Life Unexpected Season Finale Review: "Love Unexpected"

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Life Unexpected wrapped up its first season and were we the only ones yelling at the TV asking, Why?!

We learned last week that Baze has genuine feelings for Cate, but instead of telling her the truth when he finally had the chance, he lies to her face and tells her he doesn't love her!

WTF Mate!

Why do you think he was so scared to man up to his feelings for her?

Such a Beautiful Bride

This whole love triangle has our heads spinning. One minute we think Cate and Baze are destined to be together, then the next minute we really believe that Ryan is who she should be with.

In "Love Unexpected", Lux had a good point saying that Baze had his opportunity and chose not to use it. Ryan has proved time and time again how much he loves Cate - even telling Lux it is basically up to her whether they get married or not.

But, like most people - we rule with our hearts and not our heads. There is just something so electric brewing between Cate and Baze that we can't deny. Now that she is a spoken for lady, do you think she will ever cheat again on Ryan with Baze? We hope not!

Love Unexpected Scene

How amazing was it for the first couple minutes of the show to see Lux, Baze, and Cate unite together as one family? We really got teary eyed looking at that picture. Ryan was right, what kid doesn't want their parents together? It would seem like everything Lux has hoped for in her life has come true - except this one tiny detail. At least, she has a new amazing step-dad.

Where was Cate's sister the entire show? We don't understand what kind of cold/food poisoning would keep you away from your only sister getting married. We found that to be quite odd.

What did you make out of last night's season finale episode? Was it everything you hoped it to be? We were a little disappointed, but don't get us wrong - we LOVE this show and hope it makes its way back for a second season!

Follow the jump to see our favorite Life Unexpected quotes from the season finale!

Baze's father: If you love Cate - tell her. | permalink
Lux: You're not twisted - you are just like me. Holding onto a fantasy that doesn't exist. | permalink
Math: If you love Cate, let her be happy. | permalink
Cate: To the three of us -
Lux: To family. | permalink
Cate: A toast to bong lamps. | permalink


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I love the show and i am really happy ryan and cate got married. her and baze just rnt right for eachother. And i love how fiesty lux is but wen it comes down to it she is just a sweet girl who is doing her best after everything she went thru


Don't get me wrong, I like Baze, but to be honest, in reality, stuff like this doesn't happen. People just don't fall in love back to they were. Maybe in rare cases. But for me, Cate should be Ryan. Ryan and Ryan only. They deserve each other. Cate and Baze. It happened one time during high school and that one time when they were drunk. The storyline and tension between them, it is interesting but if you think about it logically, Ryan knows Cate more. And it is bull that Baze knows Cate more, being just only few times that they were together. And Lux was right. It's just a fantasy. And I like the ending and I hope Baze is not stupid enough to ruin someone's marriage. The world doesn't revolve around him. And if Cate left Ryan (AGAIN) for Baze, then the show should find someone more worthy to be with Ryan that will not piss of Cate & Ryan fans. The show is nice to watch after watching drama like Gossip Girl or 90210. It's a nice transition. :)


the ending was realistic!!!
plus it adds to suspension for season 2...I HOPE SO! gossip girl is getting strange, and i need a show that is up beat with some romantic angst.
--besides its not like marriage is binding, they could get divorced or annuled; which case, Baze comes into play! i luv cate and baze, but they need more time before they can be together--plus ryan is a good guy and plays the moral compass for everyone so the show cant push him out so quickly. i just hope life unexpected gets picked up for another season!!


@ML House I didn't argue about the recap, so it means it is ok for me, good job. But as a lover for well written shows I felt the need to express my opinion about the quotes.

Matt richenthal

@Mario: If a show looks crappy or not, solely based on the inclusion or exclusion of a couple quotes, than I have sad news for you: it IS crappy.
Perhaps instead of nitpicking which quotes are selected, you could actually read our recaps, reviews and posts on the show and base your opinion on our analysis, as opposed to making yourself feel superior because there are a couple quotes you liked more than we did. No offense.


Don't get me wrong I love cate and ryan, ryan is great.
BUT ryan isn't baze.
baze and cate have this amazing chemistry, relationship and they don't even realize it.
I wanted to jump in the TV and yell 'he loves you' to cate when baze wouldn't say he loved her.
WHY why would'nt you tell the woman you love that you love her??
she loves him he loves her and instead marries ryan because thats what she thinks she is supposed to do and that was wrong on her part.
Because shes afraid of following her heart of getting what she really wants she settles for what she should be doing and who she should be with.
season 2 PLEASE put cate and baze together!!!


@M.L. House
The point is, my friend, that the outstanding quotes in the episode weren't chosen and showed in the article, and the ones that are featured here were the crappiest ones, which, indeed, makes the show look crappy. No offense.


@Mrs. Northman
You know what's sad? That you can't even answer a comment sarcasticly without calling the homophobic jokes. That's sad.


I loved the finale but I will only continue to love it if there is a second season. I think it's great the way this season ended. In terms of picking it up for a second season, i think people will be angry if it doesn't. I personally yelled at my t.v. "no!!!". I know that sounds crazy but whatever. I think (as many of you also do) that Cate and Baze should be together. They even act like a typical couple. But this doesn't mean that I hate Ryan. The writers really knew how to create a let's say split decision between viewers. Ryan is portrayed on the show as a generally good guy as is Baze, so if some sort of crazy event occurs where Cate leaves Ryan or Ryan leaves Cate, I really hope they decide to keep Ryan on the show. This of course means nothing if the network doesn't pick it up for a second season.


i love this show but i hated the episode it was aweful i want cate and baze together i mean right when he came in she just looked at and kissed ryan he looked so sad and honestly how everything went down im not sure i want another season even though i want cate and baze together it just gonna be cate sleeping with on the DL cause i honestly dont think that she is gonna leave ryan and that speech that ryan gave to lux was cute but im so confused with her she says she wants cate and baze but then she tells cate to marry ryan honestly i dont no how i feel about the show right now but if it does come back then i think that cate and ryan should get a divorce and cate and baze should get togther and then have a season finale then rlly the story would be over

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Life Unexpected Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

A toast to bong lamps.


Lux: Fern, thank you.
Fern: So you will never forget this day.