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Nate and Juliet Photo
Nate and Juliet make quite a couple. And an entrance. But what is she hiding?

Rating: 2.7 / 5.0 (41 Votes)

She is a bitch, I hate her..


Lovin Juliet no matter what she's up to


Heyy Vince, that's funny because she is friggin beautiful ANDDD a whole year younger than Chace Crawford. So, shuuttt up. Katie Cassidy is amazing.


i hate it but her dress is so the best!


Look like Nate and Lily ,she is way too old for Nate

Anna maria

how come her dress is prettier than blairs? I love it, and the jewelery!

Inate archibald

she is a bitch

Jennmo13 gg 3

ewww she seems like a bitch

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Chuck gave Eva a limited edition Baignoire Cartier watch. Gossip Girl even has a whole thread where people can guess how much it costs.


Dorota: Sorry, Miss Blair. No papers today. I think maybe 8H steal them again.
Blair: Dorota. We both know it was you, not Susan Lucci, who took my papers. But there's no point. It's all over the Internet.