and Naomi? A few steps were definitely skipped here.
  • What the heck was that multi-colored, striped shirt Dixon was wearing in school when the episode opened?!?
  • Does anyone trust Liam's birth father?
  • Silver in a tight mini-skirt? Yes, please.

What did you think of the episode? We've listed our favorite 90210 quotes below and will return later with a detailed Round Table discussion, along with a complete song list from the hour!

Navid: Shouldn't you be sharing shopping tips with Lady GaGa about now? | permalink
Dixon: Any chance you'll let your fake ex-boyfriend take you out on a real date? | permalink
Laurel: Don't get your panties in a bunch.
Ryan: My panties are very much bunched right now. | permalink
Liam: Get it through your head, Ivy. We're never gonna happen. | permalink
Dixon: Why would your mom hire me?
Ivy: Maybe because I told her you were one of the hottest new DJs in town and you just spun Rob Pattinson's birthday party. | permalink


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Ok my take Naomi / Liam - he did not over-react. Actually I found it weird he didn't rail on her. And...All this crap about Naomi "forgiving Liam for sleeping with Jen" (roll eyes). We all know that she pretty much stone-walled the guy for a LONG time and did not forgive him till the truth came out; even then she was still mad at him. PLus,wasn't it like two days before that Liam told Naomi she as nothing like Jen. Well he sure had to eat that one! lol! I think Liam eserves a little time to stew over this one. Annie / Liam - Ok. Prefer them over L and N. Ivy / Liam - Gotta say really like the ideaof these two hooking up but after what he said to her (albeit she was a little out of place) she can do way better. Ivy / Dixson - I totally disliked D ... until he hooked up with Ivy. This is the wisest decision he's made....EVER! Ade / Navid - totally BORING! No further comment Ade / Gia - still trying to come to terms with that relationship. But way better than Ade & N. *** P.S. of course Rumer looks like a MAN; she is the splitting image of her father! Jen - Love to hate her so please bring her back. Anything to save this show. Deb & Harry - Would like to see the yoga guy thing play out. Wish Kelly and Harry could hook up to add a bit of dynamics. This could however kinda ruin Kelly because she was my favourite actress from the old 90210. Well lets see what the wriers throw at us next!


I hope Ade and Gia stay together for a while. and as for liam's dad... It's Luke's boat!!! Sinclair is awesome for the GG reference


am i the only one who thought the teacher was still a little shady with Naomi?? i mean why would he ask her if she's suggesting to sleep with him...just saying??


ur all well harsh, im i the only on that doent like navid or his relationahip with ade (sooo boring)
gia and ade were good but she was out of line sleeping with her ex
i love dixon and lvy there good together
naomi is so funny


"Silver in a tight mini-skirt? Yes, please." BEST PART OF THE EPISODE!! Hell best part of the entire show


Naomi/Liam- she tried to tell him she said she had something she needed to tell him then teddy and the gang walked up.
He kinda made her feel even more guilty by saying all the right things ' i love you, i believe in you' etc
she forgave him for sleeping with her sister so why can't he just forgive her??
she apologized several times sincerely and meant every word.
true naomi be selfish and conceited at times but she has a good heart and he sees the real her.
I love them together so much! definitly my favorite couple on 90210. Ivy/dixon- their fake relationship wasn't believable at first but now these two really have feelings for each other and I love it!!
Last nite when dixon was standing behind her spinning and showing her how to spin I was in awe I was like 'cmon kiss her already' I LOVE these two my new favorite couple!! adrianna/navid- I want these two back together asap!
while I love aid' relationship with gia I want her back with navid.
they broke up and have had a hard time moving past it and accepting the break up
They have each dated other people and I want them back in each others' arms by the season finale .
PLEASSSE!! I really loved the naomi/annie bonding over what each did.
Annie needs to come forward and admit what she did to her parents and herself so she can be guilt free and finally move on with it and find peace.


I totally agree with this review, especially part about Liam. Naomi made one mistake and she realized it, maybe too late, but she did. Now she need someone who will support her and hepls her to stay the person who eventually does the right things. Liam hugs his father who has been in jail but can't forgive to Naomi, who forgave her sleeping with Jen?


i hate liam!!!! hate hate hate~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how could he say that to ivy!!!! he deserve to be alone!!!!! go kill someone!!!! maybe his the one who kill jasper uncle!!!! such a bastard!!!! goto hell man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps - ivy can do better!!!


this was a good episode hopefully ade and gia are over was getting stale. Also liam is an idiot for what he did to ivy


This episode was pretty great!! I loved all the Sannie scenes and the Naomi and Annie scene was a little akward.

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Adrianna: Can't I just play with the band in my spare time?
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