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A parody of Twilight. A double date at a go-kart track. The use of a MRI machine to turn a typewriter's ribbon into an actual novel.

What was there not to love about this week's episode of House?!? Let's start with the debate all readers must have spent the night engaged in: Team Devon vs. Team Jack.

On one hand... okay, we have no idea. But I chuckled every time this take off on the Twilight Saga came up, as the use of an author as the team's patient also made passing references to Harry Potter and Lost, the latter being my interpretation of House's annoyance at the open-ended conclusion to the Jack Cannon novels.

Couples on a Date

Then there was the Huddy interaction of the week. After an opening episode that may have dealt with this couple too much, the past two installments have done a solid, humorous job at giving us glimpses at the kinds of problems now facing House and Cuddy.

Almost everyone in a relationship worries about not having anything in common with his/her partner, but only House would take the dilemma to such an extreme. He went through every stage of fighting and making up (many of which involved sex) in a conversation with Wilson that gave us insight into how a vastly intelligent, overly logical mind can drive someone crazy.

Or at least make someone perpetually grumpy, as House can't ever just relax and enjoy the moment. He's always thinking six stages ahead, which is a tremendous trait in his professional life. In his personal life? Not so much.

Good thing he has someone like Cuddy around to deliver speeches that include the following:

Dr. Cuddy: I'm not gonna dump you because we like different food or books or music. On the other hand, I might dump you if you don't talk to me when you have a problem with our relationship.
House: I know you believe that now, but the fact is...
Dr. Cuddy: Who cares about common? Common is boring. I like being with you. Yo make me better. Hopefully, I make you better. What we have is... uncommon.and I've never been happier. | permalink

Follow this link to browse through more House quotes from "Unwritten" and sound off: What did you think of the episode? Would you ever take a date go-karting? And which was more out of line on House's part, his use of a cane to win the race, or his lie about Sam hating Jewish people?


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I agree with @whattheheck. @sticksnstones you're just being one of those people who acts like they know anything. I sort of thought it'd be a son of something (as most people relate characters to people they know and are close to) but I never thought about a car accident. I love how they still want it to be lupus though :P (sorry if thats spelt wrong) I'm loving this season so far. yehh, they haven't been the best ever - but they are still good XD House is NOT losing it :)))


sticksnstones, that makes no sense! you didn't even know she had a son, or that there was a car crash, until the last 10 minutes. the first two episodes may have been weak, but this was a great one. you, sir, are a numskull.


You're a real devoted fan... I thought the episode was pretty weak. And the medical "mystery"? It didn't take long to figure out the character in her books was based on her son who was also killed in the car crash. And the Cuddy-House relationship is... well, boring now. It's had 6 great years, but "House" is starting to lose it.

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