Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Perfect Storm"

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Following a revealing episode that shed a lot of light on Emily, Spencer's mother and possibly Lucas, the TV Fanatic staff has gathered for another edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table.

As readers gather in the show forum and/or leave Comments below to discuss, a trio of our writers are here to analyze the following topics...

Choose a man for Aria: Ezra or Noel?
M.L. House: Noel. I can only judge by what we've seen so far - and we've seen a funny, nice guy who seems to genuinely want to get to know Aria better. He can also play the guitar, which allows her to show off her lovely voice.

Mrs. Northman: As creepy as it is for Ezra to be with a 16-year old, I kind of like them together. You can't help what the heart wants sometimes and I feel like these two would work out if the timing was better.

The Barnacle: Choose a MAN for her? That's easy: Ezra. Choose an age appropriate suitor? Noel.

PLL RT old - depreciated -

Should Byron and Ashley date? 
M.L. House: No. None of their couple nicknames would work. Bashley? Ayron? Lame all around.

Mrs. Northman: bout a big fat N-O. Hello! Don't they realize what that would do to their daughters?!  There are plenty of fish in the sea, so why keep things so incestuous?

The Barnacle: Probably not, but look at it this way: Ashleyt is hotter than Ella and if they got married, it would make Aria and Hanna sister-in-laws. They'd probably like that.

Who destroyed the memorial, Lucas or Emily? 
M.L. House: I'd like to think it's neither just because it would be such lazy writing to have the big give away be their overly muddy sneakers. But if I must choose between these options, I'll go with Lucas.

Mrs. Northman: Lucas. I definitely don't think Emily would put in all that hard work just to destroy something she created for the one she loved. Also, I don't think we're going to find out before the season ends.

The Barnacle: Emily. But this may just be wishful thinking because Shay Mitchell is such a bad actress and I'd like her character off the show. No offense. She may be very nice. She's just painful to watch.

Next week is the summer finale. Make at least one bold prediction about what will happen.
M.L. House: Toby will return and everyone will realize they were wrong about him all along. He'll save the life of one of the girls.

Mrs. Northman: Someone will die! Muahahahahah! Doubtful, but would be interesting. Whoever A is must have been really close to Allison. How else would that person know all the details of their secrets she had with each of the girls? Super creepy! Can't wait to see what happens!

The Barnacle: Ezra and Aria will have sex.

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Shay Mitchell is the worst actress on TV. I'm a guy so I don't normally care as long as the girl is cute, but she doesn't meet that criteria either. All she does is furrow her eyebrows. That's not acting. Just kill her off the show or whatever they need to do because she is just awful. Another plus will be Lucy Hale and the other cuties will get more airtime once Shay Mitchell is cut from the show.


i hope that all these clues
that poitn to emily or lucas
or like a fake like how it led us to believe jenna or toby was a
i hope these are just clues leading us on,
its funner that way plus LUCAS + HANNA ARE SO CUTE
i hate hanna with sean


I love LOVE Aria and Ezra.
I have always loved stories about difficult loves.
Like Elena and Damon, Jenny and Nate.. Spencer and Wren!
Romeo and Juliet!
Aria and Noel is just too easy, boring and too convenient.


Noel AND Ezra are soo hot! Aria's lucky! But I think she should give Noel a chance for now, if she were to get caught with Mr Fitz he wold lose his job! Moving on, I hope Toby comes back, I loved him and Emily together, I hate Maya, and I'm sure he's innocent. I also doubt that Emily destroyed the memorial, but I can;t believe it's Lucas either, he's so sweet! It was probably someone else and his shoes were muddy from the storm! It's so stupid that they didn't change, yeah right.


Definitely Aria and Ezra. It will prob ruin the show for me if they dont get back together or something. Noel is so cute and everything. It's just i feel like Aria and Ezra are like head over heels in love.

I am xoxo

The Barnacle: ...Emily. But this may just be wishful thinking because Shay Mitchell is such a bad actress..." i dont think so! shay role he character very well. emily character is a girl who is shy, unconfident, feel out of place all the time...and you can heard her voice tremble when she kiss Ali's show that she affraid that Ali would dislike what she's done.....n she make less eye contact with others, show that she is shy and unconfident with herself....for me, even she is my least favorite character (Em), but her acting should be given extra credit =)

I am xoxo

i want mike to be with hanna~~
love it when the are together in the novel =)
i am positive the relationship of ezra and aria will like...forever...


this is so insane


Noel and Aria, actually! They feed off each other quite well, and i do think that Brant can act pretty well- his facial expressions when he watched Aria sing looked like he actually cared for her. I would like to see Aria be with someone her own age. I hope they don't- imagine Noel if he found out! (Sorry I'm so Team Noel. In the books, their scenes together make you want to LOVE him. :) ) I know the books are diff from the show. :) I think the writers suck, though, giving Noel so many crappy lines... D:


Ezra and Aria of course. they are meant to be together, and they love each other so much :)Noel would be the right boy because they are the same age, but her real love is Ezra... she really loves her, like lucy said
Aria and Ezra have a lot of chemistry but Aria and Noel...nothing

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