Gossip Girl Round Table: "Touch of Eva"

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Welcome back, Upper East Siders, to another edition of TVF's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our panel reflects on the events of Monday's episode, "Touch of Eva."

Below, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester and critic-in-chief DANdy take on topics ranging from Danessa and Juliet's agenda to Eva's exit and the upcoming war ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote from last night?

Gossip Guy: Haha, Bassian bubble.

Mister Meester: The obvious: "So you did it just to hurt me. Eva made me into someone I was proud to be. You just brought back my worst self. This means war, Blair ... Me versus you. No limits." The less obvious: "You were just so easy in Paris." Too good.

DANdy: Serena turning Blair's name into a verb. Who among us hasn't been tempted to go off Blair Waldorfing at times?

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2. Eva plot hole of the night: Dan finding out her past via Google search, B's quest to ruin Eva in the first place, or her splitting town after Chuck doubted her for 10 whole minutes?

Gossip Guy: Can we just declare the whole story like a hole and pretend like it never existed? At least it should lead to a fun war between Chair and the eventual reconciliation that any war between them will inevitably lead to.

Mister Meester: All of the above and more? First of all, Dan searches for Prague brothels just because, and Eva's real name and photo are on there? Just ridiculous. Slightly less absurd, but still problematic for me is this: Eva lied to Chuck and he repaid her with $5 million. He doubts her intentions for 10 minutes and she just bails? Iffy writing. Also, Chuck cavorts with hookers all the time! Why would he care if Eva worked in the world's oldest profession? Come on B.

DANdy: The Google search. Come on. We all know people in The CW universe only use Bing.

3. Would you have preferred Derena together, and will Danessa last?

Gossip Guy: Obviously I'd prefer anything that didn't end in 'essa, even that anything includes a mild case of incest.  

Mister Meester: I may be in the minority in saying I think Dan and Vanessa are cute together, but I still think cooling it with co-habitation is smart. When you're calling your live-in girlfriend "mom," you're probably not ready for it. As for Derena, those two make out enough in real life as it is. Better to mix it up on the show with some new peeps.

DANdy: No and no. Dan needs to be single for awhile. Can he borrow your black book, Chuck? I'd like to see this confused fella drop the nicknames and enjoy time as Dan the Man for awhile.

Juliet Sharp

HIGH EXPECTATIONS: Katie Cassidy's guest role had better be worth it!

4. Seriously, what is Juliet's deal?

Gossip Guy: I don't know, but I really hope the Gossip Girl writers have a better plan for her than that Eva nonsense. I do not approve of bringing in someone as hot and scheming as Juliet to just let her fizzle out in a couple episodes.

Mister Meester: Based on Gossip Girl spoilers and previews for next week, My guess is she's behind the blast even Serena can't believe, and this is building toward an epic confrontation between Juliet and the entire gang. Something's gotta tie all of them together again, right? Eventually, it must. Here's hoping it's worth the wait.

DANdy: She seems like she was once well-off, perhaps residing in some sort of L.A.-based apartment complex with a pool and an influx of shady neighbors. But when that living situation vanished, she was forced to start over again in NYC.

5. As Chuck says, this is war. Who will win?

Gossip Guy: Now that we know Blair Waldorfing can be used as a verb, I'm pretty sure I can safely say that Chuck is going to get the Blair the hell Waldorfed out of him. Hmm, that didn't make sense...

Mister Meester: Chuck. He now hates Blair even more than himself. Not good.

DANdy: In a word: Viewers.

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Team Blair! (Well team Chair eventually, but right now team Blair)
I mean Chuck always tried to ruin Blair's relationships with other guys than him, and now she is doing the same, he's acting like he is the ultimate victim. They have both acted very wrong for the past 3-4 years.


1. No memorable quotes.
2. Chuck believing Blair over Eva.
3. Danessa won't last. Derena will never be able to resist each other.
4. Was it me or did the Concierge call her "Ms Sparks"? I'll have to go back & check. But if she was related to Georgina, people would recognize her, and Nate would've caught the slip (I hope).
5. Chuck will bring down the rain on Blair until she is on her knees, sobbing, begging him to stop! Having said that, I also think that if any character can appreciate NuChuck-GoodChuck, it would be Vanessa. Somebody has to run Eva's Foundation now. Vanuck/Chunessa? was too short last time. I'd like to see Vanessa cheat on Dan with NuChuck-GoodChuck. And imagine Blair's reaction!


Gosh!! what are you doing to Blair´s character?? oooh my!! and what about Derena rererererereactivaton?? You just have to bring Chair and Serenate back genious!! is that so difficult??


Another thing, the Cartier watch could be close but not higher thn the Erickson Beamon necklace? The watch supposesly ranges between $5,000 and $30,000 and everybody always says the necklace worth was $35,000.


I'm with G, totally over Chair. They were cute for a while, but here's another season of them getting together and breaking up again. If I wanted to see this endless cycle I would watch season 2 and 3 all over again, but doing so is a waste of time. I blame the writers for making Eva petty and leaving over such a short period of time. I liked Chuck and Eva together, finally something actually real and they were both honest with each other. Refreshing, but too bad it was short-lived. Nate is an idiot. That's a recurring thing. When will Serena get it through her brain (or her breasts) that she is a big whore? She's slept with everyone (except Chuck) and I can't believe it took Dan that long to realize that. As much as there are a lot of things that I already dislike about this season, I hope they prolong Jenny's absence. I really do not miss her.


I have to go with team Blair. Chuck overreacted. get over it Chuck. I think Chair fans prefer it when he's chasing after her and she doesn't care as much.
I think the comment of Juliet living in la with shady neighbors was quite funny. I'm for Derena. I like Dan with Serena. I say the fact that Chuck doubted her for 10 minutes was ridiculous. I think the writers did that just to show that even her character so the fire between Chuck and Blair.


I have a few things to say about this episode: First, to those who say Chace Crawford can't act, you need to watch a scene in this episode that nobody has really noticed, when he's in the laptop looking for Juliet's whereabouts and Chuck is announcing that he's going out and catches Nate in the laptop, by the end of the scene Nate says that GG reported that Eva was in the park with Blair. The tone of voice that he uses to deliver that line is saying that this single fact signifies the end of Eva and her funeral. The tone of voice that he used to communicate that line was like he was delivering the news of someone's death! And in a way it was, Blair spending time with Eva without anyone else being part of it signified the end of Eva in this story. About Chuck and Blair, I'm not going for either of them in this war, because this time it seems that GG writers, producers etc., have decided that this will be the ultimate confrontation between them. They had confrontations in the past, but none of them felt or were this ominous. The war between them can only produce one thing: mutual annihilation. Unless something stops them they will destroy each other to shreds, and I'm not looking forward to this. That said, I believe that both are at fault in this episode, she for doing what she did, which was ultimately detrimental to herself in all possible way, but also to him and she can't even explain the reason to herself or to him, and he also is at fault because he has no moral ground to declare war to her, he was hurt by her and that was wrong and she shouldn't do it but he also hurt her and he was sorry and now he is going to throw his own regret to the wind because he hates her at the moment? Can't he take the high road that she refused to take and ignore her? In any case, I dont' know if she should win, but I believe he shouldn't win, and it has nothing to do with whether he should be punished or not. He shouldn't win because maybe they are both capable of great destruction, but of the two of them he is the one with the darker soul, and fairly or not this gives him an edge to cause just a little more of destruction than her, and proportionally the consecuences can be beyond horrible. On the other hand, I simply cannot believe that he has done everything that he has done to her during all 4 season while knowing about her bulimmia! People has disputed this with me in the past but right until this pre war moment it is unbelievable that he has hurt her so many times knowing that she is bulimmic and yet he hasn't told a single word about this to her or to anyone! Maybe during the war is believable that he knows she's bulimmic and he still doesn't care and hurts her all the same, but before that? During IP storyline and everything, or before that, at least season 2? No "is she ok?", "has she had an episode?", "please don't do something stupid?", "keep an eye on her?", "is she eating right?" to Serena, Nate, Dorota, anyone? With each episode I believe even more that either GG production is reserving that moment when he finds out about ther bulimmia for some big storyline, OMG moment, or they are just so dumbs that they are never going to use it and they are going to pretend that it was never so serious as it was on the books and it was let us on to believe in 1x9. I agree with some posters that Blair couldn't answer properly to Chuck because she herself didn't know why she did it, that most likely is because she didn't want to hurt him, but also didn't want to see him with anybody else. I also agree with Jacob of TWP (he rocks!) that Blair has an issue of not wanting any outsiders in their NJBC circle, which probably explains in part her distate for Dan and Vanessa, although evantually she has granted them some entrance, specially Dan (I'm not a romantic Dair fan, though). And Chuck seems to had wanted to be someone entirely new and because that was thwarted now he's going to go the opposite way, but sadly that whole thing also felt like a form of running away from the problem, not really changing them or confronting them. He needs balance and he is not reaching it. And yes, it did broke my heart when he said the whole "Don't leave, everybody leaves", his voice also broke at the end. Serena also broke my heart a litte with her analysis of the Dan an Nate decision, because it could very well end up being the definitive solution. I prefer Dan, but either one of them is fine to me, and apparently also to her, and that's the problem. Being with one while partly wanting the other is not the solution, so was left? Serena alone at the end of this story, following the tradition of Dawson in Dawson's Creek or Ryan in The O.C.? With Carter Baizen or some new guy? Or maybe reconnecting at the end with either Dan or Nate in a much stronger way that leaves the other one completely out of her heart? This whole thing could also be used to prove that at the end the whole being with some that you know from your chidhood or adolescense for the rest of your life is actually quite rare nowadays and only Chuck and Blair are going to have that (hopefully) and the rest of them are going to be like the rest of us, having to search for the one for a good portion of their lifetime. Right now, of this quadrangle Vanessa is the real victim here (I'm not counting Juliet, she is busy being the psycho). Serena can choose between Dan and Nate or go for other guy, Dan can choose between Serena and Vanessa, if Nate can't have Serena in the future he could choose between Jenny and Vanessa or go for another girl, but Vanessa, what can she choose? Somehow I don't feel like she has ever been given the option to choose between Dan and Nate, Scott could have count but that was thrown down the gutter really fast, so was left, a new guy? It wouldn't be wrong except it feels more difficult for her some reason, maybe because we only see her socialize with these people and whatever people they are socializing at the moment, like now with Juliet?. Finally, TianaB thank you so much for your wonderful work on your private webpage.


@Gawd... S03 is back...
Can I just say I HATED this episode? It was exaaaaaaaaactly like the shitiest episodes from S03. The obviously lame, pathetic and ridiculous end of Eva's storyline but I also particularly hated Chuck's change of persona during not only this episode, but the whole S04 so far. How can someone who loved someone else enough to want to marry that person has the nerve to declare war on her? Why did he spend the whole episode saying he knew Blair better and yet he was fool enough to believe in her passport story? How can he not tell - since he knows her so well - that she's doing everything outta jealousy and is lying about her feelings? This is just too much for me to take...

Kimberly anne

What the hell???????
I love the episode, I just want to make that clear. I love love love all of Blair's scene and her dialogues. She was simply the best in this episodes, and same goes for her for every other episodes. It made my day when she said Serena was easy in Paris. Hahahahaha, it was great reverse psychology. It was even better that Blair said it. Finally someone is speaking the truth!!! I love Blair's hair and dress.
I am tired with the love triangle/square/pentagon between Serena, Nate, Dan and Vanessa and now Julia. Who loves who? Who is torn between two people? I think they're all lost, and in a way I find it funny. I still like to watch all of them, to be honest, because all of them are clueless as ever and everything they does are just funny.
For once, I actually liked Dan and Serena together. It was nice just the two of them for once to sit and talk. And was her dress caught by a fence on both side??? Because last I checked something like that was very whore-like. What is up with her hair??? It is so messy, all the time.
Nate and Julia are...interesting. It is so obvious who wears the pants and is the brain of the relationship. Hint: Nate is neither.
I did enjoy that Rufrus was less of a diva and had even less screentime in this episode. Umm...where's Eric?
Without further a-due:
Once against my main rant this week is expressing my hate towards Chuck Bass.
First off, I am a true Chair Fan all the way. They are the best couple ever!! And they are the reason I watch the show. BUT Chuck has really pissed me off. I wanted to slap him and even think about shooting him for every stupid and FALSE compliment he gave to Eva. His pathetic affection towards her was sickening. That stupid watch he gave her made me want to rip his head off. What the hell is wrong with him. He should be saying and doing these things for Eva. It should be all for Blair. For the past two episodes, I have seen him chase after her more than I have ever seen him physically chase after Blair throughout all the season. I hope someone can proove me wrong on this, but for right now I think I am right. How dare he say that Eva was the most important person to him? The writers cannot expect good ratings with dialogues like that. One good thing that came out was that Chuck did not say "I love you" to Eva.
I am just so glad that that slut is gone. I would have liked it better if Chuck personally wanted her to go. The writers did not know what they were writing. One minute Eva is good, the next I think she's having an affair with that guy, and the next she was bad but turning good, they should have made up their mind as to what type of person she should have been. I was getting mixed-signal all night. At least before she left, she did say something so true and for once I understood her. Blair and Chuck are connected. They will forever be connected and no one will get in the way of that.
So Blair and Chuck are at war now? Is it for love? What is going to happen next? Something tells me they have a looooong way to go before they get back together. :(
But for now I am on Team Blair because I still can not get the stupid Eva storyline out of my head.


Team Neither. So over Chair. Could give a ratz ass about this 'war'

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Chuck gave Eva a limited edition Baignoire Cartier watch. Gossip Girl even has a whole thread where people can guess how much it costs.


Dorota: Sorry, Miss Blair. No papers today. I think maybe 8H steal them again.
Blair: Dorota. We both know it was you, not Susan Lucci, who took my papers. But there's no point. It's all over the Internet.