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Jane and Kristina are out to dinner and she gets a psychic reading from the waiter.  Jane excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Jane gets a call from Van Pelt to come to the office.

Van Pelt gets an email from Red John breaking into a woman’s house, Marley, and killing her.  Jane tells Hightower that he wont work on the case if Kristina comes along.

At the crime scene, Lisbon finds out from her roommate that she was dating a police officer.

Later that day, Lisbon finds out that Marley was taking a course about serial killers and Red John was even mentioned.  At dinner, Jane notices that Kristina is on the TV talking about Red John. He leaves urgently.

Jane yells at Kristina for going on TV because it is exactly what he did and his wife and child were killed.

Van Pelt notices that there is an address in Marley’s journal. Cho and Rigsby go and check out the area and it is covered with Red John smiley faces. They chase out a guy and he gets away.

Lisbon gets a call about another Red John murder. He killed the woman who interviewed Kristina on TV.  Everyone leaves to go to the scene of the crime and Jane goes back to see Kristina. He warns her, but she doesn’t believe that Red John would be after her.

Van Pelt is watching Kristina and gets a call from Jane to check on her. When Van Pelt gets to Kristina’s room, she is gone.  Her bags were packed and everyone doesn’t believe she was kidnapped because of this, except for Jane.

Jane notices on the picture something and goes to check out an abandoned warehouse. He gets kidnapped by Grady and Marley’s roommates.

The real Red John comes in and kills them. He tells Jane that Kristina sends her regards. The scene cuts to two days later and Lisbon asks Jane if Red John said anything. He completely denies that Red John said anything.

The season ends with Jane lying in bed pondering Red Johns words.

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Great series! Just watched: "Red Sky in the Morning", and really liked the crochet vest that the professor wore in the show. (the scene in the library where she is giving Riggs the list of students in her media class) Anyone have a pattern for that vest?????


does anyone know when season3 will come out???


Could anyone please tell me the name of the pairing in the bathroom at the beginning of the season finale. Jane goes into the mens room and it is on the wall. Thank you.


I don't believe that Kristina is dead but Jane probably thinks so. The irksome guy from the very first episode has returned in this one, could he be R.J. his voice sure sounded like it. What about the teacher, she sure was odd, The quote from R.J. is a puzzler that needs to be addressed, why did Jane not share with the team, after all he was scared witless, maybe he should just give them the clues and wait for them to catch him, and then do his maccho thing.

The Mentalist Season 2 Episode 23 Quotes

I hate the internet.

Van Pelt

You clean up very nicely if you don't mind me saying so.