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Eva and Chuck in "A Touch of Eva," the October 4, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. We can't wait to see what happens in this installment.

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Chuck and Blair need to be together again.


I like Eva, just do not like her with Chuck ... I understand Blair ...
She is who else will suffer ...
Chuck did a lot wrong, and it was his mistakes that marred his relationship with Blair.
Blair spent the entire summer trying to overcome and could not ...
While Chuck has found a new hope of being happy...
How can this be fair? Even if it is without plan... It hurts, and Blair will be the one that will suffer ...
And the fact that Eva's not his fault, it means nothing, since B will get hurt anyway
We all know very well the personality of our Queen B.


Why do people hate her? She didn't do anything wrong. And Chuck is with her out of free will. Otherwise he could have just left her in Paris and turn home to fight for Blair. But he did not, so I guess he wants to move on with Eva.


That's hurt


I love chuck & blaire and i'm fine with them being apart as long as i see them being pulled together by destiny everytime they r in the same room. i love the chemistry. i love the way chuck loves blaire. i miss them. they r so real!


Eva is perfect for Chuck. Chair is so 2 seasons ago.


though i am a chuck/blair fan, i am surprised that i really want eva and chuck to be together for awhile, they're kinda sweet (:


she really is a sweet girl - that kinda sucks...


I kinda love them together


Im not a fan of eva but i gotta admit they look cute together. Plus she looks so classy, cus u know, she's french.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Chuck gave Eva a limited edition Baignoire Cartier watch. Gossip Girl even has a whole thread where people can guess how much it costs.


Dorota: Sorry, Miss Blair. No papers today. I think maybe 8H steal them again.
Blair: Dorota. We both know it was you, not Susan Lucci, who took my papers. But there's no point. It's all over the Internet.