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How I Met Your Mother Review: "Robots vs. Wrestlers"

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Even by the standards of How I Met Your Mother, "Robots vs. Wrestlers" was over-the-top ridiculous, ran jokes into the ground and often tried too hard to make silly points.

Yet it mostly worked, as it most often does. These factors carried it:

  • Ted finally admitting that he can be kind of a douche
  • Barney reeling from the rest of the gang growing up

Thanks in large part to fart noises from his friends, the gang has kept Ted's douche quotient mostly contained, kind of like pressing the button every 108 minutes on Lost.

Last night, after a complex series of events landed them at a high-society party, Ted was in his element (pretentious snobs and all their perks) and the fury was unleashed.

As Barney said ... it was the douchepocalypse.

Barnacle in Action

Thinking of the gang breaking up caused Barney much turmoil.

Ted's oft-hidden side ran so amok that he even ditched the group for his new snob cohorts ... until he was brought back to reality by a texted photo of his doppelganger.

Not only was Mexican Wrestler Ted hilarious, but a great plot device in the way he reunited the gang. People get older and they do drift apart, but friendships remain.

Sometimes it just takes Robots vs. Wrestlers to prove it.

Other random thoughts and observations:

  • With Robin, Ted, Marshall and Lily taking their lives in new, adult directions, Barney simply could not deal. This was consistently, awkwardly amusing to watch.
  • Marshall calling out Barney's obsession with Lily's boobs was classic ... he must have said the word "boobs" a dozen times this week (even more than usual)!
  • Robin showing up at the end was unexpected, but awesome. Did she end up choosing the gang over settling down with Don? Or will she balance the two?
  • Of course Ted has a man-crush on Will Shortz.
  • Marshall and Lily should really have a baby.

Follow the jump for some great How I Met Your Mother quotes from last night ...

Barney: One word. Made up. Douchepocalypse! | permalink
Barney: I'm gonna die alone. Ted's gonna be eaten by cats! | permalink
Barney: Ted, you are out of the gang FOREVER!
Ted: I'll see you guys tomorrow? | permalink
Marshall: Aww ... Lilllly ... babieeeeees!
Barney: I hope Ted is miserable right now. | permalink
Barney: You leave me no choice. If you have a daughter, the MINUTE she turns 18 ... GONNNNNNNNNG! | permalink
Barney: Rule #83. If anything coming out of that child's mouth lands on me, I get to touch Lily's boobs.
Marshall: Dude, what is it with you and my wife's boobs tonight? | permalink
Ted: [thinking while reading poetry] I sound kind of douchey. I can't stop myself! | permalink
Marshall: So, funny thing about Willem Dafoe. His name sounds like it's being spoken by a frog, then a parrot. Willem. DA-FOE! Willem. DA-FOE! | permalink
Barney: Hey, Marisa Heller! Barney Stinson. Do you remember me? We met at a convention for bird owners.
Marisa: That's not possible.
Barney: Wicker lovers.
Marisa: No.
Barney: Stinson out! | permalink
Barney: I've got five tickets to Robots vs. Wrestlers!
Ted: That is awesome!
Barney: You've heard of Robots vs. Wrestlers?
Marshall: Not at all!
Ted: But we're assuming it's some sort of sporting event putting robots ... against wrestlers!
Barney: That's exactly what it is! | permalink


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