The Office Review: "The Chump"

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While there were plenty of laughs to be found, "The Chump" was not good as The Office episodes go. Sometimes, we want to see more of these quirky people interacting at work.

You know, like old times?

Instead, we have Michael, who's always entertaining, but never less so than during his awkward realization about cheating by meeting the man of the woman he's sleeping with.

Meanwhile, the Dwight/Angela baby contract stuff started off on a hilarious note ... weeks ago. Now it seems a bit outlandish and unnecessary, a rarity for a Dwight story line.

You see, there is much to be said for subtlety.

The genius of The Office is/used to be that these loons were really weird, yet the true extent of that weirdness was buried just beneath the banality of the daily workplace grind.

Well, not for Creed. But you see our point.

Michael and Donna

Michael and Donna: Too funny, or too much?

In the end, the essentially good-heartedness of Michael Scott won out over his somewhat repressed urge to be cool and bad ass. Which was predictable, and largely forgettable.

If we're looking for bright spots last night, there thankfully were some, provided by the evolving Pam, more outgoing and involved than ever (even if she barely stays awake).

Also funny? Reporters accosting Michael, but not for his affair, which of course he assumed, but about the exploding Sabre printers. Who do you think leaked that info to the press?

Andy Bernard getting way too involved in Michael's cheating drama, a plot to kill Toby and Osama bin Laden at the same time, and the obligatory Creed line were all great, too.

Follow the jump for The Office quotes from "The Chump" ...

Andy: You're Ali Larter, I'm Beyoncé. | permalink
Erin: [to Pam] You probably shouldn't keep a baby up that late. | permalink
Michael: That's not the first time I stole something away from Coach Shane. | permalink
Ryan: I think you're attractive. And I wanna sleep with you.
Erin: What about Kelly?
Ryan: You read my mind.
Erin: Is this a joke?
Ryan: Yes! | permalink
Dwight: Schrute sperm are strong. But not as strong as a fully-grown Schrute. | permalink
Michael: I had a choice. Either living with myself, or being happy. | permalink
Angela: [to Dwight] I'm going to own your farm by the time this is over. | permalink
Meredith: I've never been cheated on, cheated, or been used to cheat with. | permalink
Pam: Are you still seeing Donna?
Michael: Since when is this an office where we delve into each other's personal lives?! | permalink


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