The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Founder's Day"

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The Vampire Diaries didn't just conclude its first season last night.

It concluded its first season in suspenseful, stunning fashion.

Read our detailed review of "Founder's Day" now and then sound off on the topics below. Our staff has a great deal to say about this episode, one that will keep us buzzing all summer long...

Did you see Katherine's return coming?
M.L. House: I was so in the dark about it that when my wife complained that Elena's kissing of Damon, immediately after expressing her love for Stefan, was "out of character," I told her to hush up and go with it. I learned my lesson: never doubt your wife, and never doubt the show's ability to surprise.

LJ Gibbs: Not at all. The show had the advantage of Katherine also being played by Nina Dobrev, but it was still masterfully kept under wraps. With everything else that just transpired, I wasn't even thinking about Katherine, making me as surprised as John (although fortunately not as impaled). Only a second viewing of the closing segment revealed minor, subtle character differences between Katherine and Elena.

The Barnacle: Did I see it coming? Gosh no. But did I have an inkling it was Katherine as soon as she glanced at Damon's ring? Yes.

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Do you like the new Bonnie?
M.L. House: I don't like her... I love her! Loyal TV Fanatic readers will know that I bagged on how slowly-paced her storyline was at the outset of the series. I wanted to see movement on the witch front, and we've certainly gotten it. At some point, Elena will have to choose between Bonnie and Stefan, a decision I can't wait to see unravel.

LJ Gibbs: Absolutely. Her clever deception in leaving the device functional, her compassion in helping Stefan save Damon, and her boldness in threatening to lay the supernatural smackdown on them if they cross her again were all tremendous developments for a character who seemed boring for so long. Plus, her hairstyle's hotter now!

The Barnacle: She's a bit of a drama queen. Yes, vampires contributes to your grandmother's death and once tried to kill you. You're a witch! Get used to it and don't take it so personally.

Will Caroline survive?
M.L. House: Yes. Not everyone on the series can be some sort of creature or have some kind of evil intention. We need the Matts and Carolines of Mystic Falls to ground the show in human reality a bit.

LJ Gibbs: I hope so. You'd think the writers would have killed her off last night had that been the intention. I feel like, as with Bonnie, Caroline is destined to have a greater purpose on the show at a later point, it's just a question of what.

The Barnacle: No. The show is likely to feature Tyler's transformation into a werewolf next season and it will add gravity to the storyline if he killed his best friend's girl.

Will Jeremy successfully turn?
M.L. House: Into a vampire? No. Into an interesting character? Yes, he already has.

LJ Gibbs: No. Those pill overdose suicide attempts rarely work. The EMTs always find you and pump your stomach in time - trust me. He'll probably throw up the vampire blood in the process, too! Not very well thought out, Jeremy.

The Barnacle: I doubt it. A key aspect of the series of Elena fighting to protect her loved ones. That will be difficult if yet another one of them ends up as a vampire.

What will you do on Thursday nights this summer?
M.L. House: Hello?!? There are Vampire Diaries reruns on AND the addition of Moonlight to the CW schedule. I'll be on my couch like usual, cloves of garlic in hand.

LJ Gibbs: Creep around the woods pretending I'm a vampire, preying on susceptible animals. That, or sleep more.

The Barnacle: Use the Founder's Day costumes as inspiration for my fashion collection: Bloody Beautiful, by The Barnacle.

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Ok. STILL cant see the moment when Katherine looks at Damon's ring while kissing him??? a little help please???
Also-SOOO mad about the fact that Anna's gone. Really loved her.
And Bonnie... well, Bonnie. Have to agree with Barnacle actually, definitely a drama-queen here, WTF??? threatening Stefan like that??? if she has a problem with DAMON-better talk to him about it!!! no??? also, whats the deal with her new found powers??? flaunting it like that? its like she was poor all her life and suddenly became richer than god and has to scream about it from every corner... me no likey.. :(
Really want Elena to stay with Stefan and not because of the whole soul mate crap, NO, just because they FEEL more appropriate together, better fit together and also, me cheeky like that, because I don't really want to see Damon coupled up in the long term, flirty-yes, having flings and one night stand-sure why not, but not relationships... he's better off being funny and witty, I believe and going around life carefree like he was... may be its just me, I don't know ;-) lol


but I had to admit I was surprised about the characters who died. I was thinking it was only gonna be john.


well I was thinking whether it was katherine since I also thought that was 'out of character' for elena. When I saw the knives I had the thought that she is going to kill john... anyway, it was an awesome episode and I actually hoped that was elena because I am a delena fan. that kiss was so amazing and ian somerhalder is so hot! I love the stare he does especially before the kiss. I just hope damon chooses elena over katherine. :D


That kiss, was so amazing, I rewatched it like eight times,
before it was revealed that was Katherine.
And consequentially my heart broke..... And then I had to watch it yet ANOTHER time to see the character differences. Very nice, Nina....


Paul Wesley is married?????????!!!!!!!




wow im still screaming from the kiss i thought was between Damon and Elena and also disappointed to find out it was katherine...but it makes you wonder whats gonna happen next season between Damon and Elana since Damon now thinks it was Elena that kissed him!!!!


OMG when I saw that kiss my first thought was: what a bitch!! I'm glad it was Katherine, 'cause I love Stepan and it would hurt him so much. But the kiss was sooo HOT!!


Bonnie the Vanessa of VD?? Gross!!!! Bonnie is strong and independence, and will fight for who she care about! If she "back stabbed" Elena was because she thought it was the right thing to do (with all those vamp hanging around and killing Innocent people), obviously she didn't like the fact that it would hurt her friend, but as this epi show, she care enough for Elena to help Stefan and Damon, and seh s not gonna sit around and wait for Damon to star killing INNOCENT people like they are nothing again! and The Barnacle?? not to take it personally??? Her freaking gran just die!!! Sure I hope she gets to term with it, but not to take it personally??? sheeeez And, in the Elena front, I actually was VERY impress with Nina, I think she plays Katherine much better that she plays Elena, the sublet change in her eyes and the cold way she killed john!! That was great!


Bonnie rocks! She has one of the most compelling storylines and she only briefly had a love interest. I like it when they develop a character away from the relationship she is in. Shows independence, and to whoever said she's like Vanessa from Gossip Girls (I say thee nay!) Vanessa has matted hair, Bonnie's hair is always awesome. And oh yea, Katerina rocks her role which is why she keeps getting juicy stuff to work with!

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Elena: What can I do?
Jeremy: You can go to Hell, Elena.

Elena : I think you should stop with the flirty little comments and the eye thing you do.
Damon: What eye thing?
Elena: Don't make me regret being your friend.