Family Guy Review: "Halloween on Spooner Street"

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Nine seasons in, Family Guy finally decided to join the ranks of The Simpsons with its first ever Halloween special. So how did the episode stack up against the iconic Treehouse episodes?

Trick or Treating

Well unlike its older cousin, Family Guy took a much more realistic approach (aside from Quagmire and Stewie briefly dying of an unnamed disease), by simply celebrating "Halloween on Spooner Street."

The main story line of Brian taking Stewie on his first Trick-or-Treating adventure was the strongest of the three story lines.  Besides being the most fleshed out of the three, it also had some of the best jokes.  Brian and the dog in the patio door.  Lois' shakedown.  The Pink Panther.

Meanwhile, the other two story lines had the much more traditional Family Guy pushing the envelope humor.  Chris and Meg's incestuous make-out?  Gross, but not funny.  Quagmire's incredibly drawn-out revenge plot?  Racist, and only somewhat funny.  The best gross out gag goes to Joe sleeping with Quagmire.  "I didn't feel anything, but you did!"

Overall, it was a fairly average episode.  Hopefully they'll keep up this new tradition next season and we'll welcome a second Halloween episode to our Sunday night lineup.  Now for our favorite Family Guy quotes from episode after the jump.

Brian: That jerk dog from our patio door somehow got inside a hubcap. | permalink
Stewie: It's True Blood.
Brian: No one knows what that is.
Stewie: Rich, gay people do. | permalink
Pink Panther: Hey first day being pink?
Brian: Yeah.
Pink Panther: Welcome to hell. | permalink
Quagmire: Oh yeah, I'm very in touch with my Asian roots. You notice I take my shoes off whenever I enter my house? I do five hours of math homework every night even though I'm not longer in school. Sometimes, I drink out of a wood box. I was a very cute baby and now I'm a joyless adult. | permalink
Stewie: How do you not know that your reflection in the patio door isn't another dog?
Brian: Hey, that guy is a d**k. | permalink
Lois: You can't just around in black face. It's racist. Now go upstairs and put on that Indian chief costume I bought you. | permalink


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@Michal yoou're wrong American Dad is cool and awsome.


ok time to break it down family guy is falling down hard however i will admit that their were a few(VERY FEW) parts where i chuckled.and the meg and chris makeout was not funny more disturbing.i get so excited to see a new FG episode and become dissapointed when i see it. now about american dad which is the best and funniest show on animation domination and its a shame that its underrated.american dads halloween episode was way funnier than family guys and the simpsons and obviously the cleveland show(terrible).give american dad an emmy plz. KILL THE CLEVELAnD SHOW SETH KILL IT! OR I WILL!! and FOX please move american dad to 8:30 right after the simpsons so i dont waste my time watching the cleveland show and family guy. king of the hill was funnier than the cleveland show cleveland is so annoying


Yes Tomfr38, I agree AD had the better Halloween program, and has been much better than Family guy the past two seasons, as shown by the low-ish scores and poor reviews Family Guy has recieved on this site. I think the reason I still hold on to FG is because I know how good it can be. The episodes lately have had some great parts, but I have seen entire episodes where I have barely cracked a smile. Which is amazing for me since I always thought American Dad was the weaker of the two shows and now I look forward to American Dad more than Family Guy. I'll say it again, Seth needs to drop the Cleveland show and focus on Family guy to get it back to where it used to be.


American Dad is stupid and boring


Just to point out the American Dad, which has been a far superior animated show than FG and of course the Simpsons for at least 3 years (character-wise, story-wise, joke-wise...), also did a far superior Halloween special. Doesn't anybody see this?

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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

I didn't feel anything, but you did!


You can't just around in black face. It's racist. Now go upstairs and put on that Indian chief costume I bought you.