CSI Season Finale Review: "Meat Jekyll"

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Haskell is telling the truth. - Greg
He knows who Jekyll is. - Nick

The season finale of CSI delivered some of best tension of this season.

Let me start by saying that Bill Irwin’s portrayal of the serial killer Nate Haskell is one of the best psycho performances I've ever seen. It actually caused my palms to go cold and clammy for a bit. I believe his performance is on par with Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs

That said, this amazing portrayal set up a rather disappointing conclusion with the catching of Jekyll on "Meat Jekyll."

Meat Jekyll Scene

The culprit turned out to be the son of a restaurant owner who was effectively throwing a tantrum because his father didn't let him finish medical school. Seemed like a flat and one-dimensional resolution, especially in comparison to Nate Haskell’s eerie and psychotic presence.

However, that minor bit aside, in classic CSI form, the episode really came down to the last 90 seconds of the show, as Haskell attacked Ray and left him lying and bleeding on the floor.

It's a given that Lawrence Fishburne (listed first on the credits, and having signed a new contract) will be back on CSI next year. That really does take some of the suspense out of this cliffhanger.

Also, given that we already know Nick survived his wounds, there really is nobody else in danger. So, overall, it was a bit thin on the suspense for the summer break.  But was still an excellent end to a fairly good season.

Do you agree? Think the show would really write Ray off the show? Did this episode live up to the hype? Comment below and sound off on the episode!


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I love CSI!!!! I believe it should get a 5.0. NEVER anything less!


I like Ray a lot and am glad we'll be seeing more of him. Can't wait to see the new season!!!!!


I really don't like Ray. He's not nearly as good as Grissom. It's not like the guy that plays Grissom is gone, he still works on the show but we want him in-front of the Camera not behind it. CSI Miami's finale was a hundred times better then this. We all know Ray's gonna live so it was kind of a pointless finale.


I thought that the ending was rediculous. It was very random and forced.


Bring back grissom, its just not the same without him.


I love how all it takes for a prison guard to get all riled up is some errant comment about his mother. It's laughable, really. I've transported more prisoners than I care to count and it's standard MO to get trash talk. If Officer Thinskin couldn't take that little bit of heat, he ought to seek work at mall security. Don't tase me bro....


I think he will survive, too bad, I didn't like him very much. Nick was my favorite though, and I thought he was a goner. I was preparing to boycott the show.


It was a tad less suspenseful when we saw our seriel killer take a part of his glasses and hide them and then to see Ray get up close to the bars... but the sad part is that after the incident with the officer shocking Nate, priority one would have been to check to make sure he was okay and to take his broken glasses and account for all the pieces... but sadly I have to come to expect this kind of "lazy writting from the writers of the show. Bottom line is... I want Lawerance Fishburne to stay... but I miss Grissom and want him back! Someone call Peter and offer him a lot of money please!


I just wanted to make sure I wasn't seeing things.


While I didn't mention it in my review Laurie, I agree with you 100%. Sadly the "convenience" factor of Haskell not being in handcuffs, no other officers in the room, and Langston getting right up to the bars broadcast what was going to happen. Especially given that in all the scenes prior there were 2-4 officers present and he was in handcuffs/legcuffs.

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