Gossip Girl Round Table: "Touch of Eva"

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Welcome back, Upper East Siders, to another edition of TVF's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel reflects on the events of Monday's episode, "Touch of Eva."

Below, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester and critic-in-chief DANdy take on topics ranging from Danessa and Juliet's agenda to Eva's exit and the upcoming war ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Haha, Bassian bubble.

Mister Meester: The obvious: "So you did it just to hurt me. Eva made me into someone I was proud to be. You just brought back my worst self. This means war, Blair ... Me versus you. No limits." The less obvious: "You were just so easy in Paris." Too good.

DANdy: Serena turning Blair's name into a verb. Who among us hasn't been tempted to go off Blair Waldorfing at times?

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2. Eva plot hole of the night: Dan finding out her past via Google search, B's quest to ruin Eva in the first place, or her splitting town after Chuck doubted her for 10 whole minutes?

Gossip Guy: Can we just declare the whole story like a hole and pretend like it never existed? At least it should lead to a fun war between Chair and the eventual reconciliation that any war between them will inevitably lead to.

Mister Meester: All of the above and more? First of all, Dan searches for Prague brothels just because, and Eva's real name and photo are on there? Just ridiculous. Slightly less absurd, but still problematic for me is this: Eva lied to Chuck and he repaid her with $5 million. He doubts her intentions for 10 minutes and she just bails? Iffy writing. Also, Chuck cavorts with hookers all the time! Why would he care if Eva worked in the world's oldest profession? Come on B.

DANdy: The Google search. Come on. We all know people in The CW universe only use Bing.

3. Would you have preferred Derena together, and will Danessa last?

Gossip Guy: Obviously I'd prefer anything that didn't end in 'essa, even that anything includes a mild case of incest.  

Mister Meester: I may be in the minority in saying I think Dan and Vanessa are cute together, but I still think cooling it with co-habitation is smart. When you're calling your live-in girlfriend "mom," you're probably not ready for it. As for Derena, those two make out enough in real life as it is. Better to mix it up on the show with some new peeps.

DANdy: No and no. Dan needs to be single for awhile. Can he borrow your black book, Chuck? I'd like to see this confused fella drop the nicknames and enjoy time as Dan the Man for awhile.

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HIGH EXPECTATIONS: Katie Cassidy's guest role had better be worth it!

4. Seriously, what is Juliet's deal?

Gossip Guy: I don't know, but I really hope the Gossip Girl writers have a better plan for her than that Eva nonsense. I do not approve of bringing in someone as hot and scheming as Juliet to just let her fizzle out in a couple episodes.

Mister Meester: Based on Gossip Girl spoilers and previews for next week, My guess is she's behind the blast even Serena can't believe, and this is building toward an epic confrontation between Juliet and the entire gang. Something's gotta tie all of them together again, right? Eventually, it must. Here's hoping it's worth the wait.

DANdy: She seems like she was once well-off, perhaps residing in some sort of L.A.-based apartment complex with a pool and an influx of shady neighbors. But when that living situation vanished, she was forced to start over again in NYC.

5. As Chuck says, this is war. Who will win?

Gossip Guy: Now that we know Blair Waldorfing can be used as a verb, I'm pretty sure I can safely say that Chuck is going to get the Blair the hell Waldorfed out of him. Hmm, that didn't make sense...

Mister Meester: Chuck. He now hates Blair even more than himself. Not good.

DANdy: In a word: Viewers.

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in terms of juliets deal i can only assume its something to do with the guy serena killed. her brother/boyfriend clearly went to jail because of it and her aim is to get revenge. i just hope it has a more convincing end than the whole eva situation.


I'm really hoping that this Chair war is as exciting as it sounds and not some silly plot device that just leads to a premature reunion. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Chair fan, but I found last season to be almost shamefully dull, due in large part to Chuck and Blair playing happy families instead of doing what they do best, which is simply being Chuck and Blair. I think they work best when they're torturing each other while being all tortured over their love for one another. As for the winner of this 'war', personally I want to see Blair get her win on for a change. Despite her constant plotting and manipulation, she rarely comes out on top. I personally hate that everything always seems to go wrong for Blair, just once I'd like her to get the better of someone, and it would be doubly sweet if that someone was Chuck. I mean this isn't the real world, it's television, and as such how the hell is it fair that Chuck can sell Blair to his uncle to save his own skin, sleep with jailbait Jenny and then end up in some Pretty Woman romance with 'too good to be true' Eva?? Blair never seems to be able to show-up anyone, least of all Chuck, and for once I'd like to see her leaving him squirming instead of the other way around. But that's just me.


Anyone who has heard of Bruce Forsyth see this episode? The line of the ep for me was when Nate said to Dan "Nice to see you...nice!" - Nate channelling Bruce Forsyth???? Totally awesome! :-)


First off, Eva didn't make Chuck a better man...getting shot is what made Chuck a better man. Secondly, everyone is getting crazy about Blair being a bitch...it's a show relax :)


Finally some words of wisdom. Thank you, @Jo. Everyone is so quick to forgive Blair b/c she's the favorite. Well you know what she's a spoiled, insecure, jealous BITCH. You can't justify all of her actions.


@jo i think the same.....great you!!!i'm from italy


OMGT, TWO WEEKS AGO I POSTED A COMMENT ABOUT HOW EVA JUST HAD TO BE A PROSTITUE. I KNEW IT! yey, I have the gift to forsee pointless tv show's characters paths...


oh whoops ignore that link.


I can't believe how much I dislike Blair. She is the most pretentious hypocritical character there is. First of all, she is saying really mean, insulting things to Serena ALL THE TIME, she's pushing her into a fountain for her wanting to attend a good college (after making fun of Brown non-stop) and Serena forgives her all the time... And then she destroys Eva and Chuck out of pure jealousy and because she's a spoiled little girl that's not used to not getting what she wants... I can't understand why anyone feels sorry for her.


hahaha ilove @dandy's posts today.
blair waldorfing offcially a verb, the bing thing! i was wondering too. and totally the viewers are gonna win
but i totally agree with mister meester about the danessa thing.

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