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Community Review: "The Art of Discourse"

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If the goal of Community this week was to make viewers feel as annoyed as Jeff and Britta by those bullies, then the show definitely succeeded.

But there's a fine line between humorous irritation and serious frustration, and "The Art of Discourse" crossed it at points. I had nightmares about people screaming "D'uh!" and "Schmitty" at me, as the concept of Jeff and Britta teaming up against of high school losers was strong.

It was just executed in a painful way. It would have worked better if the conclusion wasn't some sort of random d'uh-off that almost made my head explode.

Jeff Winger Pic

Fortunately, the other two storylines avoided the use of any unbearable catchphrases and made me laugh a lot. As always, the funniest situations and best, most subtle jokes took place right at the studying table. To wit:

  • Britta and Annie constantly wondering which of them was being referred to when Abed said he kissed the "hottest girl at school" or when one of them was described as having a flat butt and the other as the girl "Abed wants to nail."
  • The group trying to determine who would be the new Pierce, and all laughing off the idea of it being Abed.
  • Troy bonding with the "escape goat."
  • Troy's story about his poor, lightning-struck, masturbating-in-movie-theaters uncle.

Everything involving Abed's freshman year bucket list was pure, hilarious lunacy. For some shows, the constant use of meta one-liners would grow tiresome, but Community takes it to such an extreme (case in point: the epilogue about each character at the end) that these tongue-in-cheek scenarios help to define the show.

We've listed the best Community quotes from the night below.

Troy: They're making us walk around with pretzels in our butts, and I put mustard on mine like an idiot. | permalink
Troy: My uncle was struck by lightning. You'd think it would give you superpowers, but now he just masturbates in movie theaters. | permalink
Annie: When you found out I was Jewish, you invited me to a 'pool party' that turned out to be a Baptism.
Shirley: Well excuse me for trying to sneak you into Heaven. | permalink
Abed: He still assumes I'm a terrorist.
Pierce: If you're not, I'm sorry. If you are, I'm a hero. I'm willing to take that chance. | permalink
Britta: So what's the context for constantly calling me as a lesbian?
Pierce: If the wallet chain fits... I'm just trying to help you find yourself. | permalink
Jeff: I got a B on my nutrition final, and I am celebrating with pie and a dollop of whipped irony. | permalink


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