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There’s chaos in Heaven.

After weapons like the Staff of Moses are stolen from Heaven, Sam and Dean call on Castiel for help. That’s when they learn of the angel civil war and Castiel’s desperate attempt to fix everything.

However, the archangel Raphael seeks to find the weapons, take over Heaven, and set the apocalypse back on track. Luckily, Castiel has a little help from a fellow angel to slow Raphael’s goals down.

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is just cool...:)


The episode was okay. No high points and no low points. I feel Sera is very slow in laying out the story and plot lines in an attempt to take the show in an entirely different direction than past years. It is not a change I am enjoying. The biggest problem with what Sera has done is that the boys have lost their bond. This isn't simply because Sam went to Hell and Dean is domesticated. It's because so many characters and so many sub-plots have been introduced. It's a crowded Impala there. I find 'what's wrong with Sam' boring and Sam unlikeable, and I don't really care what is wrong with him anymore. This has gone on too long. I do not like domesticated Dean, mostly because I liked the old character we had and Dean's purpose in the show, hunting and saving people, is no longer a believable premise or reason for him to be around. With the way Sam is acting and Dean's mourning for his suburbia life, I'm saying 'go home, Dean. Let the Campbells and Sam do the hunting, as their hearts are into it.' And, please Show, get rid of the kids in every episode.


Isn't this episode called, "Third Man."?

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Dean and I do share a more profound bound. I wasn't going to mention it.


Who died and made you boss?