Glee Review: A New Direction for Kurt

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For the first time in awhile, Glee aired an episode that delivered laughs, tears and solid performances - along with cohesive storylines that actually built on previous installments and provided legitimate character development.

Heck, "Furt" even concluded with an intriguing cliffhanger. When was the last time that happened?!? Overall, with one exception, this was one of the best episodes in show history.

Rachel and Santana

Let's get the negative out of the way: you won't find a bigger Sue Sylvester fan on the planet than yours truly, but the entire concept of this character marrying herself was simply... stupid.

It didn't make a lot of sense, it wasn't very funny and it was a waste of Carol Burnett as Sue's mother. I wish the show had come up with a better way to incorporate this great guest star, as opposed to burying her within such a disappointing B plot.

Now, on to the good stuff...

I'm not the only writer who has been critical of Glee for delivering stand-alone episodes that were more focused on delivering a message than a storyline that felt organic to the show and the characters we grew to love last year. At times, the students have felt like pawns in installments that served as tributes to major artists or PSAs regarding Topics of the Week.

I gave "Never Been Kissed" a poor review, for example, because I thought it was a contrived attempt to simply tackle the current, tragic issue of bullying.

But "Furt" made me glad to take those words back. It continued the angle of Karofsky harassing Kurt, making this into the first real development of the season that lasted beyond one episode and led to a major consequence: Kurt leaving William McKinley.

This opens up a number of intriguing possibilities, as the group will actually be competing against him at Sectionals, while also making good use of Blaine and ensuring more of Darren Criss next week.

A few other thoughts:

  • It also made perfect sense for Sue to be on Kurt's side throughout the episode (funny nickname of "Porcelain" aside). The fact that her mother talks down to her ("You still might grow into your looks...") and the fact that she grew up with a handicapped - sorry, handi-capable - sister contributed to welcome continuity in the character.
  • So, Suinn is official, huh? If Sam gave me the same speech he gave Quinn to open the episode, soon after giving me a glimpse of his flexed biceps, I'd like wear his promise ring, too.
  • Sue's online dating profile said her turn-ons are "Tantric yelling and poking the elderly with hidden pins." Amazing.
  • I love when the show tweaks the meaning, or subjects, of songs. A great example was when Rachel and her mother sang "Poker Face" to each other. And another went down last night, as Finn directed "Just the Way You Are" at his new step-brother.

What did everyone else think?


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I'm gay. I'm tired of Kurt's endless dramas. He is such a stereotypical young gay teen. Most of us who are gay never came out as teens or behave as bitchy women in preppy clothing. As always, the drama queens get all the attention.


i used to watch glee and loved it , now i'm watching kurt show and not enjoying so much.
Kurt is gay, he's also a snotty harrassing douchebag who seems to have no care for anyone but himself. First season he was a person good and bad, second season he is a saint, no flaws and the poor victim. nobody has a plot that work without kurt.
First season: kurt/finn drama, babygate, tina/artie, mercedez/puck, finn/rachel/quinn, finn/quinn/puck, mr.shue/emma, mr.shue/terry, terry fake pregnancy, sue being sue, glee club x sue, glee club x competition, april rodhes....
second season: kurt is being bullied (almost all the members of glee club suffer bullying, kurt himself loves bullying the others), kurt father drama, kurt first kiss, kurt gay friend, kurt feeling alone, kurt don't believe in God, ...... in the other front sam/quinn, finn/rachel, puck and artie friendship, mike/tina, santana/britany, mercedez = poor writing.


Maybe I'm alone here, but I'm hoping that now that Kurt is at another school he won't be in the show so much. I don't think I should have to defend my thoughts on this, but I'll write it down that I just don't care for his personality or actions.
He had no problem talking to the principal about being bullied, but why not mention that he forced a kiss? At least the bully will have to actually deal with his feelings then and probably would have been expelled you would think.
Meh, C+ episode. I didn't care for all the jumbled plotlines in the A storyline, and the B story was boring and lead nowhere, other then Sue has mommy issues and got over them her own way.


Hey people! there are 12 people in that choir, at least used to be... so it's not Finn/rachel/kurt show.
what about a Tina or a Santana or a (not-food-related) mercedes episode?? i mean, there's more than enough people..!!

Reese williams

im a little over Kurt's storyline but thats just coz every episode is the same with him "im gay and the world is against me" i mean, im the LEAST homophobic person (i love my gays) but im just over the story. i get he moved coz Karofsky came back but thats more to do with like it says in the review, about Glee being more of PSA a lot of the time, this time about bullying. as for Sam, lamest storyline ever. Im not a fan of him anyway, but every week he gives me more reason to not.
i mean, his quest to become king of McKinley? Dude.... take it down a notch.
Your. Not. Top. Shit.


Fully agree with GLEEfan. The season has 22 eps and we're not even halfway yet so don't get your panties in a bunch guys. The Kurt storyline is great! Kurt's character is a lot more watchable than Puck's, Artie's or Ms. Schuester's. A blend is good but then the episode can easily fall flat. Ryan Murphy said that he wanted Finn and Rachel to be happy for awhile so he needed to write something to carry the beginning of the season. And I think it's been excellent bar the latter half of the Brittany episode. Rocky Horror ep still the best of this season too


C'mon!!! To all u Kurt haters: Is this show supposed to be rachel's show??? Last year the season was focused on Rachel, this year it's focused in Kurt. Why this have to be problem?? NEWSFLASH!!! GLEE is not High School Musical, it's not all about the good girl in love with the quarterback. GLEE is about accepting the differences, and Kurt's storyline is a great example of that.


I'm glad i'm not the only one who's grown tired of Kurt's show... for god's sake! this was supposed to be a comedy!! have they really forgotten that??
Glee used to be such a feel-good show and now? it only gets me down!! Seriously people, you should have a peek at the mmm.. 6first episodes? it's a completely different show!!
Anyway, to me, the best part was watching Mr.Schue singing, i'm really happy they stopped wiving him hiphop, he nails these songs =)


Glee is seriously turning into the Kurt show. I get one episode to be centered about him but almost every episode of this season have been.
Bring back the Glee from last season.
I'm bored with Kurt


I loved this episode! Especially the wedding and finn's song! But I miss a Round the table?!

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