Glee Review: A New Direction for Kurt

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For the first time in awhile, Glee aired an episode that delivered laughs, tears and solid performances - along with cohesive storylines that actually built on previous installments and provided legitimate character development.

Heck, "Furt" even concluded with an intriguing cliffhanger. When was the last time that happened?!? Overall, with one exception, this was one of the best episodes in show history.

Rachel and Santana

Let's get the negative out of the way: you won't find a bigger Sue Sylvester fan on the planet than yours truly, but the entire concept of this character marrying herself was simply... stupid.

It didn't make a lot of sense, it wasn't very funny and it was a waste of Carol Burnett as Sue's mother. I wish the show had come up with a better way to incorporate this great guest star, as opposed to burying her within such a disappointing B plot.

Now, on to the good stuff...

I'm not the only writer who has been critical of Glee for delivering stand-alone episodes that were more focused on delivering a message than a storyline that felt organic to the show and the characters we grew to love last year. At times, the students have felt like pawns in installments that served as tributes to major artists or PSAs regarding Topics of the Week.

I gave "Never Been Kissed" a poor review, for example, because I thought it was a contrived attempt to simply tackle the current, tragic issue of bullying.

But "Furt" made me glad to take those words back. It continued the angle of Karofsky harassing Kurt, making this into the first real development of the season that lasted beyond one episode and led to a major consequence: Kurt leaving William McKinley.

This opens up a number of intriguing possibilities, as the group will actually be competing against him at Sectionals, while also making good use of Blaine and ensuring more of Darren Criss next week.

A few other thoughts:

  • It also made perfect sense for Sue to be on Kurt's side throughout the episode (funny nickname of "Porcelain" aside). The fact that her mother talks down to her ("You still might grow into your looks...") and the fact that she grew up with a handicapped - sorry, handi-capable - sister contributed to welcome continuity in the character.
  • So, Suinn is official, huh? If Sam gave me the same speech he gave Quinn to open the episode, soon after giving me a glimpse of his flexed biceps, I'd like wear his promise ring, too.
  • Sue's online dating profile said her turn-ons are "Tantric yelling and poking the elderly with hidden pins." Amazing.
  • I love when the show tweaks the meaning, or subjects, of songs. A great example was when Rachel and her mother sang "Poker Face" to each other. And another went down last night, as Finn directed "Just the Way You Are" at his new step-brother.

What did everyone else think?


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Does anyone else think that glee is turninng into the Kurt show? Yeah the guy is gay but their are other people in the show! His storylines are getting boring and repetertive now, I want to see someone else I never particualy liked Kurt in the first place!


Sue's story was stupid and Finn singing that song to Kurt (but not changing the lyrics) was pretty dumb too (he so could have changed 'girl' to 'Kurt' and it wouldn't sound so moronic and weird). I liked the wedding entrance and it was good to see the blokes and girls sticking up for Kurt (and Burt slamming whatshisface into the wall), I was cheering for the guys in the changing room, but it wasn't a great episode. Not bad, but not great either. I preferred to it to last weeks overrated episode anyway.


The show is too preachy, and this episode was almost unwatchable, in my opinion. The B story was retarded. I, too, am tired of Kurt, who is either haughty or about to cry. Why do they make it so everyone panders to him? They're having a wedding and suddenly it turns into a Kurt lovefest? Who's day is it, exactly? He doesn't contribute that much to the singing, and he's asking to be pushed around if he shows up in lederhosen, gay, bi or straight.
Hey, I get it! The Guy Is Gay. Fine. But he's also a snotty harrassing douchebag who seems to have no care for anyone but himself. Can we move on? How about we learn about some characters who get the backseat all the time? We got a new kid in the group and all we know is that he wants to look like Justin Beiber and have big biceps.
I tried to sit through this ep three times....I had to fastfoward through it. I'm glad I saw the Mike Chaing moment, and am glad to see that facet of Sue Sylvester. A hard nosed administrator. Finn is a wishy washy shmuck to constantly kowtow to the wishes of his gay stepbrother and his "I'm an everyman 'cause I wear a ballcap" dad. Let's hope we can wrap up this "One To Grow On" style writing and get back to the comedy musical this show traded on. I understand that you have to fawn over these shows, reviewer, or you don't get clips and other promotional materials. But stop saying every show was "the best in a while" over and over.


yeah im agreeing a bit with some of the posters below last season we had the love triangle, then the jessie fiasco, there was the kurt/finn storyline, the tina/artie storyline. this year we have had Kurt's dad dying, kurt getting bullied, kurts dad getting married, kurt leaving school. Im liking where it is going but i just wish we could get somewhere with some other characters.


Pull that carrot out SaadGkhan. Honestly.
"At least we all know this about Gays". Homophobia ummm I'd call it ignorance and stupidity actually so don't flatter yourself. If you understand the direction of Glee then you'll understand the spotlight been on Kurt right now makes perfect sense. If you're not happy with it, don't watch it.


To be honest I think this episode is GREAT :D YAY!!! BUT.... lol this should be THE KURT SHOW.. ever since 2nd season.. theres too much Kurt story (I KNOW THEYRE PUSHING FOR GRAMMY NOMINEE, but cmon i think REAL GLEE can get there too, infact more potentials and equal chance for all of them) and this is coming from a fan of Kurt.
I have been waiting for GLEE ever since this season starts. = =" my protest is they don't practice anymore, and the next is already the sectional, and this show should be talking about a teacher who is helping this misfits to get somewhere, i DONT SEE IT. Please bring back GLEE Mr MURPHY!!!


What was up with Sue marrying herself??!!! Didn't even think that was plausible let alone possible. That was just WEIRD. Anyways I'm glad that they've ended that bullying story. Love that Kurt is front and centre but it was dragging too much for me. Now we can move forward with his storyline and hopefully we can start this Rachel/Finn/Santana story that they left open last ep. Great wedding scenes (the REAL one) and excellent song choices as usually. Can't wait for that Michael Jackson tribute ep.


This show is turning into me a Homophobic... using the bullying stint to get rating is a poor attempt... Kurt Kurt Kurt enough of it C'mon ever since the season started its all about Kurt and all other characters follow his story like puppies... I loved the episode and Sue's wedding was Stupid but Her Wedding Dress was Creative and made me Laugh... The wedding was so fast, here we watch good shows where they talk about wedding in one episode and then married after 4 or 6 episodes... but Glee is all about drama and unrealistic in One week they promise and they get married..Weird and Unbelievable. though there Dancing was really good at the wedding... Once Again enough with Kurt and why there are stories whose ending we know already... Kurt will come back, if they love Blaine so much bring him here who cares... Plus bunch of Guys singing and dancing like Ladies and then they say Don't call me a Lady. Give me a Break... they like to be Called Bitch rather than a Bastard! At least this we all know about Gays...


This episode made the story actually develop.
Love Sam and Quinn. Rachel and Finn were cute.
Interested to see what happens with Kurt....
HE HAS TO COME BACK...but then why would Blaine be a series regular.
And assuming only one team wins sectionals, either Kurt and Blaine will be useless, or New Directions will be stuffed.
Either way it doesn't really work to have them all in the storylines each episode.


I think it was a good episode except for the Sue storyline. That was just too weird...especially for a character who doesn't like to be humiliated or ridiculed...she's going to send out tons of wedding invitations saying she's marrying herself??!?!? Not sure where the producers & directors thought this storyline was going to be a hit with the viewing audience..especially considering the talents of Carol Burnett was wasted on it. I did love the fact that the issue of Kurt being bullied was FINALLY addressed. It was addressed in a realistic fashion in that the school board didn't allow the expulsion to stand & I thought it was great that they showed Kurt's parents making the sacrifice to give up their honeymoon to ensure his well being... that was classic. I know there are a lot of Rachel haters out there, but I think Lea Michelle is a mega talent (JMO) & her AND Mercedes need to be featured more. The Finchel storyline is adorable & should continue as is. Yes, it isn't always rosy (like Rachel telling Finn she's disappointed in him)but him defending her to Santana was great...& leaves the door open to what happens when she does find out the truth. I hope their relationship continues because he did lose his virginity when they weren't together...for her to let that be the relationship breaker would be tragic. I know people are saying they want Jesse to come back...but after the whole egg thing he did to Rachel, forget him...HE doesn't deserve any chances. Anyway...great show...with the exception of the Sue storyline... although Sue Sylvester is always entertaining! LOL

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