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What they are doing to Sam is an utter outrage. Is this character assassination or what?

I hate how quick they are to throw Sam under the bus. Can you imagine if they'd pulled this behaviour with Dean when he came back from hell, no they wouldn't because Dean fans would be in absolute uproar but with Sam, it's fine, just threw him to the wolves. It's absolutely heartbreaking to see a character I watch this show for become an absolute robot charicature of his old self. He's unrecognizable and it makes me so angry that we have to wait so long to get inside Sam's head every single season, when will the writers learn?

I don't care if it's Lucifer, new mean Sam, or there's some late tagged in excuse but I won't be watching if they keep this up. They are so happy to villify Sam to make Dean look good. Newsflash us Sam fans are leaving in droves Supernatural. Sort it out. Now!

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