90210 Season Finale Review: Confessions, Fire... and Rape?!?

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Over the last few weeks, many 90210 fans have grown disenchanted with a show whose storylines muddle along, always focusing on relationships that aren't grounded in any kind of realism or pacing.

So, did the season finale change that point of view? Did "Confessions" leave you yearning for the September premiere to arrive ASAP? Let's analyze the state of various characters and gauge reader opinion...

Dixon and Ivy: These two remain cute together, but my head is spinning trying to keep up with the state of their relationship. Last week, they started the episode as a couple. They, they broke up over an Australian trip. Then, they made up. Then, Dixon confessed that he kissed Silver. So they split again. Then, he apologized (in grand fashion!) and now they are together... again. That's A LOT of back-and-forth over the course of two weeks.

Let's hope 90210 just keeps this pair together and let's viewers actually form an opinion on Divy (or Ixon?).

Teddy and Silver: Snoooooze. These two also broke up and got back together about 17 times in the last couple episodes. There's no chemistry between the actors, there's no reason for us to really believe they're in love. Seriously, can anyone say they care about Seddy (or Tilver?).

Seeking Comfort

Adrianna and Navid: They are back together. Yay! And the reunion was live, for all to see on their West Beverly TV screens. Romantic! But Javier is apparently gonna stick around and try and woo Ade. Boo! Please, 90210, just let a couple remain happy and steady. Is your only source for storyline tension to continually place pairings in jeopardy?

Jasper: Seriously, if he's on the show still next season, we may abandon ship.

Ryan: I really hope the show does give him more room to shine in the fall. All we've really seen of his downfall is Laurel offering Ryan some pot, and that caused him to fall off the wagon. But Ryan Eggold is a quality actor and a custody battle with Jen would provide him with solid material.

Annie: Is her hit-and-run sob story finally over? This never found momentum, as the show would focus on her pain/nightmares one week, only to seemingly forget about them until it was convenient some other week. I'm sorry to say, but Shenae Grimes is a horrific actress, especially when she tries to cry or be serious. Let's hope her confession frees her from this burden and Annie smiles a lot more next season.

Liam: The previews for this episode teased an actual explosion and a few lives in the balance. So I was disappointed to see that no one was on the boat when it was set on fire. But I cheered Liam's every punch across Jasper's face. I've said it for weeks: make him a bad boy again!

Naomi: I'm torn on this cliffhanger of a conclusion. On one hand, fans have begged the show to depict a storyline that's actually engrossing and suspenseful. Rape would definitely qualify. On the other hand... rape?!? That's very sticky territory for a show to enter. There aren't more sensitive issues out there. It's ironic that a series often criticized for boring angles would jump straight ahead and take on the most gruesome crime there is, really.

I'll reserve judgment until we see how 90210 handles this in the fall. But was it enough to hold your attention until then? What did you think of the season finale as a whole?

Debate it now and check out the following quotes from the episode:

Debbie: You don't have a job, we don't have savings. And we don't love each other anymore. | permalink
Ivy: You're crazy, Dixon.
Dixon: Crazy about you. | permalink
Jen: My baby doesn't need a public school teacher as a father. | permalink
Ivy: I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done. | permalink
Naomi: When is Obama gonna outlaw gym class? Guantanamo Bay? That's great. But phys ed? Seriously. | permalink


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Ok so I liked the finale. Yes a lot was predictable, but the end scene with Naomi I didnt see coming until I saw how mr cannon was acting...then i was like "oh crap!" It really bugs me that they didnt really let u know what happened, rape or not? So im very curious to whether they will pick up right where they left off or go to like a week in the future..idk. September needs to come more quickly!
And I didnt even know that it was going around that annie didnt actually kill jaspers uncle! Thats interesting...but on that subject, i think annie should be with liam, because he is a very good guy just like her.
And hes way good looking..:)
Haha so there are my opinions, Cant wait for the premiere!


the finale was pretty boring. pretty much evrything that happened, they showed in the promo. i agree with everyone tht says silver should grow back her hair and get her old style back. she looks like a lez


Does anyone else notice that the story lines Naomi are given are exactly like the ones Shenae Grimes got on Degrassi as Darcy. Darcy was raped and accused her teacher, Snake, of sexual harassment. Naomi accused Mr. Cannon of sexual harassment, and he may have raped her. Just my insight.


i didnt enjoy the finale only because so many spoilers leaked that i already knew everything that was going to happen
silver and teddy are so boring, dixon and ivy as well, wish they killed off dixon already
didnt see the point of showing ryan drunk, or spoiler everyhting in the promo: we already knew annie was going to confess, silver was going to get back with teddy, liam would break up with naomi and the worst spoiler of all was naomi being assaulted by cannon, which if i didnt already know it was gonna happen, i would have LOVED. im worried it might come out wrong, but the rape scene was not violent enough for me to care : we dont see her trying to push him away, a scream, or a tear would have been enough, but here, it's like she's almost mentally ready for it. the last quote was great though. what i missed the most was a memorable final song, like the funeral last year, dont get me wrong, i love florence and the machine, but she has so many songs better than this one, they could have used howl or something....anyway good episode, disappointing season ender


The season finale had too many loose ends & not in a good way like Gossip Girl did.
We don't know if Naomi is\was going to get raped but nonetheless she was assauluted.
Shenae Grimes is not a horrific actress! She just needs better storylines, I still wonder if she actually did kill that guy. I like her & Liam as a couple, they have a natural bond unlike Liaomi.
Silver & Teddy have NO chemistry & hope that dies naturally before it has to be beaten with a stick.
Adrianna & Navid, great together. Navid is hillarious.
I adore Ivy & I adore Dixon. I hope he runs off to Australia anyway. And please Silver\Jessica grow your hair back out MY GOD. I will so happy when this bob hair-trend goes out of style, yuck.


I thought last night's episode of 90210 was very disappointing!!! It was promise that in the season finale we would find out who really killed Jasper's Uncle and that in fact it wasn't Annie. It was also promise that we would find out the fate of Rob Estes character (being that he's not returning next season) which we did not.On a personal note I wasn't a big fan of the teacher/student rape scence (Namoi). Lately it seems like tv is almost gloriflying child molestation. Isn't it enough to known that there are people in this world that actually exsist, must we expereince them on tv too. That storyline alone would make me stop watching the show. COME ON 90210 WRITERS, COME ON....REALLY!


Anyone else think it was ludicrus and crazy to write the storyline of that teacher willing to attack Naomi and risk his career, family, and imprisonment after suffering through the first accusation and getting lucky to be free? That was the last story I would have expected from the writers.


I disagree that no one would believe Naomi. Quite the opposite, no way would she lie a second time after being humiliated the first time. In the real world she would be taken seriously, and would probably have bruises and dna to prove her claim.


I truly love the show, and it has so many potential, but they should made it more interesting.
The final was disapointing, the only 2 interesting things are Naomi and the prof. and the dixon thing!
I love the crew but give me something, that will make me say WTF i ca not belive it!


I found the finale very disappointing, and it felt as though i had missed big chunks of the episode even though i watched it all. If we hadn't read the spoilers we would still think Annie ran over the homeless man, I thought this would be cleared up by now but they didn't really go anywhere with the storyline. I didn't think it was anywhere near as good as the 90210 season 1 finale.

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I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


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