The Mentalist Review: "Red Sky in the Morning"

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Last night marked the second season finale of The Mentalist and we finally got some Red John action! Not to dwell, but seriously! Why do you think the writers left him out all season?

On the Season Finale

Going into "Red Sky in the Morning", we knew that there was a copy cat, but we were surprised that it was the roommate. It was a bit cheesy the way this storyline went. Really? Film students turned copycat murderers to make a film about Red John? For us, it seemed like this was just an easy way for the writers to bring back Red John. It was pretty great that Red John showed up and killed them. We were certain that RJ would have been flattered that they went to such extremes to copy him. 

So now that we have a bit more information about him - can we really be sure that Red John really is a man? What we found interesting was the tone of "his" voice. It would be very presumptuous of us to assume that he is a man - rewatching the interactions between Jane and Red John, you can't be 100% sure Red John is a man.

A big theory would be that Kristina is Red John. What we found disturbing was her public outcry to him on TV. It's not like she is unaware of Jane's history, so why be such a fool and take him not seriously? Even when Jane showed up and her house and warned her - again - it didn't seem like she was in the least bit worried about her situation.

Do you think that Kristina packed her bags and left or that Red John came in and kidnapped her?

Obviously she is either with him on her own free will, is him, or was taken by him - but that question that still looms is which one? We think there is much more to Kristina than what we know - and this is just the beginning of her story.

We were a bit disappointed that nothing bigger happened between Red John and Jane - I mean for goodness sake Jane was tied up and couldn't go anywhere! RJ didn't even smack him around and what was up with the song? When Red John said:

Red John: Tiger tiger burning bright in the forest of the night. | permalink

What do you think he meant? Why do you think he is so fixated on Jane? He's been out of the equation all season long, then comes back and leaves us with a riddle?!

Overall, we loved last night's season finale and only wish The Mentalist gave us more like it! What did you think of the season finale?

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite The Mentalist quotes after the jump!

Red John: If there's one thing I can't tolerate is cheap imitations of my work. | permalink
Lisbon: You should make that call.
Jane: What call?
Lisbon: Right, like I'm not a detective too. | permalink
Kristina: People do change Patrick, it's possible. | permalink
Jane: What the hell are you thinking! Don't you understand who you are dealing with! | permalink


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Why, unfortunately, Carol? We've already seen enough of K.F., Jane needs to move on. Also, going back to Malibu for a refresher snooze seems such a waste of time, but hey! I'll be formulating plots all summer because that's what I do, lets see if the writers can come up with something better than bathos next fall. I do enjoy your comments, intelligence is so much more useful than lascivious drooling over someone's looks.


sylvia Says:
June 25th, 2010 1:01 PM Thank you, Sylvia, for your comments. "Carol, you're seeing way too much in Blakes musings." Fair enough. I'm sure you're right--unfortunately. "As I see it, K.F. is Red John's sister who has now decided to give Patrick a reprieve. He knows she is alive and well hence the smile on his face at the end." Wow! You have the exact same idea that I do. There's not really anything to substantiate it, but seems likely for some reason..(?)
Because things seemed so calm at the police station, I'm thinking that Kristina took her passport and actually went somewhere verifiable.


Carol, you're seeing way too much in Blakes musings. As I see it, K.F. is Red John's sister who has now decided to give Patrick a reprieve. He knows she is alive and well hence the smile on his face at the end. Red John will have to surface again, but my soft bigotry of low expectations is not going to give the writers any huge credit unless Mr Heller himself (sans wife) sits down andwrites the next few episodes himself, all credulity aside and as Bob Herbold said, using restraint mixed with reluctance, gives us a reason to keep watching.


Bruno Heller the writer said in an interview, "my wife, whom I love dearly and I respect deeply, does believe in it [psychics]."
In one scene the sign outside Kristina Frye's house read "Psychic Healer." If you take that *literally* then the question becomes can a psychic healer heal a damaged psychic? It's a devilishly creative and clever concept. I'm sure many of the viewers wouldn't be partial to the idea, but I'm amused that [maybe] Bruno Heller let the cat out of the bag . When the series is over and done, if Patrick Jane is still saying "there are no real psychics," Heller will have his wife to contend with.


Regarding how Patrick Jane could acquire redemption, I would like to quote from a book called "English Blake" by Bernard Blackstone, about the beliefs of William Blake, the man who wrote the poem "The Tyger" (poem quoted by Red John). "Blake believed that the great sin--the only sin which can shut out from the eternal world--is unbelief, wilful blindness. ..To see is to understand; to understand is to forgive, and to act rightly." And to quote Blake himself, "Men are admitted into Heaven not because they have curbed & govern'd their Passions or have No Passions but because they have Cultivated their Understandings. The Treasure of Heaven are not Negations of Passion, but Realities of Intellect, from which all the Passions Emanante Uncurbed in their Eternal Glory. The Fool shall not enter into Heaven let him be ever so Holy. Holiness is not The Price Of Entrance into Heaven." In other words, not wilful blindness, but forgiveness through understanding. Patrick's redemption will come when he is forgiven of the sin that he (he believes) caused the death of his wife and daughter. However, what if his wife, herself, were to forgive him. But if the dead are dead, as Patrick has so willfully determined, that could never happen and obviously he'll never forgive himself, either, because he "owns it". I remember that Patrick Jane said, "Evil is cold" in describing Red John. But Patrick's inability to forgive himself is also cold. Some of William Blake's poetry equates evil with cold, and good with heat. To the credit of Heller, the writer/producer of this serious it appears to have one level for the casual viewer and another level intended for "101 The Mentalist." To fully appreciate the second level, you need to examine the structure of the writing in all its symmetry and synchronistic elements. There are obvious clues such as the name "Grace" VanPelt, the character who from the beginning set herself against the beliefs of Patrick Jane. Jane considers Grace too innocent and easily misguided. However, "but for the Grace of God," means forgiveness. VanPelt's character is sensitive to others, such as when she closed the door to allow him to cry in private after he had just heard about his daughter not suffering when murdered. She absolutely believes in the "Kingdom of God" and acts accordingly. Pay close attention to any visual or dialogue references to spirituality, redemption, or even William Blake. The name of the forensics guy is Bret (or similar) Partridge. William Blake was also a painter and one of his paintings was "Brace of Partridges", a painting of 2 dead Partidges hung by their feet. Because Heller, the writer keeps referencing William Blake (the poem, the picture, etc.) there must be more than simple coincidence. It would be interesting to know that the poet William Blake saw "angels" as a boy and spoke with his dead brother. That this series revolves around a man who denies the possibility of speaking with the dead -- that's an interesting parallel. To sum it up, in my opinion the scripts suggest that Patrick Jane's redemption will not come from killing Red John but from conquering his willful denial that there's more to earth AND heaven than retribution. Can he find that type of bliss -- I'm hopeful Heller intends it.


I think that k-frye is rj she knew soooo much about janes family and is the only one smart enough to make competition to him and it seems to me that she is just distracting him that was obvious.


To RedTim, Your observation about Jane popping back into the room a second time to startle the Forensic CBI guy AND Red John popping up a second time to scare Jane is right on the money. And of course both incidences happen in the same episode. I hadn’t noticed it until you pointed it out and I went back to watch a 2nd time. Great catch. I also liked the comments about “marking territory.� It was a chilling scene when the forensics guy remarked flippantly, “So you say,� and Jane glared back intently, deliberately, stating (almost as though biting the words) “So I say!� When the forensic guy muttered under his breath, “jerk,� I thought it made him appear more normal--less like a match between two adversaries. But it’s my opinion that was only a writer’s device to throw us off track. To Sylvia, I enjoyed your description of Jane because it’s so true that he’s not a “tough� guy. Patrick Jane is with CSI as a consultant and he has no interest (or ego) in backing up the police physically. As a matter of fact, sometimes it’s rather fun to see him running and jumping fences to escape those he’s annoyed. I just say “nimble of mind, nimble of feet.� But it's another unique quality of his character. I agree with you that Hightower seems to have figured him out, at least so far as he’ll affect her job or position. When Jane complained to Hightower about Kristina “just making guesses� she chided him by saying, “Well, isn’t that what you do, too?� As for viewers drooling over Baker, I bet the producers have no complaint. But Baker himself would surely want credit for his superb acting. I can’t imagine another actor (past or present) who could pull this one off. To max, While it makes sense to assume that Red John is holding Kristina, I won’t take that for granted. From my perspective she must be safe and sound because Jane is shown lying in bed so peacefully below Red John’s smiley face. If Kristina is not in harm’s way then there’s no pressing need to reveal to Lisbon Red John’s last words.


Most of the time I don't really have any theories about the identity of Red John. However, I am currently leaning towards Kristina as Red John because if Jane was truly concerned about her possible abduction and/or murder by Red John, then why would he decide not to tell Lisbon about the 'Roll tide' comment. Surely, if he believed that Red John had her as suggested in the face-to-face scene, then he would alert the team rather than let them believe she did the bolt out the window. Instead, he tells Lisbon that Red John didn't say anything and keeps the information to himself. Consequently, this leads me to wonder if Jane suspects (or maybe recognised) that Kristina is Red John and wants to keep it to himself. Just a thought...


I aggree with Carol. Jane is admitedly ambiguous towards kristina because she evoques a sense of failure in his part to protect his family from R.J. yet he can't bring himself to be honest about his feelings for her and it disturbs him, so the raging walkout. He swears he will bring R.J. to vengence, yet he is scared of physical trauma, quaking at guns and knives ie when he looks at knifed vistims he gets all queazy but not at blunt trauma victims. The man is a contradiction not only to himself but to others around him except Hightower who seems to have figured him out. We don't know howlong he has been with the CBI but Lisbon still has no clue about him. I hope the writers can give us less comedy and more insight next season into what makes Jane run. Red John needs to challenge Jane more than twice in the year to keep us in the frame of the show, and give us interesting clues and riddles to stimulate brain functions as opposed to all the generic drooling some fans seem to drip over Baker, he's just a guy.


When Jane inspects the room of the victim and the man from the pilot (forensic CBI) enters, there is an admiration and rivalry in his tone. NOTE: he is taunting jane's psychic abbilities. "hovering up the.. psychic ectoplasm? *making sounds*" which Jane replies "yes. That is exactly what im doing" in an annoyed manner. What caught my eye was the fact that forensic CBI man similar to the pilot believed this was a Red John murder. Why would he do that, why would he question janes abbilities a second time? My guess is that he wants to get into janes head, by saying it is red john he knows jane will jump up and say "no, this is not red john" and give a good elaborate explenation, ergo Jane notices the small breadcrumbs Red john leaves for him. Imagine you were a serial killer, THAT Close to your nemesis, and he spits out those small details you do, woudlnt that give you a sense of gradification, like someone really listens to you? Anyhow. Main reasons its the CBI forensics man -
Notice when Jane leaves the room, CBI man looks stressed and whispers "jerk", jane then enters violently and to mark territory and power. Why else would jane not tell him in a nice way to send the paperwork to CBI? He wanted to intimidate CBI forensic man, because he is irksome. Do we agree? Now! Last scene, red john is skinny and has a voice that match both Kristina and forensicman. However, when Red john lift jane up and qoute the poem, he leaves right? But what does he do then... He comes back, to mark teritory and power, to intimidate, exactly the way jane intimidated him before. Jane reaction to this is fear, just like his was. Anti-argument
Con: Why say "jerk" To jane after he leaves the room if you are a capable serial killer, to then be intimidated by him?
Pro: Writers did this to dampen Forensicman's alterego-killerbehaviour, to make him shy without his makeup, without his mask and his equipment he is merely a forensicman. Also to make it less obvious for the viewers. What is your take, on this Red-John theory?

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