The Office Review: Darryl! MacGruber!

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This week's Halloween-themed episode of The Office, "Costume Contest," gave us some laughs, plenty of crazy drama, some interesting costumes, and maybe some foreshadowing as to who might take Michael Scott's place as manager of the Scranton Branch next season.

Said Darryl to Andy near the end of the episode: "I do got big plans at this company." Now, if this storyline was to drop hints that Darryl has what it takes to be the next boss on The Office, I'm okay with it.  If it was supposed to be humorous in any way, I take issue. 

While the plot may have been responsible for a major revelation, Michael being mad at Darryl was only funny on a couple of occasions. Not exactly a major pay-off is that was the goal.

Darryl as a Vampire
Stanley in Costume

So, what if Darryl takes over for Michael? Will we be happy with this?  I like it more than someone such as Andy taking control.  If Carrell is leaving, we're going to need someone that is completely the opposite of him at the top, and Craig Robinson provides that. 

Similar to Idris Elba's role as Charles Miner a while back, Darryl would be a serious and strong leader.  This would allow for the rest of the cast to be as goofy as possible. I think it would work.

There was some extra drama this week in the form of a Pam/Jim/Danny love triangle.  I get that it bothered both Jim and Pam that Danny didn't want to date Pam, but why would you want to hear why the dude didn't like you or your wife?  Kind of creepy, and in no way humorous.  I don't need all of this drama from Timothy Olyphant.  Just have him laugh subtly at what the rest of the crazies in the office are doing.  That's what he's been best at thus far.

The cold open was definitely the best part of the episode.  I have never been a fan of Stanley, and he didn't do anything for me in this scene, but watching everyone else do their thing around him was classic.  What Stanley represents is a funny idea (not paying attention to anything), but I've never enjoyed him. But Kevin dressing like and talking like Phyllis?  Andy with no shirt and a tie?  A pony? Beautifully done.

Finally, we encourage readers to click HERE to check out the best quotes from the episode, as we take a look at some of the costumes this year.

Michael: MacGruber is great because the guy loves his pop culture and it's a shameless plug for the ex-NBC sketch.
Kevin: What kind of statement was he trying to make with that Michael Moore costume again?

Gabe: Who do I hate more, Gabe or Lady Gaga? Either way, bringing these two together made me cringe.
Creed: What was that? I was expecting something ridiculous out of him.


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I felt like this episode could have been better, i mean a Halloween episode of the office should be epic right? Eh, the costumes were meh, and i do agree that the Jim, Pam, and Timothy Olyphant thing was weird, and is nothing that the characters of Jim or Pam would ever do. I really hope they don't stretch that out. They need something original to drag me back into the characters. I'm starting to get bored of the series. I personally would like to see a fresh episode outside of the office, but thats just me. 2/5


@DonTV They mentioned Michael being the Scranton Strangler on IGN, and I believe it was written in jest. Either way, this show is a shell of what it once was. Here's to hoping they can salvage some quality out of it next season with Carrell gone and let it end with a shred of decency after its seventh(!) season comes to a close.


No mention of Dwight as the Scranton Strangler?
I read somewhere, maybe here, the theory that maybe Michael turns out to be the Scranton Strangler.
While it would come completely out of left field for most if that is the reason he leaves, it would certainly be ok in my book.


Honestly, I'm just really really thankful that Andy dressed up like Bill Compton and NOT a singer. Enjoyed how they brought in almost everyone into the opening gag, not a fan of Stanley either so it was funny that they picked on him this sketch. And him dressing up at all for Halloween seems hilarious, but ridiculous. At least something more than Oscar's pretentious "consumer" (include the air quotes). Maybe he was going for that jerk role tonight, or that prize really pissed him off. Speaking of great outfits, Angela came out of nowhere with the sexy nurse! I've seen her in the Loreal(?) commercials but it was very shocking to see cleavage from her. Meredith had the Sookie look down pat, but did she get a single line this episode? Would've liked have heard Andy's best "Sookie" impersonation on her. Creed had a very well done Mummy outfit, was a little unexpected that he had an costume at all.
My favourite was Michael's McGruber costume though, made me want to watch the movie again! Here's hoping Timothy Olyphant can do something more next episode, and they move past the fact he dated Pam two or three times.

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