Warehouse 13 Review: "Age Before Beauty"

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This week’s episode of Warehouse 13, "Age Before Beauty" brought the team deep within the den of the most evil and vile places know to man, the fashion industry.

Okay, to be fair I have not actually been in the fashion industry so I cannot honestly confirm if it is truly as evil, vile, and cut-throat as TV and movies make it out to be. However, it worked tonight for some entertaining fun and that is what is really important for this review.

As much as I feel the fashion industry has been over used as a setting for TV and movies in recent years (i.e. Leverage did it last season), after watching Pete tell Myka what a beautiful woman she was I really am glad it was used it one more time tonight.

Age Before Beauty Scene

I was so glad to see Pete open up to Myka about how he really feels about her. You could see the pain in Myka’s eyes as she was remember her sister being “the pretty one” growing up and I loved that Pete was able to ease some of that pain.

Who among us as adults is not carrying some of that type of regret/hurt around with them? When I look back at my siblings and my childhood there are things that I have the exact same reaction Myka had to her memories. Big or small I think these memories are part of the very essence of what makes us realize we are adults.

Speaking of adults, how awesome was it for Artie to take on the fatherly role with Claudia? As great as Claudia is with her skills with the computer and science, it was nice to see that she is still a self-conscious teenage girl hiding underneath.

I am glad we are getting to see Claudia do some typical teenage stuff like going out on a date, or rather a “Pie & Coffee Summit” as she put it. Not only was it great comic fun seeing her on her first date, it reminded me of some of my first outings as a teenager. Comparing the two, I think hers went better than most of mine did. I especially loved the very end when Todd walked in that she had an audible “gulp”. Clearly she really likes Todd but is afraid to admit it thus far.

As I mentioned last week, the team has really started becoming more of a family. When Artie arrived at the hospital and he was not able to walk into the room, it was such a well written reaction. I have seen family members who cannot go into the hospital room when a loved one is hurt because it is just too overwhelming. Artie had that same look.

Did anyone else catch the correlation of the episode being about models who are being aged suddenly and it also being Claudia’s first date and growing up a bit? I did and I saw an underlying message that we all have to grow up, and we never know what path life may take us down or if that path is going to suddenly end.  Of course I may be reading more into the episode than was intended as well.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Myka and Pete would work dating? Do you think Claudia will calm down around Todd when not in a crisis?

Comment below, we want to know what you think. Also, check out our Warehouse 13 quotes section for some of last night's memorable lines.


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I love antique ecplas so much. They have become an obsession for myself, as I am ALWAYS looking for vintage cameras. Beautiful series of shots.


ViddWizard, Thank you for the link.
I have indeed seen the promo for next weeks warehouse 13 episode. It looks to be a good one.
I just caught up to Eureka yesterday in preparation for their crossover event next friday (the 6th).


Warehousefan01, I just got through reading the blurb in the this weeks TV Guide about both halves of the cross-over and I agree it is going to be a lot of fun! As I review both Eureka and Warehouse 13, you can bet I am super excited to have two of my favorite shows mix it up. If you have not seen the preview for Warehouse 13 yet.. You can check it out at: http://video.syfy.com/shows/wa...


Well I guess I shall leave a comment or two about the show, as I am really the only one who comments on it now.... I love it. I got hooked on it after the pilot last year. And it was horrible having to wait a year just to get the second season. I get that it is a summer show but come on... Okay, so my mini rant is over. This episode was good, and I agree with the reviewer of this episode all the way. I do want to say that while I would more than like Pete and Myka get together, i just do not see it happening any time soon. And as for todd....
I don't want to think anything bad about him, and his appearance might be totally random and not threatening, but I have a bad feeling about him.
I mean he told claudia that he just moved there and when asked "why on earth would you do that?" he responded with "Yea, it's a long story..." what if he is a plant by H.G. Wells? We haven't seen her yet, but we know she is out there. Speaking of which, I do not know if anyone has noticed, but there have been two new additions to the opening credits of the show. Claudia and Leena. now while this is no surprise there is something in them that caught my eye. If you watch the opening credits and when you get to Genel who plays Leena, her picture is in a locket, which said locket is sitting on a table right nect to what looks to be a compact. Speculate what you will. I cannot wait to see the next episode. Douglas Fargo from Eureka is coming to Warehouse 13, and our dear claudia donovan will be going over to Eureka for a special crossover event. Looking forward to watching both.

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