Gossip Girl Review: Me Versus You. No Limits.

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That sound you hear is of it being ON.

Old habits die hard on the Upper East Side, and old feuds die even harder. Eva is right that Chuck and Blair have a certain magnetism. The problem is that it's led to all-out sabotage.

We're torn on "Touch of Eva" because, like Georgina a week earlier, the titular character up and left rather abruptly. That's it? After all she and Chuck have been through this summer?

If she stuck by him after hearing his secrets (that must've been some talk) and he by her despite her prostitution (!?) past, this seemed like a weak straw to break the camel's back.


GONE FOR-EVA: Blair forced out Chuck's lady love. But what comes next?

Then again, well ... it's so ON now! Those clamoring for a Chair reunion down the line have seen the last of Eva, at least, and those who love a good war won't be disappointed.

A couple of problems with this episode, though:

  1. Why does Blair can still care so much in the first place about someone who traded her to his uncle Jack for a hotel? Or who slept with Jenny Humphrey?
  2. If she does care that much, as evidenced by her plea for his return in "Double Identity" (one of our all-time favorite scenes), why behave like this now?
  3. Would a master manipulator such as B really think the passport lie wouldn't come back to bite her? Was she so spiteful she just didn't care if it did?

These questions leave us a little confused as to the continuity of the season and its characters, but hey, it'll be fun now. Welcome back, Chuck of old. Whose side are you on?

Elsewhere, it appears that the waffling Serena has pushed both Dan and Nate over the edge. The former found this out first hand by pseudo cheating on Vanessa last night.

We're calling it that, anyway. To lie your whereabouts to their live-in lover, while sneaking around with a hotter girl? That's like the middle-aged person version of cheating.

Dan gets caught in that lie by none other than Juliet, who suggests Vanessa confront Serena. She is relentless. At least the mystery of Juliet's meddling remains unsolved!

It looked like a Derena reunion was a done deal ... until he sees his fair maiden comforting Nate, who had just broken up with shady Juliet, and delivers a great kiss-off line:

"Serena, there are some people who don't need to choose." Burn.

Nate and Juliet Photo

EASY MARK: Juliet is playing Nate so hard. But to what end?

Danessa reunites with a declaration of love. He's happy to be with someone truly devoted to him, but will it last? Will the same lack of passion drive him away once more?

Nate's split with Juliet lasted about as long. Juliet calms his fears with the claim that Ben is her "troubled" brother who has ruined relationships in the past. A likely story.

Good enough for Nate, though! Rather than suspecting ... whatever she's actually up to, he was convinced she's stepping out on him. Now he seems reassured. Poor guy.

What do you think this girl is truly up to? Ben has to be the prisoner from last week's closing sequence, right? This looks to be building toward some epic UES showdown.

In the end, not the best Gossip Girl of all time. A little forced, a little uneven, and a little boring at times. But there were more than enough fireworks to keep us invested.

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"I was so disappointed and got a bit tired of watching Blair fight so hard for Chuck who doesn't seem to care anymore"
Same here!! Its so irritating to c her fight for him.. AND as for Chuck he dont deserve happiness he deserves to be sad and alone for the rest of his life.. He cant love and he dnt deserve love >.


Okay, my thing with Blair and Chuck: I miss the sweet, sad moments, like when she pulled him down from the rooftop in 2x14. That was heartwarming. This new Chuck, it's like his character is unreadable. There is no motivation. I don't even like how Ed plays him anymore, and that's saying something. He and Leighton have always been the best actors on the show, and I feel like he's getting careless. It's frightening. The writers have completely butchered his character. I hate to say this, but I think Chuck and Blair are too far gone to ever (convincingly) go back to what they were in the beginning: the banter, the hotness, the passion and the LOVE. They will, however, have some pretty epic scenes. But hopefully the "relations" will NOT be like those of season 3. What was that? A kiss and then a fade to black? All the raw sexy appeal seems to have left GG. My thoughts on Chuck and Eva: I don't think he loved her. I think he loved the IDEA of her, that he could reinvent himself and be good again. Because Chuck Bass has always wanted to be good, in a sense. Compensate for all his wrongs. But, of course, Blair made him realize he can't run from his past. The war: I'm excited! Chuck and Blair work best when they're trying to destroy each other. It's hotter that way; they butcher each other down to their most vulnerable. That's when the best scenes happen. Come on, GG Season 4. Go back to what I loved! Sorry for the rant, but that's everything I have to say...


I was so disappointed and got a bit tired of watching Blair fight so hard for Chuck who doesn't seem to care anymore...there was not even this "connection" we used to see between the two characters....too bad but I am not a fan of Chair anymore..just send the poor Blair a good guy for God sake!


I've to agree with you in that one, everything in the episode was fine until i heard the vanessa's voice :|


I think it has been a really good season this far! And though I enjoyed to see Chuck this nice and with Eva, I have missed the old Chuck a little. And I'm excited to see what is going to happen next to Blair and Chuck!!


irritating always blair to seem innocence...she is heartless ...


I know Chuck is fine and all, but lets remember he was willing to give her to Jack in exchange for his hotel - Chuck is in no way more of a victim than she is. That being said, I wanted to see where they would go with this whole Chuck being nice thing and I feel like it's all been for nothing and that's frustrating.

Anna maria

I hate chuck now, he's so mean to Blair..it seems that he loved Eva more than Blair..he was such a dick to her and is being one now, she needs to find someone nice, like that prince from monaco, and stick to him. From now on I no longer ship chair!


and so...gossip girl season 4 continues to totally blow my mind. DESPITE the spoilers. well done @JoshSchwartz76 i love it when chuck and blair fight but dude, this looks scary.
i fucking HATE juliet but she gets intruiging every episode.
i feel bad for serena, have 2 hot guys love you then reject you then love you then reject you...its hard. but really, what else can she do? probably CARTER... (idunno) cant WAIT for what happens next.


I am annoyed by the fact this guy in prison gets late night visitors and manages to text from prison!?!

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