Private Practice Season Finale Review: R.I.P., Dell; Hello, Saddison!

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If anything ever happened to me, I want you to remember, that would just mean that all the bad stuff that’s ever going to happen to you already happened. - Dell to Betsey

Voice quivering and bleeding internally, Dell's only wish for was that his little girl be happy. His death definitely made us a little choked up, as did these inspiring last words.

We're really going to miss Chris Lowell, whose character became the long-rumored fatality in last night's Private Practice season finale, "The End of a Beautiful Friendship."

While often underused, Dell was in many ways a uniquely stable influence on Private Practice. He may not be considered a core character by everyone, but he offered a lot.

His death kind of came out of nowhere, too, given everything else that transpired in the third season's gripping final episode. A number of key developments took place ...

R.I.P. Dell

R.I.P. DELL: Dude, you're going to be missed. A lot.

In the aftermath of the car crash that landed Maya on the brink of death (and unexpectedly claimed Dell's life), Sam was forced to operate on the drunk driver who cased it all.

Pete smartly lied, convincing Sam it was someone else and removing him from emotional turmoil just long enough to do his job. As for Maya and the unborn baby's condition?

Cue this week's only-on-Private Practice impossible pregnancy decision!

Maya had no feeling below the waist, and as Addison began an emergency C-section to deliver the baby, her pressure fell. If they save the baby, Maya may never walk again.

Thanks to Fife and Amelia, a long-shot procedure manages to save the baby and Maya. Tragically, it was at this time that Dell, thought to have only minor injuries, passed out.

If this Circle of Life moment - a child is born, one life is saved, and another lost - was a bit telegraphed, it was no less poignant. Dell's loss is devastating, but Maya is okay.

How do you react to all that happening at once? No one knows. What should be a joyous moment is also a somber one. It's a lot to take in, for the characters and for us.

In other Private Practice news ...

  • Amelia Shepherd was pretty much a surgical rock star in this episode, leaving us excited to see what she brings to the table next season. Way to go, Little Shep!
  • William will not continue his treatment, choosing to leave and make amends with his daughter before he dies. He tells Fife to be a better man than he has been.
  • Cooper proposes to Charlotte! Not a spontaneous, BS proposal either - dude's got a ring! His presentation of it absolutely floors her. Will she say yes? Please!!
  • On the complex romantic front, Pete and Violet grow to realize they love each other, while Addison concludes that she loves someone, too. That person is Sam.

In the closing moments, she asks Sam if she makes him happy. Yes. The answer is yes.

They kiss passionately, ending Addison's love triangle (quadrangle?) on a terrific note and setting up a potentially awesome romance to play out come September.

Phew! What moments from the Private Practice season finale stood out most to you? Are you happy about Addison and Sam? Will you miss Dell? Comment below!

"The End of a Beautiful Friendship" was ...

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I loved this episode but I can't believe they killed dell off he was one of my favourite characters. <3 but it was a amazingly intense episode


Pore Dell he really was my favorite I really cried when I saw the episode, didn't want to watch actually. Don't want to watch private practice anymore!


Mann, i really thought it was a shame that dell dying didn't get that much attention in the episode. Too many things were going on, I mean noone even really mourned him.They were all off fixing their love lives jus a little while after, and there were too many mixed emotions going on , I don't I just really think it sucks that dell got killed of....they could have gone so many places with his character, so much potential lost :(


I'm so happy addison and sam are together.. its been killing me.
i can't believe Dell died though, I barely even want to watch anymore, that was so horrible. He was my favourite person on the show.


I don't see the chemistry between Sam and Addison AT ALL.....They both need new cast members to make this take off. I think the loss of Dell was tragic to the show. I think they have taken Naomi on a little to manic of venture. I like the drama with Charlotte and Cooper - while I am indifferent with Pete and Violet. They need time before an immediate reconciliation. Violet needs to make of for a lot.


I don't like Sam and Addison at all. They just don't work! Pete and Violet were quite cute, but I still think pete and addie, should be together. Pete, is actually really hot, to who ever commented he was "yuck". I'm also so glad for Charlotte and cooper. They really are the hottest couple on the show. Can't wait for the next season, but i dont want the wedding to happen, and pete should be with addison.


So unfair to have killed Dell. He was the only good and honest person in the whole entire show. Really unfair. So sad. I got a headache from crying. Addison and Sam don't belong together. Just wait till season 4 when it blows up. Again.


Dell :'(


I think Pete is a fine looking man. I just never really cared for him and Addison. I love Pete and Violet, and the tension and emotion between them when they're together. I would have preferred Addison was with a hot new guy who she shared no previous connections and started a new chapter with, but if Sam makes her happy, then okay.


How are some people calling Pete yuck?! I think he's probably the hottest on the show. I'm not a fan at all of Sam and Addison. I'm glad Pete and Violet are together though. There is really no one good for Addison in the current cast. Love Cooper and Charlotte and love Fife and Naomi. Sad about Dell, but it's what Lowell wanted... I just mostly feel bad for poor Betsey. Hopefully they keep her in the show. That poor good needs to be taken care of. She has nobody right now.