Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "The Perfect Storm"

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Following a revealing episode that shed a lot of light on Emily, Spencer's mother and possibly Lucas, the TV Fanatic staff has gathered for another edition of the Pretty Little Liars Round Table.

As readers gather in the show forum and/or leave Comments below to discuss, a trio of our writers are here to analyze the following topics...

Choose a man for Aria: Ezra or Noel?
M.L. House: Noel. I can only judge by what we've seen so far - and we've seen a funny, nice guy who seems to genuinely want to get to know Aria better. He can also play the guitar, which allows her to show off her lovely voice.

Mrs. Northman: As creepy as it is for Ezra to be with a 16-year old, I kind of like them together. You can't help what the heart wants sometimes and I feel like these two would work out if the timing was better.

The Barnacle: Choose a MAN for her? That's easy: Ezra. Choose an age appropriate suitor? Noel.

PLL RT old - depreciated -

Should Byron and Ashley date? 
M.L. House: No. None of their couple nicknames would work. Bashley? Ayron? Lame all around.

Mrs. Northman: bout a big fat N-O. Hello! Don't they realize what that would do to their daughters?!  There are plenty of fish in the sea, so why keep things so incestuous?

The Barnacle: Probably not, but look at it this way: Ashleyt is hotter than Ella and if they got married, it would make Aria and Hanna sister-in-laws. They'd probably like that.

Who destroyed the memorial, Lucas or Emily? 
M.L. House: I'd like to think it's neither just because it would be such lazy writing to have the big give away be their overly muddy sneakers. But if I must choose between these options, I'll go with Lucas.

Mrs. Northman: Lucas. I definitely don't think Emily would put in all that hard work just to destroy something she created for the one she loved. Also, I don't think we're going to find out before the season ends.

The Barnacle: Emily. But this may just be wishful thinking because Shay Mitchell is such a bad actress and I'd like her character off the show. No offense. She may be very nice. She's just painful to watch.

Next week is the summer finale. Make at least one bold prediction about what will happen.
M.L. House: Toby will return and everyone will realize they were wrong about him all along. He'll save the life of one of the girls.

Mrs. Northman: Someone will die! Muahahahahah! Doubtful, but would be interesting. Whoever A is must have been really close to Allison. How else would that person know all the details of their secrets she had with each of the girls? Super creepy! Can't wait to see what happens!

The Barnacle: Ezra and Aria will have sex.

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Ezra definitely. It's them that keep me most interested in watching the show. She won't be underage forever, they can eventually be together. Which means he had better at least stay on the show.
Byron and Sidney-I mean Ashley shouldn't date. He should get back together with Ella. If he does wind up with Ashley however it won't make Hannah and Aria sister in laws, it would make them step sisters.
Of the two it would most likely be Lucas however I too wish it was Emily and they get rid of her. She really is a terrible actress. She's cute, that's all she has going for her. She's my least favorite character.
I would love Aria and Ezra getting it on but do we know for sure that they never slept together? I wasn't ever sure if they did or not.


I want more Aria and Ezra. They are my favorite couple!


1. Ezra, noel just opped out out of nowhere. And he has no energy as an actor. And the chemistry with him and aria is pretty much nonexistant as opposed to ezra and ari's chemistry wchich is off the freaking radar. 2.Naw!!! I like them better as freinds. 3. As much as i hate to admit it. Lucas. i just hope that when hanna finds ou she isnt too heartbroken. 4. Oh definately, aria and ezra have sex. or maybe hanna confronts them.


1. Ezra. I love that guy! Ian Harding sure isn't hard on the eyes, lol. Plus I kive the dynamic between him & Aria. The whole 'forbidden' thing might be a bit overplayed in some cases & some may think it's over-rated but it gets me everytime, lol.
2. While I do like them togetehr & how they play off of each other, to have them hook up would be a trainwreck for all the parties involved. Best to keep them as good friends.
3. I hated the over dirty sneakers on both Lucas & Emily, it was too obvious. But I loved the Lucasd twist at the end, lol. I bet he destoyed it but I know he isn't A.
4. Well, what I hope will happen is Ezra & Aria giving into temptations. I hope that they're not found out just yet. Maybe at the very end of season 1, when the shows back & has it's final finale for season 1, then they can have that all out.


"The Barnacle: Emily. But this may just be wishful thinking because Shay Mitchell is such a bad actress and I'd like her character off the show. No offense. She may be very nice. She's just painful to watch." Lmao, yeah she's pretty terrible. She has a total of maybe three facial expressions.Oh, and Aria and Noel please!

Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Aria: I've not looking for anyone more than a friend.
Hanna: Don't you have enough on Facebook?

Spencer, you do not need to know any more big words. You're already scary enough to anyone under 50.


Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 9 Music

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Quiet hearts Quiet Hearts Amy Stroup iTunes
Song Never Get Enough Honey Pie
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