Warehouse 13 Review: "Buried"

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We have seen some dramatic twist and turns on this season of Warehouse 13.

The first part of the season finale, "Buried," was no exception. It took the concept of surprising developments to an extreme and I loved every minute of it. 

With Mrs. Frederic

I feel like I am on a merry-go-round when it comes to H.G. Wells. A very well-written merry-go-round. When we started she was a bad guy. Then, she wanted to disprove this classification. Then, she was reinstated as an agent.  Now, she is somewhere between all of those, as she zapped Myka and Pete and clearly stole something from Warehouse 2. 

However, before you pass judgment on my new heartthrob Helena, allow me to point out a few facts:

  • The taser with which she shot Pete and Myka was not one we have ever seen before. It was smaller, sleeker, and used green bolts.
  • She phrased her last statement to Myka and Pete as, “I hope you can forgive me.”  You only ask forgiveness from someone you care about. You only hurt someone you care about if you have to. 
  • How did she develop the hacking skills in a few weeks to have cracked into the Warehouse 13 bank accounts to pay the teens?
  • How was she able to meet the teens and recruit them so quickly?

What do these clues mean? I believe that she is either being blackmailed or bribed into doing something by Adwin Kosar, the Regent that reinstated her. I think that Kosar has something that could help Helena save/recover her daughter.

So, I am sticking with my belief that Helena is really good and that there is some outside force causing her to do the things she is doing. Of course, I could be wrong and she could be fooling me, too, and really just be a self-serving British hottie with an amazing accent, who wears the Lara Croft outfit incredibly well. Hopefully, we will all know for sure next week.

In other twist and turns, I was just beginning to understand what the Regents did; now we learn that Mrs. Fredric is the “caretaker” of Warehouse 13 and if she died the warehouse would perish, as well.  And in case that information didn’t bend my noodle enough, we also learned that Claudia is next to be a caretaker. Talk about a lot to take in.

Helena, Pete, Myka

Warehouse 2 took a toll on everyone. The most shocking development being that Mr. Valda died. While I never was crazy about the guy, I am glad that in the end he chose the greater good and sacrificed himself for the others. But when we got to the visions that Myka, Pete, and Helena saw, I was disappointed with Myka’s. As I mentioned in last week’s Round Table, Myka is really a weak character and the vision confirmed it. Her happy place was getting a detailed assignment from Artie. Really?  That is the happiest thing she has in her life?

As for Helena seeing her daughter, and her subsequent reaction when she lost her again, anyone who has had a great loss in hisher life can empathize. It's that point between being asleep and awake where you still think whatever was lost is still there and then when you wake up fully and remember it is gone it you just hurt so much all over again.

In contrast to the pain Helena felt, when Pete came out of it, he was happy and excited as he realized Kelly was the one he wanted to whom he wanted to tell the truth.  The romantic inside me really hopes Kelly is able to accept that and that Pete is able to stay with her.

However, the realist in me thinks Pete will tell Kelly and she will freak out or not be able to handle it. Then, Artie will have to wipe her memory, including ever having known Pete. This of course would leave Pete (and us) completely heartbroken.

This was one of the best episodes we have had this season. It did a great job of giving us a cliffhanger leading us into next week’s season finale while still completing a standalone story in the hour given. This is a technique that many other shows could benefit from learning (I am looking at you, True Blood.)

What did you think? Do you think Helena is doing this by herself or is she being forced?


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Remember the clue from earlier in the episode:
"Two will lose their way."
Given how some of the traps of Warehouse 2 played with their minds, it could be that Pete & Myka were somehow adversely affected, but H.G. wasn't, and thus had to zap them, perhaps to contain them. At any rate, I can't wait to find out for certain!


I must be the only one that doesn't like H.G. When H.G. was first revealed back in episode one, I was like 'Really! Take one of the greatest authors of our time and reduce him to being just a front for his sister! And then make her evil as well?' I was really disappointed with the writing there. I hope, but doubt, that this season will be the last we see of H.G. And about her being good again and rejoining the warehouse, was anybody here fooled by that? Her character is so transparent you can tell she never stopped being evil. Anyway good show.


H.G. is doing this as part of some grand scheme of MacPhearson's There has to be a reason he debronzed her out of all of them or, indeed, why he debronzed anyone. Whether she's doing it by force is more open to debate, but since MacPhearson is dead an thus unable to enforce his plan, I'd say no unless she's being possessed which, considering everything they've done with her daughter, is unlikely. I partially agree with you about Myka. It would have made alot more sense to have her with that secret service partner-boyfriend of hers that died. What was his name? Sam? However, I think it does make more sense than you realize. Artie's really been an ass this season, to Myka in particular because of H.G. and i think she wants acceptance from him. I'm utterly confused as to why Claudia is next in line though. Also, has anyone noticed that both season finales so far have killed off a british person? (I count the season 2 premeire as part of the finale in this case) Doesn't bode well for H.G.


I noticed one blooper in this episode: Demotic is not a "language" but an alphabet - the later, shorthand version of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which was used from about 600 BC on. If the writers wanted Mrs. Frederick to speak a historically accurate language, they could have chosen Coptic, which is descended from the ancient Egyptian but written in Greek characters, and is still spoken today in parts of Egypt.


I hope that HG is just trying to be good and we don't understand her full motives yet. I believe Artie figured out that someone was using the warehouse accounts and he is on his way to Eygpt to help Pete and Myka. I also thought that Myka's vision was sad. Everyone else had people they cared about but hers was the praise. Maybe that will lead into her falling for somebody and they will develop that story later. The other factor is that because there was no extreme emotion in hers she was able to see it for what it really was. If she was with her dead lover then that may not have been the case.


When Ms.Fredric and Claudia discover the teens were paid from a Warehouse account they were wondering where Artie went this suggested to me that those funds may have come from a account that only Artie could access. I am thinking that HG is doing something for a good end and only zapped Pete & Myka for the purpose of doing something very dangerous that she felt did not need to put all 3 at risk. Wonder if the season final will be that or will there be a cliffhanger teaser for Season-3 ? Still wish they will extend the seasons to at least 18 shows per 12 is not enough.


A relationship between HG and Myka will just look like a ratings stant since myka has been established as straight, to me it would have been fine if they had not established her interest in man so much or if they had atleast hinted at the idea of her being bisexual in the first season, since they did neither the relationship angle is a bad idea for me, but hey i aint a writer maybe they can create a good back story. @ViddWizard
Does the finale have a preview, or are they just gonna blind-side us completely?


This series is pure fun & I will watch all again.
My thoughts on 2 things:
#1; H.G. + Myka would be a great relationship to explore (maybe those sparks are due to past lives together....)
#2; Jaime Murray (H.G.) would be terrific as Dr Who (next generation).
Thanks AGAIN Jane Espenson! Keep up the good work.


Quachett, I actually forgot about Helena's "hobby" of dead languages. That does add another interesting piece to the puzzle. While I am not British, I am with you on supporting her. I wonder if I have time to make a "Team H.G. Wells" shirt before next week?


HG is a fantastic character, I fugured out the ending within the first 10 minutes but i was hoping I was wrong and I kind of was. I thought that she had found these teens when she was still away in hiding, then after finding them she knew getting in world need a team of expects so try and get on to the good side of Warehouse 13 agents in order to have thier help to get into warehouse 2. The fact that she reads lost languages ment that she might have found ancient scrolls talking about the warehouse and maps which she gave to the teens. All this seemed true until the last scene, she look absolutly emotionally torn apart about what she was about to do, and the line I hope you will forgive me means whatever she is about to do has a redemptive quality which can be used to forgive her, just when I thought I had figured her out, she truely is a well written character. As for an outside force, nice theory and i hope it pens out since i kinda like HG we Brits gotta stick together. I do have one question though, Where on Earth did Artie go, I hope they wont try and make him the force behind because that will be the worst piece of writting and directing in History

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