90210 Round Table: "Confessions"

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Season two of 90210 came to a fiery conclusion last night.

What did you think of "Confessions?" We gave the season finale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

There's plenty still to discuss and analyze from the episode and the show overall, though. Below, our weekly TV Fanatic Round Table tackles various topics and encourages readers to chime in here or in our 90210 forum...

Which cliffhanger has you most on edge for season three?
M.L. House: Was there really any cliffhanger aside from Naomi's situation with Mr. Cannon? The episode didn't really leave us wondering too much about Navid and Adrianna, Dixon and Ivy, etc. But the Naomi development and interesting and risky. Let's see how it's handled.

Dr. Shepherd: I felt ripped off by the lack of actual cliffhangers. No one was on the boat when it blew up?!? Annie simply confessed without any repercussions?!? I'm struggling to come up with multiple suspenseful storylines here.

The Barnacle: I'll say Liam and Jasper was a cliffhanger, only because I hope Liam killed that annoying psycho.

90210 RT, Take 2

Will you miss Harry?
M.L. House: No. Like The OC, the show has to either embrace its adults... or ignore them completely. You can't have it both ways. If 90210 has chosen to ignore the Wilsons, that's fine. Best of luck elsewhere, Rob Estes.

Dr. Shepherd: I actually win. As principal of West Beverly, Harry had potential to play an actual role in the kids' lives, but the series never went there. Feels like a missed opportunity to me.

The Barnacle: Nope. I look forward to Deb being on the open market. Call me!

What is your favorite part of the show?
M.L. House: I really like the character of Navid. He's sort of like Steve Carell in The 40-Year Old Virgin. He's quite dorky, yet comfortable in his own skin. I hope 90210 allows him and Adrianna to settle in as the show's long-term, steady couple.

Dr. Shepherd: It's The CW's PG-rated primetime soap opera, and that's refreshing. Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries can both be extreme at times (okay, always), so it's nice to have a show that focuses on basic high school issues.

The Barnacle: Any scene with Silver.

What is your least favorite part of the show?
M.L. House: The dialogue. All these lines were uttered on the finale: "The future is still unwritten." (Liam) "It's not over til it's over." (Javier) "You're crazy, Dixon." "Crazy about you." (Ivy/Dixon). I mean... really? Do the writers just consult with the Book of Cliches each week?

Dr. Shepherd: They may be very nice people, and I don't wish them any harm, but it must be said: Shenae Grimes and AnnaLynne McCord are simply horrific actresses. They overact all the time and can't be taken seriously in any scene.

The Barnacle: Too much focus on relationships. People are breaking up or getting back together every week. Either keep pairings together for awhile, or give characters storylines on their own for a change.

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i thought the final was really good actually. i actually think that shanae and annalynn are really good actresses, i never noticed them being "over dramatic".
but about the final i think that there was alot of cliff hangers that i cant wait to find out about and i think they put it all together great... like whats going to happen with naomi. and how are annies parents are going to react to what she did. and what happens with liam and jasper it almost seems that hes going to kill jasper, i hope not though because i definitely want him to stick around. and speaking of liam sticking around i really hope him and annie have a strong relationship in season 3 without ruining annies relationship with naomi. and dixon just leaving for australia when his parents are fighting. also i dont think that they have been pulling the whole hitt and run thing on for to long, i thnk its really clever how they have made it go on for so long because while everyone is dealing with their drama every now and then annie constantly has this one really big problem no one really knows about.
i cant wait for season 3! i didnt realize so many people were dissapointed with the show.


i was actually so dissapointed cause honestly the episode right before it went on hiatus for like 3 months was ten times better! CAN WE ALL PLEASE JUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH ANNIE'S CAR ACCIDENT LIKE JESUS CHRIST one second she kills the man and next she doesnt like CMON! and i totally agree WAY TOO MANY cheesy lines like dixon and ivy has been dating for like a wekk? and hes crazy about her and shes the only girl in the world for him like whaaaaat? and adrianna totally cheated on xavier!!! like actually dump the guy before you makeout wih another dude with the whole school watching!!!and she seriously picks navid over xavier?????? XAVIERR IS SO HOT, i was hoping he'd stick around.


anna lyne mccord is a better actress than shanae grimes, i like both charactes, though i don agree shanaes isnt much of a good actress


I'm just glad Adrianna and Navid are back together. Best couple on the show in my opinion.


i was so disappointed with the finale! nothing epic happened! the only thing worth watching next season is what will happen with Annie and Mr Canon!

Matt richenthal

I appreciate the feedback. I think the Round Table was lacking questions related to the finale b/c most of our staff was so let down by it... what really happened? There wasn't much to analyze, so we focused on a bit on larger show topics.
Perhaps we'll heed advice written here and soon post another edition. Would that make readers happy?


season 1 was so awesome. but season 2 is just boring and lame.
i mean for example navid and ade got back together but that should be a huge deal but instead it was like so they're back together great who cares. I hated the season finale.. :(


"why does EVERYONE always hate on 90210?" We obviously like the show if we're posting comment here...just because we provide some criticism,(I mean come on the show COULD BE even better) you don't have to take it personal offense.


they give it all away in the previews.


It was a really bad final. i did not like it at all.

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