90210 Season Finale Review: Confessions, Fire... and Rape?!?

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Over the last few weeks, many 90210 fans have grown disenchanted with a show whose storylines muddle along, always focusing on relationships that aren't grounded in any kind of realism or pacing.

So, did the season finale change that point of view? Did "Confessions" leave you yearning for the September premiere to arrive ASAP? Let's analyze the state of various characters and gauge reader opinion...

Dixon and Ivy: These two remain cute together, but my head is spinning trying to keep up with the state of their relationship. Last week, they started the episode as a couple. They, they broke up over an Australian trip. Then, they made up. Then, Dixon confessed that he kissed Silver. So they split again. Then, he apologized (in grand fashion!) and now they are together... again. That's A LOT of back-and-forth over the course of two weeks.

Let's hope 90210 just keeps this pair together and let's viewers actually form an opinion on Divy (or Ixon?).

Teddy and Silver: Snoooooze. These two also broke up and got back together about 17 times in the last couple episodes. There's no chemistry between the actors, there's no reason for us to really believe they're in love. Seriously, can anyone say they care about Seddy (or Tilver?).

Seeking Comfort

Adrianna and Navid: They are back together. Yay! And the reunion was live, for all to see on their West Beverly TV screens. Romantic! But Javier is apparently gonna stick around and try and woo Ade. Boo! Please, 90210, just let a couple remain happy and steady. Is your only source for storyline tension to continually place pairings in jeopardy?

Jasper: Seriously, if he's on the show still next season, we may abandon ship.

Ryan: I really hope the show does give him more room to shine in the fall. All we've really seen of his downfall is Laurel offering Ryan some pot, and that caused him to fall off the wagon. But Ryan Eggold is a quality actor and a custody battle with Jen would provide him with solid material.

Annie: Is her hit-and-run sob story finally over? This never found momentum, as the show would focus on her pain/nightmares one week, only to seemingly forget about them until it was convenient some other week. I'm sorry to say, but Shenae Grimes is a horrific actress, especially when she tries to cry or be serious. Let's hope her confession frees her from this burden and Annie smiles a lot more next season.

Liam: The previews for this episode teased an actual explosion and a few lives in the balance. So I was disappointed to see that no one was on the boat when it was set on fire. But I cheered Liam's every punch across Jasper's face. I've said it for weeks: make him a bad boy again!

Naomi: I'm torn on this cliffhanger of a conclusion. On one hand, fans have begged the show to depict a storyline that's actually engrossing and suspenseful. Rape would definitely qualify. On the other hand... rape?!? That's very sticky territory for a show to enter. There aren't more sensitive issues out there. It's ironic that a series often criticized for boring angles would jump straight ahead and take on the most gruesome crime there is, really.

I'll reserve judgment until we see how 90210 handles this in the fall. But was it enough to hold your attention until then? What did you think of the season finale as a whole?

Debate it now and check out the following quotes from the episode:

Debbie: You don't have a job, we don't have savings. And we don't love each other anymore. | permalink
Ivy: You're crazy, Dixon.
Dixon: Crazy about you. | permalink
Jen: My baby doesn't need a public school teacher as a father. | permalink
Ivy: I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done. | permalink
Naomi: When is Obama gonna outlaw gym class? Guantanamo Bay? That's great. But phys ed? Seriously. | permalink


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i love this show i love namio because she just like me and the black teenage he is so so so so cute


OMG I absolutely adore 90210! I love Liam, Silver, Annie, Navid and Ivy the most! Liam and Annie are so cute together and although I think that Annie is a good actress she's not very good when it comes to acting like she's crying. I was absolutely gutted when Liams boat was destroyed he worked so hard and for so long on it, I HATE Jasper, I thought Liam killed him in the finale but then I hoped he didn't 'cause I didn't want Liam going to prison!I liked Mr. Cannon at first but now I think he is a total wanker and makes me sick!I feel sorry for Naomi and wonder how she's going to get people to believe she has been raped, but if you watch the finale you will see that Mr. Matthews was there and saw Naomi and Mr. Cannon shutting the blinds even though he was drunk I wonder whether he'll remember that in the new episodes and Naomi will prove she's telling the truth!


please don't breAK naomi and liam together..they are such a perfect couple...they are the reason i'm still waiting for the next season..
and please, as much as possible keep those pairs together..minimize "changing of partners"...


Dissapointing finale.
Naomi getting raped? I don't think 90210 is hardcore enough to deal with those kinds of serious issues. I don't think it'll happen. and it should not happend lyk all othr dramas and stuff,this should be more seriouse than jst jerkng around rapng and all these stuff!


i dint enjoy the finale, it was boring and incomplete. till now no one knows who actually killed jaspers uncle and whether annie and liam date or not. And what the hell did happen to naomi? did that cannon rape her?


Honestly, I LOVE Liam!! I think Liam and Annie have great chemistry... While Liam and Naomi were okay..Annie listens. Liam needed someone and she was there..not gonna lie it was a little weird and she shouldnt have been going to his house and everything but thats the way it happened. You can tell that Liam adores Annie and is concerned about her and you can tell that Annie finds comfort in Liam. I do think Annie needs to be spiced up because she is pretty boring but it would be nice to see them as the cute, nice couple that everything bad happens to. I would really like to see them together. and a thought or idea would be..since like Jasper is sorta stalking Annie, what if he like kidnapped her or something that threatens her life as a start?? hmm


MAYBE NAOMI GETS PREGENT THEN WHEN THEY FIND THE BABY DADDY;.//// THEY They say she just said he lied becuase mr cannon black mailed her :O :O :O :O (from the first time she accused him )what a twist that would be o.O


I think all the episodes should be written by Rebecca Sinclair...!! Although at first i wasn't very confortable with this finale, now I think it was awsome. The Episodes written by Sinclair has been the better episodes in this season!!


i think the finale was very exciting ana i really want to see what will happen next . i really don't like that silver is back with teddy , his father had totally insulted her in the previous episode if she had a drop of dignity she wouldn't date him again . annie is gonna tell the truth,finaly and mark is a troublemaker but the fact that all the troubles come from the same person is bad. mr canon rape naomi she was a bad girl but didn't deserve a rape . i liked the episode and i defintely can not wait to the next season because i wanna know the destiny of the characters


Really no one likes Teddy and Silver? I absolutely love them they are my favorite part about the show..

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I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


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